Traveling Singapore 1 – The Fact You Don’t Know About Singapore!

Traveling Singapore
Traveling Singapore

Traveling Singapore
Traveling Singapore

Traveling Singapore
Traveling Singapore

Traveling Singapore
Traveling Singapore

While Singapore is considered a mall in Asia, it is also a great place to spend your vacation. The impressive architecture, numerous skyscrapers, Singapore trip will require delightful shopping venues, Traveling Singapore excellent restaurants and serene places of worship to continue to attract this year after year island nation Traveling Singapore.

Some of Singapore’s main attractions are:

While the island is known for its modernity, Traveling Singapore it has much to offer those looking to learn more about the history of the place. You can learn about the history of the island by visiting the president’s office Singapore trip. Then spend time relaxing at the Telok Ayer Market where you can shop and eat to your heart’s content Traveling Singapore. Finally, Singapore attractions the head of the famous Raffles Hotel try their sling of Singapore. This is where the world famous cocktail was invented Traveling Singapore.

The fact that Singapore is known for its multi-storey buildings, I do not think the place does not have its share of gardens and parks Traveling Singapore. You should visit the Bukit Timah nature reserve located high on the highest hill on the island. From here you have a spectacular and breathtaking view of the entire city. Other gardens not to be missed are the Garden of Romance and the Chinese Garden Singapore attractions. If you are looking for excitement, Traveling Singapore head to the East Coast Park Singapore attractions.

This is right next to Jurong Park and is the largest garden on the island, Traveling Singapore and offers a wide range of water sports. To see the highest artificial waterfall in the world, go to Jurong Park Singapore trip. Here you can see thousands of birds from all over the world living in a natural jungle environment. The Singapore Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals, Singapore trip from tigers to elephants to baboons and polar bears, orangutans, Singapore trip reptiles and proboscis monkeys Singapore trip. You can also see the white tigers that live here Traveling Singapore.

You can make a short cable ride to the island of Sentosa, Traveling Singapore where you can see the marine world in the oceanarium cross tunnels built underwater. By the way, Singapore attractions you do not want to leave the place! The beauty of the marine world is too tempting and fascinating. Singapore is home to many different religions and each has built its own place of worship. Thus you can visit the famous Buddhist temple called the Temple of the Thousand Lights to see a Buddha idol of 15 meters high, or you can visit the temple of Sri Mariamman, a Hindu temple. Alternatively, Singapore attractions you can visit the largest mosque on the island called the Sultan Mosque Traveling Singapore.

Singapore is also home to an ancient church called Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator. To finish the tour of the places of worship, visit the temple of the relic of the Buddha’s teeth that houses a 27-foot Buddha idol and also the tooth of Buddha Shakyamuni Traveling Singapore.

With a unique blend of Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and Western cultures, the city of Singapore offers travelers a fabulous cultural experience within what can be described as one of the great cities and most of the most erudite Asia effective Traveling Singapore. Trains arrive on time, Traveling Singapore traffic jams are just appearance and pollution is non-existent. So, in addition to injecting a little culture into your trip, try a new cuisine and enjoy the tropical climate, Singapore attractions what to do during your visit to Singapore?

Here are my top 5 attractions in Singapore:

Marina Bay Sands Resort & Skypark :

From a large, Marina Bay Sands is absolutely essential. The second most expensive building in the world, combining world-class entertainment, Traveling Singapore a rooftop park that spans three buildings and the largest rooftop pool in the world Singapore attractions. Marina Sands is by far the best place for breathtaking harbor and city views from the highest viewing platform in the world cantilever, Singapore attractions and if the hunger meets up with a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants and enjoy one Exploring more than 800,000 square feet of retail space Traveling Singapore.

Singapore Zoo :

Considered one of the best in the world, Traveling Singapore the Singapore Zoo offers an incredible experience for animal lovers. Take breakfast with wildlife, Traveling Singapore take walks on an elephant’s back or just explore the natural enclosure of over 2530 animals. See rare animals like white tigers and lemurs in roaming rings Singapore attractions. The zoo also has a wet area with dedicated swimsuits available for purchase with a cooling refreshment in what is sure to be hot tropical rain Traveling Singapore.

Orchard Road :

Home to Singapore’s famous elite Orchard Road, once was full of pepper and nutmeg plantations. Today, the main attraction in the form of incredible shopping centers, Traveling Singapore restaurants, bars and nightclubs Singapore attractions. Easily one of Singapore’s most touristy attractions for those who like to go out at night Traveling Singapore.

Traveling Singapore 1 – The Fact You Don’t Know About Singapore!

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