Traveling China – The Best Fact You Don’t Know About China!

Traveling China
Traveling China

Traveling China
Traveling China

Traveling China
Traveling China

Traveling China
Traveling China

Shanghai is a port city and the largest city in China Traveling China. One of the most impressive facts about Shanghai is that it is a mega-metropolis and is considered one of the largest cities in the world. This Chinese city is located on the east coast of China, Traveling China with more than 20 million inhabitants, China holidays with a good percentage of domestic and foreign migrants China holidays.

Shanghai is an ideal vacation spot for tourists who love city life and traditional Chinese culture and there is nothing this city can not offer China holidays. Wonderful and quiet morning in the park, in the afternoon to the many restaurants and cafes, a lively nightlife and vibrant, Traveling China Shanghai will not disappoint as it caters to tourists who are interested in any of the western parts of the city or Shanghainaise traditional culture intact alive among the young and the new Chinese hip Traveling China.

Among the most popular tourist sites include Pearl Tower, Yu Yuan Garden, Traveling China, Jade Buddha Temple, The Bund, Xin Tian Di, Shanghai Museum, China holidays Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Nanjing Road and Zhujiajiao. Shanghai, like many cities in China have a large number of parks where the people of the city stop for a break and the impressive parks are always a breath of fresh air to wander in. They usually present a traditional design, China holidays but More than a handful of amusement park activities and amenities that are open all day during the summer months (May to August) Traveling China.

The public transport network in Shanghai is very effective and there are buses that connect all parts of the city center Traveling China. The metro system is growing rapidly and recently there are online lines that allows the public to travel to the outskirts of the CBD (Central Business District), Xujiahui China holidays. Tourists who enjoy metro travel and have no Mandarin language experience have nothing to fear because the signs and train routes are presented carefully in English and Mandarin Traveling China.

Yunnan Province, located in the southern part of China, China holidays home to over 20 ethnic groups Traveling China. The cuisine of the province, Traveling China commonly known as Yunnan cuisine is varied and influenced by the food traditions of each ethnic group, China holidays as well as in the neighboring countries of Southeast Asia Traveling China.

Yunnan cuisine, especially that of one of the most famous cities of Dali, China holidays is characterized by the freshest and greenest ingredients, such as locally grown vegetables, Traveling China, flowers, China holidays, fruits and bamboo. The mild taste of the dishes is enhanced by the addition of bitter and spicy elements that balance the flavor. Most dishes are very addictive, China holidays as their characteristic aroma tantalizes the nose before taking a bite Traveling China.

Yunnan and Dali cuisine are also sometimes known as the kitchen-called “Dian”. The mushrooms are often presented in most dishes in Dali, Traveling China which tend to slightly spicy as well China holidays. Some of Yunnan’s most popular traditional dishes are:

1. Chicken stew – as the name implies, Traveling China this dish is served in a clay pot and contains chicken cooked with fresh vegetables. It can be very spicy, China holidays, but certainly tasty and healthy. The chicken is kept in the pot with vegetables and spices and steam for several hours to obtain the desired thickness and consistency. Served mainly with noodles or rice. No matter where you travel in Yunnan, you can easily enjoy this dish in one of the restaurants specializing in local dishes, or hotels that cater to tourists. Yunnan restaurants from all over the world, including the United States, China tours also serve this popular dish Traveling China.

2. Xuanwei Houtui (HAM)
– If you are someone who likes ham or meat in general, Traveling China you should definitely try this ham dish, Traveling China which is very common in Dali. The recipe for this dish comes from the city of Xuanwei in northeastern Yunnan, and over the years has become very popular with travelers in Dali, and even some international restaurants Traveling China. Xuanwei ham is distinguished by its bright color, strong aroma, fine skin, rich flavor and tender meat, thick. It is so popular and unique that it won a gold medal at the Panama Universal Exposition in 1915. Ham is widely available at any of the stores that sell processed meat in Yunnan China tours. It also serves most of the restaurants in Dali, particularly along Renmin Road Traveling China.

3. Fish clay pot – a perfect dish for fish lovers, this dish is served in an earthen pot, like steamed chicken. The fish in a clay pot is the traditional dish of the Bai ethnic group living in and around Dali. It is made of freshwater fish, Traveling China usually trapped in nearby Erhai Lake, and cooked in spices and vegetables. The dish is nutritious, refreshing and delicious, China tours and is usually served with steamed rice. Sometimes tofu or tofu is added to the broth, adding a texture that makes it more palatable. The addition of soy cheese thickens the broth and offers the dish with a distinct taste and flavor. Keep in mind, unlike other dishes on this list, the fish is not very spicy or hot, China tours, making it ideal for those with sensitive taste buds Traveling China.

4. bamboo rice – a specialty of the Dai people, Traveling China living in the southern region of Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province. To prepare this dish, sticky rice is soaked first in milk or water for an hour or two China tours. Then the mixture was placed in a bamboo joint and a banana leaf was used to cover the opening. The bamboo is then placed on a charcoal burner to cook rice and to give the mixture a distinct taste and smoke Traveling China. Other ingredients include peanuts, onions and vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots. It is usually served with fish or chicken, China tours, this dish is available through Yunnan, but is the best in the southern part of the province Traveling China.

5. Moon Cakes – Yes, Traveling China it is true that moon cakes are found in various places in China, but the traditional moon cakes that are made in Yunnan are very different. Yunnan is famous for its moon-shaped cake “Rose” flavored base of roses, honey, sugar, China tours, cooking oil and flour. You can find them in most bakeries and stores that sell cakes Traveling China.

Traveling China – The Best Fact You Don’t Know About China!

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