Traveling Fiji – The Most Beautiful Island In The World!

Traveling Fiji
Traveling Fiji

Traveling Fiji
Traveling Fiji

Traveling Fiji
Traveling Fiji

If you are looking for a travel destination, Traveling Fiji one of the most coveted and famous is a small group of South Pacific islands known as Fiji. A census in 2012 showed that three quarters of the people who went to Fiji made it for the holidays, Fiji islands so it’s time to see what they’re missing! Interestingly, of the many islands that make up Fiji, only a little more than 300 are large enough for humans to inhabit, and only a third of these islands are inhabited by humans Traveling Fiji.

Famous for its friendly people and its idyllic tropical islands, Fiji is a South Pacific paradise of excellence. With over 300 islands to choose from, Traveling Fiji you can find many tropical places and fun things to do. Suva, on the largest island of Viti Levu, Fiji islands is the capital and tourist town of Nadi on the west side of the island, it is the main international gateway to Fiji, Fiji islands close to the coral coast stations and large denarau island Traveling Fiji.

Not far from here, you can walk on sand dunes to archaeological sites, immersion in therapeutic mud pools and hot springs, Traveling Fiji, snorkeling in the Beqa lagoon and the Navua upper raft through the unspoiled tropical jungles Fiji islands.

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Beqa Lagoon, Viti Levu :

At about 144 kilometers southeast of Nadi, Traveling Fiji outside Pacific Port, Beqa (pronounced “Benga”), the lagoon attracts divers and adventure lovers, Fiji islands many to experience the Beqa Lagoon the shark dive. With strict safety measures, local dive experts offer operators face to face with these creatures as exciting fear in their natural habitat Traveling Fiji.

Among the many species that can be seen, Traveling Fiji there are crooked sharks, white sharks and black-tailed sharks, and even tiger sharks. If you are looking for a more submissible underwater experience, the lagoon is home to more than 100 dive sites, including coral crackers, Fiji holidays pinnacles and wrecks that feature an impressive array of soft corals and tropical fish Traveling Fiji.

Navua River, Viti Levu :

The Navua River in Viti Levu flows 65 kilometers from the Viti Levu Highlands to the south coast, with beautiful scenery, Fiji holidays lush rainforests, waterfalls and steep canyons Traveling Fiji.

You can board the Navua River by kayak or canoe, float in a Bilbao pool (bamboo log) or ride white water rapids (grade II to grade III) on an inflatable raft Traveling Fiji. Wildlife such as fruit bats, herons and native parrots are often seen along the way, Fiji holidays and you can combine a river experience with cultural visits to local villages and participate in traditional kava ceremonies Traveling Fiji.

Garden Sleepers Saboda Giants and Hot Springs, Viti Levu :

Less than 30 minutes drive from Nadi, Fiji holidays nestled in the stunning foothills of its mountain summit, the sleeping giant’s garden is a rewarding day trip, Traveling Fiji especially if you are a green thumb. Once the private collection of the late actor Raymond Burr Perry Mason famous, these magnificent gardens highlight more than 2000 species of orchids and a pond of lilies and taupots frogs filled up properly Fiji holidays. You can explore the gardens in the covered areas that pass through 20 acres of meadows and native forests Traveling Fiji.

Great reef Astrolabe, Kadavu :

Frangant the fourth largest island of Fiji, Traveling Fiji Kadavu and other small islands of the Kadavu group, the great 100 km Astrolabe reef is the fourth largest barrier reef in the world. Divers come here to immerse themselves in a paradise under the sea caves, tunnels, pinnacles, Fiji holidays, waterfalls, hard and soft kaleidoscopic corals and tropical fish Traveling Fiji.

Most dive sites are easily accessible by boat from the south shore of Kadavu, currents are generally mild and visibility varies from 10 to 40 meters Traveling Fiji. Dives cover all levels, Fiji holidays from beginners to advanced. Divers can also enjoy the rich marine life and the opportunity to swim with manta rays Traveling Fiji.

Sand dunes Sigatoka National Park, Viti Levu :

About 60 kilometers south of Nadi, Traveling Fiji, Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park was the first national park in the country, created to protect the fragile ecosystem of coastal dunes near the mouth of the Sigatoka River Fiji holidays. Formed for thousands of years, Fiji holidays the dunes rise from 20 to 60 meters, with breathtaking views of the waves from the highest peaks. To explore the park, Fiji holidays you can choose between two self-guided walks: a one-hour walk through a forest to the beach or a two-hour walk along the ridge Traveling Fiji.

Traveling Fiji – The Most Beautiful Island In The World!

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