Traveling Phuket – The Most Beautiful Place In Thailand!

The island of Phuket in Thailand – one of the tourist island of Great World Traveling Phuket. Most people visit the beaches of Phuket and because it is one of the tropical islands. For those who can get rid of the regular tourist adornments and head the entire island, Traveling Phuket they can see what the island offers before the growth of the tourism industry Phuket beaches.

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, Traveling Phuket and perhaps the most famous. The blue waters, sandy beaches, gastronomy and diving are part of the attraction. Coming from all over the world, travelers flock to Phuket to relax and indulge in adventure, Phuket beaches and the island is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. Part of the draw is that Phuket has an exceptional climate. The monsoon arrived here before the other side of the Gulf, Phuket beaches rain only once or twice a day during the rainy season Traveling Phuket.

Traveling Phuket
Traveling Phuket

Popular tourist attractions and things to do on Phuket Island :

Patong Beach :

Traveling Phuket
Traveling Phuket

 The longest beach in Phuket was once the most beautiful, Traveling Phuket until development and tourism have transformed into a busy center of activity rather than a retreat from the world. But Patong is ideal for people watching, Phuket beaches and part of Thailand’s fun is that (apart from being a land of smiles), which is one of the contrasts Phuket beaches. You may not be able to find a quiet place to read and contemplate the life of Patong, Phuket beaches but you will find many shops and entertainment in the area Traveling Phuket.

Rawai village :

Traveling Phuket
Traveling Phuket

 Venture into this small town to see the lifestyle of the Moken, Traveling Phuket a tribe of gypsies of the sea. They have their roots in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and remained firmly attached to their own beliefs and customs Phuket beaches. Some live in the sea and others opt for a semi-nomadic life on earth. Any attempt by the Thai integrationist government failed Phuket beaches. The village men work mainly as fishermen and sometimes as guides for sea travel Traveling Phuket.

Rawai has a small fishing port and a beach covered with palm trees and oaks. You can rent boats to sail to the islands of the coast. The beaches of Nai Harn (with the Phuket Yacht Club Hotel), Phuket beaches Kata Noi, Kata, Karon, Phuket tours, Karon Noi and finally the main beach, Patong Beach, Traveling Phuket located south of Rawai Beach (Hat Rawai) and further north Along the west coast Traveling Phuket.

Phuket Aquarium :

Traveling Phuket
Traveling Phuket

 This is a particularly fun option if you are traveling with children as they can see Phuket’s marine life even if they can not dive to find it. Among the creatures on the screen, Traveling Phuket there are species of fish, Phuket beaches turtles, Phuket tours, crabs and exotic starfish Traveling Phuket.

Nai Yang Hat National Park :

Traveling Phuket
Traveling Phuket

 Why go here when you can enjoy all the wonders of the game reserve? Located at the northwest end of Phuket, Phuket tours this park is special because this is where sea turtles come at night to lay their eggs Traveling Phuket. And witnessing this rare moment reduces a long day in the various ecosystems of Phuket.

Submarinism :

Traveling Phuket
Traveling Phuket

 Many people come to Thailand with the specific intention of getting their dive certification. Koh Tao is the privileged place for training, Traveling Phuket but Phuket offers many options for PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Some take you to Koh Phi Phi, another famous island and other equally beautiful sites Phuket tours. The costs of PADI certification courses tend to be lower in Thailand than in other countries, so visitors can enjoy low rates while underwater tourism Traveling Phuket.

If you decide to immerse yourself once you have received your certification, Traveling Phuket you have plans to visit the Similan Islands National Park. Comprised of eleven uninhabited islands, this little chain tends to appeal to diving enthusiasts. Tour operators and scuba diving schools offer tours to these beautiful islands without any additional planning on their part Traveling Phuket.

Island Boat Tour :

Traveling Phuket
Traveling Phuket

 You may be tempted to sit on the beach for your entire stay (and really, who blames you?). But if you are willing to exert a little effort during your island getaway, Traveling Phuket sign up for a tour of the island to discover the pleasures that surround Phuket. Nakha Yai Nakha Noi (on the east coast, with pearl culture in the past) and Koh Bond, Ko Kaeo, Raja Noi and Raja Yai (in the far south) and, finally, Phuket tours, small Poo island on the west coast of Kata hat Traveling Phuket.

Traveling Phuket – The Most Beautiful Place In Thailand!

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