Traveling Malta – The Best Place In Malta You Can’t Believe!

Traveling Malta
Traveling Malta

Traveling Malta
Traveling Malta

Traveling Malta
Traveling Malta

If you are in Malta, you are definitely missing out – Malta has a well-deserved reputation for all sorts of parties. Malta hotels range from idyllic 5 star country cottages, Traveling Malta there is a lot of culture and history to enjoy, Traveling Malta plentiful places to enjoy water sports and land, lush nightlife and everything is by the picturesque blue sea Malta hotels. Our quick travel guide to Malta and its islands gives you essential information about Malta flights and basic necessities for daily trips; Places and activities that need only be done and seen; And keep creating your own very special getaway Traveling Malta.

Top rated places In Malta :
The medieval hilltop of Mdina, Island of Malta :

Mdina offers an escape to a charming fairy tales Traveling Malta. This captivating medieval hill town is steeped in history. Tourists must cross the dramatic main gate to enter the city, Malta hotels giving the impression of going back in time Malta hotels. On the huge walls of the city, Traveling Malta there is a delightful world of pedestrian streets without old cars and beautiful sandstone buildings Traveling Malta.

The most important site is St. Paul’s Cathedral, Malta hotels a magnificent baroque building designed by the Maltese architect Lorenzo Gafa Malta hotels. The richly decorated sanctuary has a beautiful dome, marble columns, golden details and magnificent ceiling paintings. The cathedral has a valuable 12th century icon of the Madonna and renowned works of art by renowned Maltese artist Mattia Preti Traveling Malta.

Historic sites in Rabat, Island of Malta :

Just outside the walls of Mdina is the nearby town of Rabat. Tourists can see the two cities on the same day; Mdina and Rabat are sometimes considered a single unified urban area Malta hotels. In Malta, the word “Rabat” means “neighborhood”. Rabat is less touristy and more authentic than the city of Mdina work, but still has places of historical interest Traveling Malta. One of the hidden gems is the Bernard House, a grand palace from the 16th century that belonged to a noble family from Malta of French origin Traveling Malta.

For those interested in the classic period, the Roman Villa is definitely worth a visit. This archaeological site, also called Domus Romana, Malta hotels this impressive Roman mosaics of the first century BC. These mosaics are some of the oldest examples in the western Mediterranean and reveal incredible know-how by highly skilled artists. Another must-see is the parish church of St. Paul, Traveling Malta a baroque church of the seventeenth century, Traveling Malta which was built on the site of the cave where it is believed that St. Paul took refuge after his shipwreck in Malta in 60 AD Malta hotels.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay and Sand Bay Gnejna, Island of Malta :

For travelers exploring the area by car, it is worth driving two miles from Golden Bay to the pristine beach of Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Surrounded by cliffs and steep hills, you reach the beach when you descend 200 steps Malta hotels. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Beach feels secluded in nature, Traveling Malta except umbrellas and sun loungers for hire, Malta hotels public toilets and a snack bar Traveling Malta. Considered one of the best beaches in Malta, Malta holidays, Ghajn Tuffieha is favored by people who appreciate the quiet and peaceful environment. The waters are safe for swimming, except when the red flag is upwards (indicating strong currents).

Continue seven kilometers from Ghajn Bay Tuffieha Bay is Gnejna, Traveling Malta a small shaded bay surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs Traveling Malta. Stroll down a steep staircase to the beautiful orange sand beach Malta holidays. This beach is very popular with swimmers and divers Traveling Malta. Water skiing and canoe rentals are also available as well as public restrooms and food stalls Traveling Malta.

Temples of Mnajdra bronze age of Malta, Island of Malta :

By sharing the UNESCO listed site of Hagar Qim, Traveling Malta Mnajdra temples are 500 meters Hagar Qim temples. This archaeological site is located on a secluded and rugged stretch of the south coast of Malta overlooking the sea Malta holidays. The site includes three buildings facing a common oval plaza and can be part of a larger complex Malta holidays. The oldest structure, the Temple of the South, dates from approximately 3,600 to 3,200 BC. The two temples were built between 3150 BC. AC and 2200 AC. BC These three structures are an important step of prehistoric human development, Traveling Malta known as the Ggantija phase (around 3000 BC, 2200 BC), an important period of the Bronze Age Malta.

The most interesting feature of the temples of Mnajdra is the floor door and see equinoxes in the southern temple Malta holidays. Enter the Temple of the South, with a monumental facade. On the left side of the two apses is a decorated window door (square shaped aperture), Traveling Malta which leads to a small chamber. This door and decorated blocks mark the position of the equinoxes, Malta holidays the rising sun on the first day of spring and autumn and the solstices, the first day of summer and winter Traveling Malta.

Traveling Malta – The Best Place In Malta You Can’t Believe!

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