Traveling London – What Do You Think ?

Traveling London
Traveling London

Traveling London
Traveling London

Traveling London
Traveling London

The West End of London is an ideal destination for those traveling to London who like something different things to see and do Traveling London. Here you will find excellent restaurants, visit London  fun shops on Piccadilly Circus and near a famous theater just like the one on Broadway Traveling London.

It is no wonder that London is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, attracting more than 15 million visitors each year visit London.  The British capital is a dynamic arts and entertainment center (theaters are always busy), Traveling London and 50 years after the Beatles, the country’s music scene continues to throb.

London also has one of the largest concentrations of cultural attractions on the planet. Royal Palace popular parliamentarians, visit London castle ruins and Roman cathedrals, you can spend hours and days exploring London sites without having to do without the unique things to see and do Traveling London.

Top attractions in London :

The Tower of London and Tower Bridge :

From prison to the vault of the palace treasury in private zoo, the magnificent Tower of London has filled many different roles throughout the centuries Traveling London. One of the most iconic structures in the UK, this spectacular world heritage site provides hours of fascination for curious visitors to the country’s rich history. After all, visit London many things happened here Traveling London.

Inside the huge white tower, Traveling London built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, is the line of the seventeenth-century kings with their remarkable royal clocks of arms and armor. Other highlights include the famous exhibition of crown jewels, halberdiers, the Royal Mint and horrible exhibitions of executions that took place in the countryside. The adjacent tower bridge, two huge towers 61 meters above the River Thames, is one of London’s most famous landmarks Traveling London.

Westminster Abbey:

Another place with a long association with British royalty, Westminster Abbey is on a site that has been linked to Christianity since the early seventh century Traveling London. Known officially as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter on behalf of Westminster, visit London Westminster Abbey was founded by Edward the Confessor in 1065 as a burial place Traveling London.

His burial in 1066 to that of George II, Traveling London almost 700 years later, most of the rulers were not only crowned here, but they were buried here as well visit London. More recently, it became famous as a privileged place for royal weddings Traveling London.

Hyde park :

Covering 350 acres, Traveling London Hyde Park is the largest open space in London and has been a destination for tourists since 1635. One of the highlights of the park is the serpentine, an artificial lake of the 18th century, London attractions popular for navigation and the swimming. Hyde Park is also where you will find the Speakers’ Corner, visit London a traditional forum for free expression (and exclamations) Traveling London.

 Another landmark Hyde Park is Apsley House, London attractions former home of the first Duke of Wellington and purchased after his famous victory at Waterloo. It is now a museum which houses the magnificent collections of Wellington paintings, whose Waterseller Seville Velázquez, and gifts presented by the grateful European kings and emperors visit London. The greatest hero of England is also commemorated in the Wellington Arch Traveling London.

Greenwich and Docklands :

For centuries the crossing of British naval power, London attractions Greenwich is best known to tourists as the home of Cutty Sark, the last of the 19th century tea boats sailing between Britain and China. The ship is adjacent to the Greenwich Discoverers Visitor Center with exhibits with over 500 years of maritime history and the Palladian mansion known as the House of the Queen. The impressive collection of the National Maritime Museum, London attractions the largest of its kind in the world, illustrates the history of the Royal Navy.

The Docklands revitalized across the river have become a place of recreation and international business, filled with some of London’s most stylish new restaurants. The excellent Docklands Museum in London, London attractions in the old warehouses of Georgia, visit London is compatible with the river, Traveling London the harbor and its inhabitants from Roman times to the present through the screens of practices that are particularly interesting for children Traveling London.

Traveling London – What Do You Think ?

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