Traveling Istanbul – That’s Why You Have To Visit Istanbul!

Traveling Istanbul
Traveling Istanbul

Traveling Istanbul
Traveling Istanbul

Traveling Istanbul
Traveling Istanbul

Traveling Istanbul
Traveling Istanbul

Here are my top five things to do and visit in Istanbul with no special order. I have chosen them because they are not famous, Traveling Istanbul but because I think it is worth having the experience and the vision. For example, Istanbul trip I did not include the famous Blue Mosque, Istanbul holidays but it suggested something different Istanbul trip. I also wanted to draw attention to a lot of other things to do and see in Istanbul well worth it. So take advantage of that list and enjoy your trip Traveling Istanbul.

The palace of Topkapi
The Topkapi Palace is a name on the list, Traveling Istanbul and you can not afford it during your stay in Istanbul. This building pavilions and kiosks made up of four greens on the green is where the generation of sultans had their main residence for almost half a century. Topkapi Palace The main attractions are the sultan’s harem where he kept his most beautiful women, Istanbul holidays the Treasury for the storage of the most popular jewelry and the famous Topkapi dagger Traveling Istanbul.

If frying in a hamam
There is nothing more relaxing than getting your body in a sauna. The whole dress experience only with a cotton cloth and relax in a steam chamber arranged in a warm marble, Traveling Istanbul listening to the echoes of the race and get a quick cleaning followed by a massage of the sultan until your skin is smooth and smooth Traveling Istanbul. Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art Istanbul holidays. The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art is much more exciting than its name. It is located in the old palace of Ibrahim Pacha – the great grand vizier of Sultan Soliman – and overlooking the racecourse; The collection contains more than 40,000 items on the screen Traveling Istanbul. Each room covers a different period of the Islamic world and reflects on the Turkish daily from the 8th to the 19th century Istanbul trip.

Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest bazaar in the world, Istanbul trip and you go to Istanbul, it is essential to visit this place. It has about 60 streets containing 5000 shops, 18 fountains, 60 restaurants, 12 mosques and even a school Istanbul trip. This is not a tourist trap and local buys every day, but the chances are good enough to bargain over you. The bazaar is famous for its leather, Istanbul holidays, ceramics, Istanbul holidays jewelry and carpets Traveling Istanbul.

Great hospitality, a vibrant tradition, impressive natural surroundings, Traveling Istanbul humble people and a wealth of historical, cultural and religious knowledge – the reasons are not enough to describe why Istanbul is the friendliest place on Earth Istanbul holidays. The monarchy may have left this place, Traveling Istanbul but the kingdom remains and must always exist in the manners and etiquette of the inhabitants in the delicacy and grandeur of architecture and hospitality. One of the most humble European cities, classicism defines Istanbul Traveling Istanbul.

This Istanbul travel guide gives 12 reasons why visiting Istanbul should be to the wish list of friends –
A lot of attractions
The city was endowed with a series of attractions, Traveling Istanbul historical monuments and rare architectures that can not be seen in other places. With great palaces, Istanbul holidays, classical buildings, sanctuaries, Traveling Istanbul great markets and fascinating museums, this place has a great entertainment package designed to give visitors a memorable moment on the site Traveling Istanbul.

Confluence of East and West

Take a ferry and you can travel from Asia to Europe and vice versa in just 5 minutes! Waters flow to the Bosporus border of Asia and Europe, Traveling Istanbul making an international watercourse, Istanbul holidays and also one of the ways of mixing Eastern and Western cultures.

Vibrant nightlife
With a lot of pubs, bars and bars, Istanbul is one of the best places in Europe to attend the nightlife. It is also very safe to go out alone, especially for women in Istanbul, Traveling Istanbul even during the nights.

Shopper paradise
For those who love to shop in different places, Istanbul is a gift to them. One of the world’s largest street markets Grand Bazaar is the place for enthusiastic shopping in the world. Also Spice Bazaar, Istanbul holidays one of Istanbul’s most popular attractions is known for spices and picking of nuts and many malls and local districts selling items Traveling Istanbul.

Turkish tea
Unlike ordinary tea, Turkish tea is a bit different Traveling Istanbul. Dedicated milk, tea is prepared in a special pot and an integral part of the Turkish cuisine Istanbul holidays. Whether it’s a small or large gathering, or inviting a guest tea is served at all times in a cup of soup and specially designed Traveling Istanbul.

Traveling Istanbul – That’s Why You Have To Visit Istanbul!

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