Traveling Marseilles – Can You Believe!

Traveling Marseilles
Traveling Marseilles

Traveling Marseilles
Traveling Marseilles

Traveling Marseilles
Traveling Marseilles

With a lively and vibrant energy port in the city, Marseille attracts visitors looking for an authentic travel experience Traveling Marseilles. This cosmopolitan city is the oldest in France and the second largest after Paris and has much to offer, from ancient history and cultural diversity to the beautiful beach scenery hotel Marseilles. Everywhere in Marseille, Traveling Marseilles guests are close to the serene blue waters, either walking down an old charming street with a view or feeling the refreshing breeze from the sea.

The colorful and multiethnic heritage of the city of Marseille is also a fascinating place hotel Marseilles. Considered a bridge between Europe and North Africa, Marseille is home to a large population of Algerian immigrants. You can find traditional Arab soups as easily as a traditional French fish soup Traveling Marseilles.

Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Marseille :

Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde :

On a stunning hilltop location, hotel Marseilles this spectacular church is situated at the top of Marseille as its most important landmark, visible from afar Traveling Marseilles. The site was used in antiquity as a point of observation, and the Middle Ages was the site of a pilgrimage chapel Traveling Marseilles. Today, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard is a beacon for the faithful with a huge golden Madonna crowning the bell tower. Built in 1853-1864, hotel Marseilles the interior of the church is opulent neobizantine arches to light and dark marble supporting golden mosaic domes. The luxurious design has a fascinating effect Traveling Marseilles. 

In the crypt, hotel Marseilles there are votive tablets and model airplanes provided by airmen. After seeing the interior, visitors can spend some time on the beautiful terrace hotel Marseilles. It offers a wonderful view, the panorama stretches red roofs of the buildings of Marseille and the old port of the islands of Friuli in the Mediterranean Traveling Marseilles.

Vieux Port (old port) :

The old port is the birthplace of Marseille. This is where the city began as a Greek port around 600 BC. Surrounded by serene blue waters, Traveling Marseille the Old Port is to the west of Marseille, near the boulevard Canebière. A stroll through this ancient port offers visitors the impression of a thriving Mediterranean atmosphere of Marseille. The lively promenade is a focal point for tourists, hotel Marseilles and many say this region is the best place to find authentic bouillabaisse, Traveling Marseilles the tasty cooked seafood that is a specialty of Marseille .  On the east side of the port, hotel Marseilles the Quai des Belges houses a daily fish market Traveling Marseilles.

Once an important commercial port, Traveling Marseilles the old port is now mainly used by fishing boats and sports boats hotel Marseilles. The old port is also the starting point of the ferries that sail to two popular tourist destinations: the castle of If and the Calanques near Cassis Traveling Marseilles.

Purchase (old town) :

Located on a hill above the old port, this colorful neighborhood is the historical and cultural heart of Marseille. Le Panier is the oldest quarter of Marseille, inhabited since ancient times, when the ancient Greeks settled here in 600 BC hotel Marseilles. With its steep, Traveling Marseilles narrow and winding streets and pastel buildings, this neighborhood offers a glimpse of the charming personality of Marseille. 

Once a working-class neighborhood, Le Panier is today generous, Traveling Marseilles but still has a fascinating multiethnic and artistic Marseilles holidays. You can find many authentic Algerian dishes, craft shops, hotel Marseilles gourmet shops and art galleries Marseilles holidays. This area is also a residential area, hotel Marseilles and typical houses with closed window and machine lines provide evidence of families living there.

The visitor can start a walking tour on the north side of the dock of the old port, Marseilles holidays on the Quai du Port, and then walk to the Canebière, Traveling Marseilles a lively boulevard full of activity. The area has several important monuments such as the Town Hall, Traveling Marseilles which was built in the second half of the seventeenth century on the basis of a model of Genoese architecture Traveling Marseilles. Other sites include the Cathedral of the Mayor and the Vieille Charité, Marseilles holidays which has a museum with interesting exhibitions of contemporary art Traveling Marseilles.

Museum of History of Marseille (Museum of History) :

In the district of Le Panier, a few steps from the old port, the Museum of History of Marseille tells the story of Marseille from its Gallo-Greek origins to the Middle Ages to the present day. In the oldest city in France, this museum has an impressive collection of historical objects. The vast collection spans 2600 years of history. Set in an elegant and modern building, Traveling Marseilles the collections come to life in spacious and bright rooms of the museum Traveling Marseilles. 

One of the highlights of the collection is the hull of a Roman ship of the third century. The museum also has a park, Marseilles holidays the Garden of the Vestiges, which is an open-air museum of an excavation site. In the gardens, Traveling Marseilles visitors can see the ruins of the ancient port of Massalia from the 3rd century BC Traveling Marseilles.

Old charity :

La Vieille Charité is located on the Place des Moulins located at the highest point of the cart. The building was created in 1640 when the Marseille City Council decided to give the poor local people a decent place to live, in accordance with a real policy of “locking up the poor.” In 1749, Traveling Marseilles a public hospital on three floors with four wings was added to the building Traveling Marseilles. There is a chapel in the middle of the courtyard of the hospital complex Marseilles holidays. Built in 1779-07, the chapel is a wonderful example of Italian baroque architecture Marseilles holidays. The Vieille Charité façade is more modern, dating from 1863 Traveling Marseilles.

Traveling Marseilles – Can You Believe!

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