Traveling Toulouse – The Fact You Don’t Know About Toulouse

Traveling Toulouse
Traveling Toulouse

Traveling Toulouse
Traveling Toulouse

Traveling Toulouse
Traveling Toulouse

Traveling Toulouse
Traveling Toulouse

Toulouse is one of the most elegant cities in the south of France. Located between the Mediterranean (150 km) and the Atlantic (250 km), Traveling Toulouse and only 110 km from the ski resorts of the Pyrenees and 730 km from Paris, Toulouse is the capital of the vast region of Midi-Pyrénées and the fourth city Largest in France. 

With the second largest student population outside of Paris, Toulouse is one of the largest cities in southern Europe Traveling Toulouse. Called “pink city” due to its red brick buildings, Toulouse is straddling the Garonne and the historic Midi Canal, Toulouse hotels halfway between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. The heart of the city is the large Capitol Square, Toulouse hotels where the impressive and magnificent Capitol building is the seat of local government Traveling Toulouse.

Most popular attractions in Toulouse :

Saint-Sernin :

One of the most glorious churches of the medieval pilgrimage route to St. James of Compostela, Traveling Toulouse in Spain, Toulouse hotels the Basilica of Saint-Sernin is a masterpiece of Romanesque art. This exquisite church, built in the 11th to 13th centuries, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the typical red brick of Toulouse, Traveling Toulouse the basilica has a nave with five floors and a cruiser with three wings in the Romanesque style. The church is dedicated to Saint Saturninus (Sernin) of Patras, Greece, who was martyred for being tied to a bull Toulouse hotels. The basilica is located on the site of an earlier church where the saint was buried (now his tomb is in the apse) Traveling Toulouse.

Admire the façade of the basilica with a beautiful door decorated with intricate carvings, Toulouse hotels such as King David and the apostles Traveling Toulouse. Enter the ancient sanctuary to discover the serenity of the location. The interior has a charming choir from the 16th century until the 17th century surrounded by nine chapels. Be sure to explore the ambulatory with seven admirable marble elevators from the 11th century. In the north transept you will find a huge crucifix carved novel Toulouse hotels. The crypt houses the treasure with numerous valuable relics Traveling Toulouse.

Place du Capitole :

The center of Toulouse life is the lively capitol place. The square has the classical architecture of Toulouse. On the west side of the square, Traveling Toulouse there are beautiful arcades Toulouse hotels. On the east side of the square is the famous 18th-century Capitol building Toulouse hotels. The Capitol was named after the first section of the Magistracy (sheriffs) which met here and now is the City Hall Toulouse hotels. The remarkable façade has eight huge columns of pink marble. The most spectacular hall of the Capitol is the Hall of Illustrious inspired in the Farnese Gallery of Rome with its golden moldings and cartridges Traveling Toulouse.

This show and other historic rooms of the Capitol are open to the public on the first Sunday of each month. Old defensive tower of the sixteenth century is visible behind the Capitol and the Capitol Theater is just a few steps away Traveling Toulouse. To discover the historic center of Toulouse, Toulouse hotels continue south to the Capitol Square to reach the old quarter Traveling Toulouse.

Cathedral of St. Stephen :

A mixture of architectural styles, Traveling Toulouse St. Stephen’s Cathedral was built four centuries ago, explaining the disunity of its design features Toulouse hotels. When it was built in the late 12th century, the 19 meter-wide nave of the cathedral was the largest dome-shaped structure of its kind in Europe. The Gothic ship outside the south is called a “Raymondine”. The cathedral later became a Gothic style of the north, to compete with the great cathedrals of northern Europe Toulouse tourism. In addition to its huge tower, the cathedral has many impressive ornamental elements Traveling Toulouse.

The magnificent stained glass windows from the 14th to the 17th century, especially the large rosette, allow the ethereal light to seep into the sanctuary Traveling Toulouse. Toulouse is known as a European capital of choir members, Traveling Toulouse and the cathedral has a magnificent organ that is suspended high on the balcony Traveling Toulouse. Known for its romantic harmonies, Toulouse tourism this magnificent musical instrument is used for concerts during the International Festival of Organ “Toulouse les Orgues”. Also exploring the cathedral are 17 chapels and magnificent tapestries from the 16th to the 18th century Traveling Toulouse.

Carmel Chapel :

This exquisite little chapel for the Carmel was built in the 17th century Traveling Toulouse. The chapel was founded by King Louis XIII and his wife Anna of Austria in 1622, Traveling Toulouse the year of the canonization of St. Teresa of Avila Toulouse tourism. Although the monastery was destroyed during the French Revolution, it was saved from the chapel. The beautiful murals by Jean-Pierre and delicate paintings by Jean-Baptiste Despax have been well preserved Toulouse tourism. Admire Jean-Pierre’s heavenly ceiling paintings full of angels and cherubs Toulouse tourism. Then take the time to appreciate the murals of inspiration and rivals Despax Traveling Toulouse.

Traveling Toulouse – The Fact You Don’t Know About Toulouse

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