Beaches Sydney – Top Beaches in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is famous for its expanses of golden sand and the lively beach scene. Australian Bronze, nose with zinc strips, small speedos, hotels Sydney surfing masterclasses and red and yellow flags flickering in the breeze are classic snapshots of the Sydney beach culture. From the emblematic and cosmopolitan Bondi, just minutes from the city of Palm Beach, Beaches Sydney a popular day trip and picnic spot, beach lovers will find the perfect slice of the coast hotels Sydney.

The best beaches in Sydney, Australia :

Beaches near the city :

Bondi is a favorite for hands down the most beautiful beach near the city. About 15 minutes by car or bus from the central business district, hotels Sydney is an excellent place to swap the buzz of traffic for relaxing surfing surfing. Bondi actually comes from an Aboriginal word meaning “its breaking water on the rocks”. From here, visitors can breathe in beautiful scenery along the Bondi at Coogee Coastal Walk, which meanders along the sandstone cliffs beyond cafes, Beaches Sydney, rockpools, beaches and bays hotels Sydney.

Those looking for a more peaceful patch of sand can head to the beaches of the harbor. Calm waters cover these protected coves and beautiful slices of coastline, and many offer nearby cafes and idyllic picnic spots. The beach of Balmoral and Nielsen Park are favorites Beaches Sydney.

The best beaches for swimming :

Beaches Sydney
Beaches Sydney

 Blessed with relatively warm water all year round and beautiful green beaches of Sydney’s Sydney beaches are dotted with beautiful places to swim. Near the city, hotels Sydney North Bondi is a fabulous place to enjoy a refreshing swim and a dose of Australian beach culture at the same time location Beaches Sydney. But beware “Backpackers Rip” a dangerous Riptide at the southern end of the beach hotels Sydney.

 Next to a Strickland House, Vaucluse Milk Beach in Sydney Port National Park, hotels Sydney it is a small and quiet with stunning views of the city. Balmoral beach north of Sydney, Beaches Sydney and Nielsen Park in the pools offer to the east with shark nets to swim safely Beaches Sydney.

The best surf beaches :

Beaches Sydney
Beaches Sydney

 Sydney is world famous as an access point for surfing hotels Sydney. Avid card drivers can choose from over 70 beaches with fantastic breaks for all abilities Beaches Sydney. In the northern beaches of Sydney, freshwater beach is the cradle of surfing in Australia. In 1914, the Hawaiian “Duke” Kahanamoku first hit the waves here, and today remains a first choice with fairly consistent waves hotels Sydney. Near Curl Curl is also a favorite.

Beginners will find excellent surf schools in Bondi especially, hotels Sydney, Maroubra, Collaroy and Manly, a 30-minute ferry ride from the city center Beaches Sydney. Non-alcoholic breaks are often found south of town in Bronte, while Cronulla combines four most popular beaches and is a popular surf spot with a multicultural coffee scene. To the north of the city, Beaches Sydney Long Reef is ideal for beginners in the right conditions, while Palm Beach, the sandy beach and the more north sea of Sydney, Beaches Sydney is a great place to teach children.

The best beaches for families :

Beaches Sydney
Beaches Sydney

 A 50-minute drive from downtown, Sydney attractions Palm Beach on a peninsula between the bay and Broken Pittwater is a fun place to have fun with the family. The south side is an ideal place for picnics. Children can paddle in the calm water, Beaches Sydney swim in the 35 meter ocean pool and build sand castles along the coast. On the north side, Sydney attractions the waves are ideal for surfing. Cafes and restaurants abound, Beaches Sydney and diners can work your lunch with a walk at the beautiful headed Barrenjoey Lighthouse head Beaches Sydney.

Manly is also a privileged location for families Sydney attractions. Kids can swim in the ocean pool, visit Manly’s sanctuary SEALIFE full of fascinating marine creatures, Sydney attractions sip a glass of ice cream and taste fresh fish and fries. There are shops, cafes and restaurants near Corso. A few steps from Corso, Beaches Sydney Shelly Beach is a quiet place to paddle in the sheltered bay Sydney attractions.

The best beaches for fishing :

Beaches Sydney
Beaches Sydney

 Sydney beaches offer beautiful scenery to launch a line. The beaches of northern Sydney are ideal for rock fishing and the beach. Anglers fishing hook often, Sydney attractions, whiting, Flathead, tailor and red mullet Beaches Sydney. Avalon, Narrabeen, Collaroy and Curl Curl are high-end locations, while well-appointed beach anglers fall near the coast with less energetic rollers.

On the south side, Maroubra Beach is a favorite. Here, hotels Sydney, anglers can catch cod, tailor, gold, flathead and sharks and other species. Depending on the winds, Beaches Sydney Cronulla beaches offer a decent fishing while the most remote Garie beaches and has been in the Royal National Park offer good sandy coves in a beautiful bush setting Beaches Sydney.

Beaches Sydney – Top Beaches in Sydney, Australia

Beaches, Beaches Sydney, Sydney

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