Traveling Milan – The Truth About It!

Traveling Milan
Traveling Milan

Traveling Milan
Traveling Milan

Traveling Milan
Traveling Milan

Traveling Milan
Traveling Milan

Milan is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Italy and the world famous for its fashion and its football, Traveling Milan of course. Although many designers are lower in Milan, it is still the capital of inspiration for fashion and fashion shows twice a year means there is an influx of designers, Traveling Milan buyers and supermarkets World course set visit Milan.

Best time to travel to Milan

The best time to travel to Milan to be in the parades that take place twice a year Traveling Milan. However, visit Milan the weather in Milan is pleasant all year round, Milan attractions so if you want to enjoy the fun of shopping (or window) and all the arts, history and culture that Milan offers, Traveling Milan without the paparazzi case and lovers Of fashion, Milan attractions you can visit Milan at any other time of the year and have a very pleasant experience Traveling Milan.

Must see attractions in Milan

The main attractions of Milan are:

• The Basilica of San Ambrosio, Traveling Milan built and dedicated to the patron of Milan. The remains of three different saints can be seen in this basilica Milan attractions.

• The monumental cemetery, Traveling Milan where many famous people were buried. However, the cemetery is best known for its fabulous design and chapel reminding the 800 inhabitants of Milan who died in concentration camps during World War II Milan attractions.

There are, of course, Traveling Milan many other museums and churches to visit in Milan, each with beautiful architecture and fascinating history.

Restaurants and bars in Milan

Milan offers restaurants that cater for all tastes and budgets. Some cheaper restaurants include Brek, a self-service restaurant and Anema e Cozze a pizzeria. If you are willing to spend a little more, you should not miss out on The Brellin, Traveling Milan with its outdoor patio with candles and fresh and wonderful Italian food, or the Spider, one of Milan’s most glamorous restaurants. For a higher budget meal, you can try Cracco, Milan attractions the restaurant owned by Italian Chef Carlo Gracco or Armani Nobu, where you can take sake with golden bread!

As for the nightlife, Traveling Milan there are more bars and clubs in Milan than anyone can now. Bars range from cozy and comfortable with a modern and stylish. Knowing which clubs are best is very difficult, Milan attractions because the state of a pub or club can change during the night due to word of mouth advertising of those who matter Traveling Milan.

Transportation in Milan

If you are planning a visit to Milan, hiring a car could be an effective and efficient way that allows you not only to see Milan but also its surroundings. Some of the companies that offer car hire in Milan include car 3000, cars in Europe, Maggiore, Avis, Traveling Milan National Car, Europcar, Car rental Nova and Noleggio.

If you are interested in art, architecture and culture, food and wine or fashion and want to see the cream of the world’s fashion cream, Milan is the place for you Milan attractions. It offers everything that makes a trip to the city beautiful and you are sure to have a very memorable experience Traveling Milan.

Top Tourist Attractions in Milan :

Archaeology Museum:

You can see part of Romano Milan, dug in the lower floors of the museum in the old Major Monastery. With the ancient history of Milan you will find Greek, Etruscan and Roman discoveries in Italy in other places, Traveling Milan including sculptures in stone and bronze. Especially good are the 3rd century sculpture by Maximilian, Milan attractions a bronze head and a female statue with folded curtains Traveling Milan.


The Romanesque basilica of St. Eustorgio was built in the 12th and 13th centuries, and its beautiful bell tower was added a century later. The façade was added only in 1863. Look beyond the choir to find the Cappella Portinari, by Michelozzo in 1462-1468, Traveling Milan one of the earliest examples of Renaissance architecture. The frescoes are by Vincenzo Foppa. Not far from St. Eustorgio is another church, San Lorenzo Maggiore, Milan attractions which dates back to the time of the first Christians. The Renaissance dome was added in 1574, but the mosaics of the chapel of Saint-Aquilin belong to the fourth century. Before the church, the porch of six Corinthian columns is the largest surviving monument of Roman Mediolanum Traveling Milan.

Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology:

Located in an old monastery of Olivetana, the museum illustrates the history of the science and technology of work of the first scientists in modern times Traveling Milan. Of particular interest is the Leonardo da Vinci Gallery with working models of many inventions and machines, created from drawings by Da Vinci. In physical exhibitions, Milan attractions there are devices used by Galileo, Traveling Milan Newton and Volta, and there are sections on optics, acoustics, telegraph, transport, shipping, railways, driving, metallurgy, Traveling Milan, motor vehicles, timing and timber. In total, Milan attractions more than 15 000 technical and scientific objects represent the history of Italian science, technology and industry Traveling Milan.

Traveling Milan – The Truth About It!

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