Traveling Island – five The most beautiful islands in the world

The islands evoke dreams of paradise; An escape from the rat race, Traveling Island a perfect piece of sand, where you can relax under the rubbing and blue look of the serous sea. But all islands are not created in the same way Traveling Island. The beauty of some is more defined by the sea that surrounds them, beach vacations which can captivate glass connoisseurs with their clear and prosperous coral kingdoms.

Other islands have lush jungles and velvety peaks Traveling Island. And a certain pleasure to the travelers with their cultural jewels. Whether it’s beaches, incredible topography or exotic cultures you’re looking for, these islands are situated away from the clamor at work, but close to creatures. Seychelles to Santorini and the Caribbean in Capri, beach vacations you can find your own Shangri-la in this list Traveling Island.

5 The most beautiful islands in the world :
Maldives :

Traveling Island

The Maldives are home to some of the most beautiful islands in the world, but it is the sea, so it really shines these islands beach vacations. The bright turquoise waters with a crystal clear clarity on the shores of a dazzling white, which look just above the Indian Ocean beach vacations. Comprising 26 natural atolls, the Maldives is the lowest country on the planet, Traveling Island no more than three meters above the sea at the highest point, a measure that declines each year Traveling Island.

Under the fascinating waters, coral reefs bloom, attract divers and swimmers from all over the world. The people of the scene also gather here for breaks with few people. Back on land, luxury hotels are the perfect starting point for exploring centered on the sea, Traveling Island the archipelago’s greatest asset, but also, as the planet’s climate changes, its greatest threat Traveling Island.

Palawan, Philippines :

Traveling Island
Traveling Island


Palawan is the Philippine response to paradise Traveling Island. This province of the island stretches from southwest to Borneo with lush limestone peaks that emerge from a sea so clear a gem that you can almost see the expressions on the fish above the surface. Bright white sand stems lined with palm robbery lined most of these jungle-covered islands, beach vacations while underwater, Traveling Island coral reefs bloom with an impressive array of tropical fish, Traveling Island offering some of the best dive sites in the world Traveling Island.

Other attractions include the island’s unique wildlife, emerald lakes and picturesque fishing villages. Coron home spas and descent El Nido of natural beauty and is one of the oldest islands in the chain. From here you can hop onto the island around the spectacular Bacuit archipelago Traveling Island. One of the main attractions is the Palawan Underground River National Park in Puerto Princesa World Heritage, Galapagos island an impressive system of limestone caves with a long underground river beach vacations.

Santorini, Greece :

Traveling Island
Traveling Island


Surrounding a boiler full of water, beach vacations the spectacular Santorini mark the best points to dramatic beauty. Blanched white villas and overturning volcanic cliffs Traveling Island. The blue dome churches rise against the sparkling sea, and the bright bougainvillea sprays add to the cloth in apparent color. Located at the top of the black lava cliffs, Traveling Island institutions Fira and Oia are the most picturesque places on the island, and more expensive, and Oia is one of the most photographed places in the world Galapagos island. Other highlights of the island include the archaeological site of Akrotiri, ancient Black Thira beach of Perissa and of course the magnificent sunsets Traveling Island. Examine this incredible boiler surrounded by floating cliffs, beach vacations made an unforgettable first impression.

The Cook Islands :

Traveling Island
Traveling Island

 If you’ve ever dreamed of being a castaway in the South Pacific, the Cook Islands are for you. Set in between French Polynesia and Samoa, Traveling Island but with close ties to New Zealand, the 15 islands of the archipelago are known for their turquoise lakes, palm-fringed beaches and volcanic peaks. Best of all, the people are the most friendly in the South Pacific.

Rarotonga is the main tourist center, beach vacations with its numerous resorts and lush peaks and abundant beaches. Aitutaki has the beauty of Bora Bora, without the price Traveling Island. Hibiscus peoples riviera on the slopes, and along its celestial lagoon are 21 motus, or islets, Galapagos island many remote stations kayak. Ensconce same here in a bungalow at the water’s edge or a hole in a rustic beach cottage on a remote island and live your fantasies Robinson Crusoe Traveling Island.

Bali, Indonesia :

Traveling Island
Traveling Island

 Imbued with an intoxicating culture, Traveling Island Bali is a feast for the senses. Incense comes from Hindu temples, beach vacations paddy fields glow in electric green and food shakes taste buds. Surfing, Galapagos island swimming, shopping and sunbathing are the main activities of this exotic island as well as excursions into the lush landscape. Take the spiritual side of Bali in Ubud, Traveling Island Seminyak and see the Sanur family, beach vacations Kuta feel the pulse pumping or explore the tourist attractions of the nearby volcanic island of Lombok Galapagos island. The enchanting spirit of Bali will bathe like a tropical and tropical wave Traveling Island.

Traveling Island – five The most beautiful islands in the world

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