Traveling Shanghai 1 – What Do You Think Now!

Traveling Shanghai 1
Traveling Shanghai 1

Traveling Shanghai 1
Traveling Shanghai 1

Traveling Shanghai 1
Traveling Shanghai 1

Traveling Shanghai 1
Traveling Shanghai 1

Shanghai, China’s largest city, Traveling Shanghai offers many interesting tourism opportunities for those who do not want to deal with large crowds. Despite a population of more than 24 million this city also offers fun districts and quieter historical sights along with its many new sites Shanghai tour. One of the most active container ports in the world thanks to its position at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Traveling Shanghai the city also offers opportunities for water exploration along the Chinese coast and its inland waterways. 

Findings include a visit to several world-class museums and art galleries such as the Shanghai Museum and the China Museum of Art, Traveling Shanghai many beautiful gardens and parks, Shanghai tour and many fine antique temples and traditional pagodas. Shanghai – famous for being the birthplace of the Communist Party of China – also serves as an excellent starting point to explore other parts of China and enjoys an excellent international airport Traveling Shanghai.

Top Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in :

The Shanghai Museum :

Established in 1952, the Shanghai Museum as Rest of Classical Chinese Art Important Chinese Museum Traveling Shanghai. In a modern building, which is a work of art in itself – are unique square base concepts and top decks of traditional Chinese land – museum floors Four exhibition bronzes and include cultures Prehistoric 19th century impressive ceramic drawings in ink , Seals and calligraphy, art Whether and from large collections of nationalities Shanghai tour. It also houses large collections of jade, coins and furniture from the Ming and Qing periods (1368-1912) Traveling Shanghai.

The Oriental Pearl Tower :

A must see in Shanghai is the TV tower and pearl tower of the Pearl TV (Dongfang Mingzhūtǎ) 468 meters high, Shanghai tour in Pudong Park, Traveling Shanghai on the east bank of the Huangpu River. In addition to its excellent views of the lively river and the new city, Shanghai tour you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the Bund’s historic promenade. Built in 1991, the tower owes its name to its 11 related spheres of varying sizes, including the highest – space module – containing a level of observation at the 350 meter mark with an exterior deck glass visit Shanghai. Totally appropriate, Shanghai tour the tower has 15 observation areas, including the tourist area and city space and a revolving restaurant with spectacular views Traveling Shanghai.

People’s Square :

Built on what was the race track in the city, Traveling Shanghai instead of the People (Renmin Guǎngchǎng) was transformed over the years into the first public space in Shanghai. At home the new city hall in Shanghai, visit Shanghai the Shanghai Museum and the Grand Theater in the forefront of technology, this is a perfect place to start sightseeing Shanghai tour. Be sure to spend time visiting the excellent Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Traveling Shanghai where you will find excellent shows and models – even a 360 degree cinema – showing existing and proposed buildings (Be sure to view this model extensively higher galleries for a fascinating perspective Of this modern metropolis) Traveling Shanghai.

The French Connection: Tianzifang :

In what was the French Shanghai concession, Tianzifang has been transformed into a fascinating arts and crafts destination. While much of the old houses and buildings have been replaced, Traveling Shanghai the character of the old European quarter has been carefully preserved in its architecture and furnishings, with many small alleys and streets that need to be explored visit Shanghai. In addition to numerous shops, there are many small galleries and craft shops instead of the larger shops that are found elsewhere in the city – which is also a fun place to visit in the evening due to its many restaurants offering traditional dishes , Shanghai tour Cafes and music joints, Shanghai tour as well as workshops and artist studios Traveling Shanghai.

Xujiahui Cathedral and the Sheshan Basilica :

Built in 1911 in Neo-Romanesque style, Xujiahui Cathedral – also known as the St. Ignatius Cathedral name – is another splendid reminder of Shanghai’s rich multinational heritage Traveling Shanghai. In the southern part of Xujiahui city is the largest Catholic worship place in Shanghai, Traveling Shanghai and in addition to its beautiful park, visit Shanghai it is worth a visit for its towers of 50 meters of restored height and its interior with stained glass Shanghai tour. Another important religious site is the Sheshan basilica (the national shrine and the Lesser Basilica of Our Lady of Sheshan) Traveling Shanghai. 

This beautiful catholic church is located on the western top of the hill after it gives it name Traveling Shanghai. Like many other religious sites, visit Shanghai Traveling Shanghai it suffered severe damage during the Cultural Revolution, but in recent years has undergone extensive renovation and is an important place of pilgrimage. A highlight of a visit after the 14 stations of the Cross, Traveling Shanghai which zigzagent the hill to the church, and the many splendid views along the way Traveling Shanghai.

Traveling Shanghai 1 – What Do You Think Now!

Shanghai 1, Traveling, Traveling Shanghai 1

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