Traveling Croatia 1 – You Can’t Believe

Traveling Croatia
Traveling Croatia

Traveling Croatia
Traveling Croatia

Traveling Croatia
Traveling Croatia

Traveling Croatia
Traveling Croatia

Croatia is fast becoming the hottest destination in Europe, and for good reason Traveling Croatia. The rocky coastline continues for 1778 kilometers and includes pine coves, Wide sandy beaches and pleasant entrances. As if this were not enough, there is a good 1185 islands ranging from lush, Croatia holidays wooded and mountainous high Traveling Croatia.

Yachties like The possibilities of navigation, the bathers have an incredible variety of beaches and The paradise for divers marine life to explore Croatia holidays. Beyond the beauty of the landscape, Croatia also has a fascinating history and culture visit Croatia . The walled city of Dubrovnik, Traveling Croatia at the southern end is a must stop for the Mediterranean Croatia holidays. Cruises, Traveling Croatia but the long coastline is filled with remains of Croatia’s varied past visit Croatia.

The Romans swept for two thousand years, Traveling Croatia leaving an amphitheater in Pula and Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Longement ruled by Venice, many ports along the coast Lead to the distinctive imprint of his former teacher Croatia holidays. In southern Dalmatia, cities Hvar and Korcula as small venices without canals visit Croatia . In Istria, The bell striking Rovinj is the model of the Piazza San Marco in Venice Traveling Croatia.

Unlike the Italian coast, in the interior of Croatia was part The empire and Austro-Hungarian looks Traveling Croatia. Zagreb, Traveling Croatia the capital of Croatia, gender. In a majestic architecture they would not move to Vienna or Budapest. In addition, Traveling Croatia it has a small medieval neighborhood that looks vaguely like Prague. To the north of Zagreb, amidst the green hills, Croatia holidays is located in Varazdin, the most underestimated Croatia city. Stretched too far from the coast to attract much tourism, however Varazdin visit Croatia . It has a baroque center surprisingly well preserved Traveling Croatia.

Therefore, the first thing to see? Here is my personal highlight list for a visit to Croatia:

Dubrovnik Byron calls the “Pearl of the Adriatic” by the magnificent curtain walls surrounding a city paved and full of Renaissance marble sculpture Traveling Croatia.

• The city of Hvar In addition to the splendid promenade of the harbor and carved facades, Traveling Croatia it is known for the best life in the Adriatic Sea.

• City of Korcula Hvar It resembles in some ways, Traveling Croatia especially the group of narrow streets, but is located on a narrow peninsula and is quieter.

• The most beautiful small town in Rovinj Istria, which retains the flavor of a traditional fishing port despite the heavy influx of tourists in recent years Traveling Croatia.

• Plitvice National Park, you have to believe Traveling Croatia. The 16 turquoise lakes seem to glow and there are waterfalls everywhere Croatia holidays. It is a world heritage site.

• Brela beach The idyllic coves, surrounded by pine trees, stretch long necklace beaches. Forbes magazine recently named one of the twenty best beaches in the world Traveling Croatia.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Croatia:

Brijuni National Park:

Beyond the Istrian peninsula, this archipelago of scattered pine islands is a national park Traveling Croatia. The largest island, Veli Brijun, is covered with a beautiful landscape and is open to the public. The former president of Yugoslavia, Tito, Traveling Croatia used here to hold foreign dignitaries who were, and some of them have taken him to exotic animals as gifts, now presented in the small Safari park: elephant of India, Croatia holidays antelopes and zebras of Zambia Of India are the main attractions. There are also two hotels, a golf course and the ruins of a Roman villa. To get there, take the National Park boat (essential reserves) Fažana on the mainland, seven kilometers north of Pula Croatia holidays.


In northeastern Croatia, on the Istrian peninsula, Traveling Croatia the coastal town of Rovinj, the Venetian period, is composed of pastel colored houses that sound in a beautiful fishing port and are presided over by a church a hill with an elegant belfry. In addition to the nearby stone beaches, the main tourist attraction is the Batana Eco-Museum on the seafront, which tells the story of Batana, a type of wooden boat used by local fishermen. There are also many fine hotels, seafood restaurants and art galleries Croatia holidays. People speak a dialect that mixes the Croatian and Italian languages. The nearest airport is in Pula Traveling Croatia.

Korčula Town:

The town of Korcula, the main settlement on the island of Korcula in southern Dalmatia, consists of a small peninsula Traveling Croatia. Protected by medieval walls and towers, stone walkways are arranged in a fishbone pattern, to protect you from the prevailing winds. It is full of noble centuries-old stone buildings built when the island was under Venetian rule. Major attractions include the Marco Polo house, Croatia holidays which is the birthplace of the famous 13th century explorer, and Moreška sword dance, a traditional dance, which is organized for tourists outside the city walls on the nights of summer.

Traveling Croatia 1 – You Can’t Believe

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