Traveling Valencia – The Best Place In Valencia!

Traveling Valencia
Traveling Valencia
Traveling Valencia
Traveling Valencia

Traveling Valencia
Traveling Valencia

In a dream setting by the sea, this sweet city of the Mediterranean port is even the local saying “a piece of heaven fallen on the earth.” Under the warm rays of the southern sun, Traveling Valencia squares lined with palm trees of the city are full of life and churches full of colorful domed tiles Valencia holidays. As the ancient capital of the kingdom of Valencia, the city is rich in cultural heritage Traveling Valencia.

Magnificent historical monuments, Valencia holidays such as the exchange of silk of the fifteenth century, Traveling Valencia the palace of the marquise of the eighteenth century and the Museum of Fine Arts, tell the story of a rich merchant and aristocratic past. However, Valencia has entered the 21st century with enthusiasm. The elegant Institute of Modern Art, Valencia holidays and visitors to the city and futuristic science immersion into a new world of artistic and scientific discovery Traveling Valencia.

The Best Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Valencia :

Museum of Fine Arts :
The Museum of Fine Arts is a wonderful place to discover the artistic heritage of the region of Valencia. The museum exhibits archaeological finds, Traveling Valencia paintings and sculptures. Most of the art collection focuses on the works of Valencian artists, from the Middle Ages to modern times Valencia holidays. The valenciano assorted art XIX and XX century is particularly interesting.

Among the most valuable works of the museum include the 14th century altarpiece Fray Bonifacio Ferrer (Valencia a brother) and a triptych of the Passion of Hieronymus Bosch. The highlights of the Valencian painting collection are the last supper and San Bruno by Francisco Ribalta and St. Jerome de Jusepe de Ribera Valencia holidays. Other Spanish masters include Diego Rodríguez de Silva Velázquez, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, El Greco, Francisco de Goya and Luis Morales. Next to the art museum are the Royal Green Gardens, peaceful gardens full of statues, Valencia holidays fountains and walking paths Traveling Valencia.

Cathedral of Valencia :

The cathedral of Valencia is a glorious Gothic church with its tower of the Miguelete landmark that rises above the city Valencia holidays. Built on the site of an ancient Arab mosque, Traveling Valencia the cathedral was built in the 13th century and renovated in the 17th century. The exterior combines elements of original Romanesque, Valencia holidays Gothic and Baroque architecture Valencia hotel. The vibrant blue tiles adorn the domes, Traveling Valencia which are a distinctive feature of the Valencia skyline. Before entering, spend time admiring the façade Valencia holidays. The splendid gate of the Palau Gate dates back to the Romanesque period, while the 15th-century Puerta de los Apóstoles Traveling Valencia.

The interior has an inspiring atmosphere with its majestic domed roof and a rosette that illuminates the space Valencia hotel. The various chapels are adorned with works of art, Traveling Valencia including paintings by Goya and a crucifix by Alonso Cano Valencia holidays. An outstanding feature of the sanctuary is the Holy Grail Chapel with vaults and delicate patterns of stars Traveling Valencia. This chapel shows a scene of the 12 apostles in the sky and the coronation of the Virgin Mary. The most sacred object is a relic of the Holy Grail, an artifact of the first century AD says that it is the calfeau that Jesus used to carry out the Holy Eucharist Traveling Valencia.

Fallas (Feast of San José) :

Every year in March, Valencia becomes a scene of joyful celebration in the feast of San José (San José day). This lively religious festival is known for its creative facilities called Fallas, large floats with paper mache figures Traveling Valencia. These creations are installed in the streets and burned at midnight on the last day of the festival Valencia holidays. The custom originated in the Middle Ages, Traveling Valencia when carpenters and other artisans burn surplus wood and other materials during the feast of St. Joseph Traveling Valencia.

Towers of Serranos (Old Town Gate) :

This impressive landmark is the symbol of Valencia. The Towers of Serranos are an old gate of the old city and remember a time when the city was surrounded by defensive walls. The walls of the city were built in the 14th century on a Roman settlement Traveling Valencia.

In 1930, the Serranos towers were restored to their former glory Traveling Valencia. These huge towers, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city Valencia hotel. The archway of the entrance door has Gothic decorative details and two shields of the city Traveling Valencia.

Valencian Institute of Modern Art :

Housed in an impressive building in space-time, the Institute of Modern Art of Valencia is dedicated to the avant-garde art of the twentieth century Valencia hotel. The permanent collection encompasses all modern art movements, including abstraction and pop art, Traveling Valencia and the new figurative informelism.

The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, Traveling Valencia conferences and workshops. In marked contrast to the modern building, Valencia hotel an underground museum room reveals the remains of the medieval walls of Valencia. The archaeological remains were discovered during the construction of the museum Traveling Valencia.

Traveling Valencia – The Best Place In Valencia!

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