Traveling Venice – The Best City In Italy Are You Agree With Me?

Traveling Venice
Traveling Venice

Traveling Venice
Traveling Venice

Traveling Venice
Traveling Venice

Traveling Venice
Traveling Venice

The city of Venice is unique and unique in the world Traveling Venice. The most outstanding feature of the city is that it is based on a set of more than a hundred islands submerged in the middle of a lagoon. The construction of one more city of these low clay islands was wonderful, Venice hotels and citizens have developed new techniques to show a unique city Traveling Venice.

The first citizens were making larch rafts. Piles of wood are introduced deep into the island to support the rafts. The fact that the oak and pine forests of northern Veneto were used to shape the work. This stack frame formed flexible and strong base in the solid clay islands compressed Traveling Venice. Waterproof to Istrian water stones were used and placed in rafts supported by batteries Venice hotels.

With a city full of tourist attractions like Venice, it’s hard to know where to start Traveling Venice. Perhaps the best way is to get lost for a few hours in the narrow streets and passages on your enchanted foot along the canals and find their secret corners. At any moment, Venice hotels you will see something that deserves to be remembered with a photograph. No matter where this exploration takes place, Venice hotels it is easy to find your way back to St. Mark’s Square and the Grand Canal Traveling Venice.

Attractions and things to do in Venice Most popular:

Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) and the Bridge of Sighs:
Visitors arriving in Venice have a land market on the facade of this extraordinary palace. They have not been so impressed by its size and its beautiful architecture Venice hotels. If they have been received inside the Dux, the impression will be reinforced until they pass through the door of the Charter, Traveling Venice a perfect example of Venetian Gothic in its heyday, Traveling Venice and climbed the monumental Giants monumental and gold vaulted Scala stairs Venice hotels.

Received in what many consider the most beautiful room in the palace, the Hall of the College. Even the tired travelers of the 21st century await the grandeur of the palace and sumptuous decor. You will see works of all major Venetian events including Tintoretto, Venice hotels whose sky is the largest oil painting in the world. It is not open to public visits; Traveling Venice it is included in the private tours of a walk along the bridge of sighs to the black cells Prigioni – prisons, Venice hotels where Casanova made his famous getaway Traveling Venice.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco:

This impressive white marble building was built between 1515 and 1560 to house a charity dedicated to San Rocco Traveling Venice. Shortly after its completion, the great Venetian artist of the sixteenth century, Tintoretto, Venice hotels won the contest to paint a central panel for the ceiling of the Sala dell’Albergo enter the building and the location of his painting in the place previously planned due to Judgment on the irritation of his rival artists Traveling Venice.

He then decorated his walls and ceilings with a complete cycle of paintings, considered the masterpiece of the artist. The first works in the delberbergo pavilion, Traveling Venice dating from 1564 and 1576, include Glorification of San Roque, Christ before Pilate, Ecce Homo and the most powerful of all, The Crucifixion Venice hotels. Those in the upper chamber represent New Testament scenes, painted between 1575 and 1581 Traveling Venice.

Ca ‘d’Oro :

The delicate lace of marble filigree Bartolomeo Bon seems too carved in stone, and you can only imagine the impression that the facade must have covered the original painting and gold. With the door of the Letter to the Palazzo Ducale, Traveling Venice also created by Bartolomeo Bon, Venice hotels considered the most perfect example of Venetian Gothic Venice tours.

You can also admire the interior, Traveling Venice because the house is now an art museum, restored to offer both a framework for art and a vision of how rich Venetians lived in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Baron Giorgio Franchetti gave his art collection to the state in 1922, Traveling Venice with works by Titian, Mantegna, Van Dyck, Tullio Lombardo and Bernini Traveling Venice.

Palazzo Rezzonico:

In addition to Ca ‘d’Oro, you can see the life of the late Middle Ages, Traveling Venice Palazzo Rezzonico gives a vivid picture of life here in the Baroque and Rococo periods in the eighteenth century. Designed and started by the master of baroque architecture of Venice, Baldassare Longhena, Venice tours the palace was completed almost 100 years later in 1750 by Giorgio Massari Traveling Venice.

The furniture and collections complete the picture painted by the building, including silk interior wall decorations, Venice tours elegant finishes and Flemish tapestries. The collection of costumes emphasizes the importance of silk production in Venice from the late Middle Ages to the 18th century when it was a major competitor in Lyon, France Venice tours. Rigorous technical regulations were applied, Traveling Venice resulting in some of the finest silk fabrics ever made. The silk was so important that even in times of war with the Turks, Venice tours different battle lines to ships laden with worn silk Traveling Venice.

Traveling Venice – The Best City In Italy Are You Agree With Me?

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