Traveling Slovenia 1 – The Truth About it!

Traveling Slovenia
Traveling Slovenia

Traveling Slovenia
Traveling Slovenia

Traveling Slovenia
Traveling Slovenia

Traveling Slovenia
Traveling Slovenia

Slovenia is a destination for a close family holiday for tourists who like to spend their holidays in holiday homes. Slovenia, Traveling Slovenia miniature version of Europe is rightly justified as it is characterized by a desirable geographical positioning between the Mediterranean and the Alps Traveling Slovenia.

Slovenia has abundant benefits from the nature of the Adriatic coast, thick forests and spectacular mountains. Skiing, Slovenia holidays, rafting, canoeing, swimming, rowing, curling, hiking, skating, hiking, fishing, Traveling Slovenia mountaineering, lounging on the beach, Slovenia holidays rejuvenating spas and wine routes can all be enjoyed during your holiday in Slovenia. It has wonderful ski chalets and elegant apartments available for rent directly from their holiday home owners Traveling Slovenia.

Many tourists on a family holiday in Slovenia visit Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia and stay in one of the many self-catering apartments available in this beautiful city. Former municipality is delightful and you will cross three bridges crossing the river to see Ljubljanca 17th century town hall with two open patios and a baroque fountain Traveling Slovenia.

Take a trip to the Ljubljana cathedral and see the impressive and cool twin towers. You should see the beautiful castle on the hill Slovenia holidays. Other attractions include Ljubljana City Museum, Church of the Ursulines, Slovenia holidays, National Gallery, National Museum, Traveling Slovenia Gallery of Modern Art, Tivoli Gardens and the modern art gallery Traveling Slovenia. Many families visit Ljubljana and rent holiday homes and use them as a base to explore local architecture Traveling Slovenia.

Maribor is a vibrant city that is home to many museums, art galleries, theaters and is a major scientific, commercial and cultural center Traveling Slovenia. It also houses a university Slovenia holidays. Ptuj is situated towards the southern part of Maribor and Roman remains. You can participate in the traditional carnivals there Traveling Slovenia. Some holiday families in Maribor stay in holiday homes.

Lovers of the outdoors and winter sports go to Bled on holiday and stay in independent villas. Bled is an elegant mountain resort and has beautiful surroundings, as it is situated next to Lake Bled. In winter you can experience the excitement of curling and skating and in summer you can swim and border Traveling Slovenia. It is also possible to rent ski chalets in this region of Slovenia. Fishermen can expect large fishing opportunities for carp and trout fishing. Many fishermen rent villas and appreciate the fish kitchen were held a bottle of wine at night Slovenia holidays. Climbers and hikers can find pleasure in the Triglav National Park, home to Triglav. The main Julian Alps are ideal for hiking Traveling Slovenia.

The Kamnik and Julian Alps provide the traditional mountain adventure activity and you can enjoy the best mountaineering routes Traveling Slovenia. Other popular adventure sports you can enjoy in the alpine region of Slovenia are paragliding, ballooning and parachuting Slovenia holidays. Skiers can enjoy excellent ski slopes in Pohorje ski resorts, Kranjska Gora, Traveling Slovenia, Bled, Vogel, Rogla, Cerkno Krvavec and so on. You can sail the coasts. Again, Slovenia tourism there are many vacation rental homes in this area with holiday homes, villas and cottages available for rent directly from their owners.

Best things to see and do :

Postojna Cave:

The cave system of Postojna, a series of caves, corridors and passages of 24 km long and two million years old, was excavated by the Pivka River, Traveling Slovenia which enters an underground tunnel near the entrance of the cave Slovenia holidays. The visitors visit 5 km of the cave in excursions of 1 hour and a half; 3.2 kilometers are covered by a fresh electric train Slovenia tourism. Postojna cave has a constant temperature of 8 ° C to 10 ° C with a humidity of 95%, which is recommended a warm jacket and decent shoes Traveling Slovenia.

Škocjan Caves:

Visit the immense underground chambers and spectacular caves Škocjan 6 km is a must. This remarkable cave system was cut by the Reka River, Traveling Slovenia which enters a gorge below the village of Škocjan and finally empties into the dead lake, a sink at the end of the cave in which it disappears Slovenia tourism. It returns again as the Timavo River in Duino Italy, Slovenia holidays 34 km north-west until it ends in the Gulf of Trieste Slovenia tourism. Warm clothing and the use of walking shoes Traveling Slovenia.

Božidar Jakac Art Museum:

This is an unexpected treat: an extraordinarily varied art in a beautiful setting in a complete sculpture garden. About 1.5 km southwest of the city, Traveling Slovenia this former Cistercian monastery was a very rich institution in the Middle Ages, Slovenia holidays but abandoned in 1786 when the monastic orders were dissolved Slovenia tourism. The main entrance beautifully painted through two rounds squatting, caramel stripes led to a huge courtyard surrounded by a cloister with 230 arcades on three floors Traveling Slovenia.

Traveling Slovenia 1 – The Truth About it!

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