Traveling Barcelona – Some Secret You Should To Know About Barcelona!

Traveling Barcelona
Traveling Barcelona

Traveling Barcelona
Traveling Barcelona

Traveling Barcelona
Traveling Barcelona

Barcelona, is commonly known as the great global city of Spain, Traveling Barcelona  due to its role in different areas of money such as entertainment, arts, sports and international trade factors. Barcelona has developed as one of the main ports of Europe and Spain. In total, Barcelona has a population of 1,615,908 according to 2008 statistics Barcelona hotels. 

Geographically, Barcelona’s location is on the Mediterranean coast, and is located exactly between two rivers called Llobregat and Besós. If you will describe later, Barcelona hotels it is found mainly on the north side of the peninsula Traveling Barcelona.

The bustling capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a beautiful seaside town that displays the beauty and sunny lifestyle Barcelona hotels. Stunning scenery, Traveling Barcelona  stunning architecture and breathtaking cultural attractions are a fascinating destination. Of course, the mild Mediterranean climate adds to the charm. 

Barcelona has an atmospheric medieval hull, the Barri Gòtic, with an almost magical atmosphere of the Old World, Barcelona hotels but is most famous for its modernist architecture. Antoni Gaudí left a lasting mark in Barcelona, with its surrealist buildings of avant-garde; Many are produced by UNESCO Traveling Barcelona.

The most popular attractions in Barcelona :

Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) :

Since 2000, the Gothic quarter has been the spiritual and secular center of the city. The relics of ancient Roman buildings are still here, Traveling Barcelona but the Middle Ages is best represented by the plush monuments in this neighborhood. A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, Barcelona hotels the medieval cathedral is located on Mount Tabor, the highest point in the city Barcelona hotels. 

This is where Christophe Colomb was received by the Catholic Monarchs after his first trip to the New World and from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the city administrations had their headquarters here Traveling Barcelona.

Stroll without outline to discover this magical medieval world without traffic, Barcelona hotels a delightful labyrinth of narrow and cobbled streets and atmospheric alleys Barcelona hotels. Discover picturesque landscapes, Traveling Barcelona animated by the sounds of people talking and laughing, or the fury of the Spanish classical guitar Traveling Barcelona.

A Rambla, Social Hub of Barcelona :

The heart of Barcelona’s social life is on the Rambla, a large tree-lined avenue that divides the city into two old parts. La Rambla extends from Plaza de Cataluña, Traveling Barcelona which stretches the magnificent 12th-century Romanesque monastery of Santa Anna, to the port Traveling Barcelona. This main street has wide pedestrian zones, Barcelona hotels is full of shops, restaurants and outdoor cafes, making it one of the most popular places in the city Traveling Barcelona.

During the day, many people find themselves doing their daily shopping at Mercat de la Boqueria (La Rambla 91), a colorful market selling fruits, Traveling Barcelona vegetables and other foodstuffs. At night, groups of friends and families take their stroll in the evening (on foot) on the Rambla to enjoy the fresh air and a lively atmosphere Barcelona hotels. Tourists often enjoy the impromptu street entertainment. Depending on the day, Barcelona attractions viewers can be treated with live music or a show of pampering Traveling Barcelona.

House Milà (La Pedrera) :

In the Eixample, next to the elegant Paseo de Gracia avenue, Casa Mila, classified by UNESCO, is the most famous civil building of Antoni Gaudí. Casa Mila is also affectionately known as “La Pedrera”, which translates as “La Mina de Piedra” because the building looks like an open quarry Barcelona hotels. Built between 1906 and 1912, Traveling Barcelona this is still avant-garde extravagant appearance as a sculpture of a functional construction job Traveling Barcelona. 

Each line of the natural stone facade is curved, with rounded windows and metal balcony spinning around vegetable shapes. Even the roof has a wavy shape complemented with decorative fireplaces.
The entrance of the building is in Provença street, through a remarkable wrought iron gate that leads to a patio Traveling Barcelona. The building rests on the ribs at the arches which have been designed for loading purposes, Barcelona attractions a feature that reveals Gaudi’s engineering as a structures engineer. Visitors can walk around the rooftop at a glance at the fireplaces decorated mosaics in strange ways.

Monestir de Pedralbes :

A wonderful example of Catalan Gothic, the monastery Monestir de Pedralbes is located in a picturesque park called Jardines Reina Elisenda Traveling Barcelona. The idyllic garden is full of native shrubs, palm trees, cypress trees and shade trees. Queen Elisenda de Montcada founded the convent in 1326 for the Order of St. Clare. The complex includes a magnificent Gothic church, Barcelona attractions a serene three-story cloister and peaceful monastery buildings Traveling Barcelona.

The visitors enjoy the relaxation in a quiet environment and learn about the life and work of the 14th century religious Traveling Barcelona. Another highlight of the visit is the Monastery Museum, Barcelona attractions which features a remarkable collection of medieval art from the 14th century and later religious art created in the twentieth century Traveling Barcelona.

Quadrat d’Or :

The Quadrat d’Or (Golden Quadrant) is an area of the Ensanche, known for its modernist architecture. This area is surrounded by Plaza Catalunya, Traveling Barcelona Diagonal Avenue, Paseo de San Juan and Muntaner Street. In this area, the outstanding vanguard buildings were inspired by Antoni Gaudí and built to work in the late 19th and early 20th centuries Traveling Barcelona.

The main road through it is the Paseo de Gracia. Different architects have marked the area, and the result is a variety of modernist style Traveling Barcelona. A true open-air museum, the Quadrat d’Or offers delicious surprises at every turn Barcelona attractions.

Traveling Barcelona – Some Secret You Should To Know About Barcelona!

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