Traveling Belgium – The Truth About It!

Traveling Belgium
Traveling Belgium

Traveling Belgium
Traveling Belgium

Traveling Belgium
Traveling Belgium 

Traveling Belgium
Traveling Belgium

Off the beaten track in Belgium is the capital of the Hainaut region – Mons. Probably the best known for a battle during World War II, Traveling Belgium now known only to military history buffs, Belgium holidays the city is a short train ride from Brussels . Known Bergen in “another language” of Belgium (Flanders), the city has the usual tourist attractions, such as an art museum, a cathedral and even some parks. By all means pass by the tourist office in the main square, Belgium holidays but before jumping back on the train to Brussels you will consider the following five recommendations while you are there Traveling Belgium.

First, you must come at the right time of the year on Sunday, Belgium holidays Trinity Sunday, Traveling Belgium so you can attend the Dorchester. Known as the “Doudou” by the locals, it is a festival dating from the 14th century with the climax of drinking beer every weekend is St. George fighting against the dragon that is in the main square Belgium holidays.
The other point to highlight is actually the procession of the car d’Or, Traveling Belgium which is quite a religious car, but strange decorated with little angels and lots of gold. This is an interesting piece of white and gold on all four wheels, carrying the relics of San Waudru, Belgium holidays the head of the city Traveling Belgium.

To be honest with you, Traveling Belgium you probably will not be able to see the car on the day of the event due to the thousands of drunks and many local and tourist tripulent around town. So for number two on the list should be to see that object to the St. Waudru Collegiate. It is parked inside the church the size of the cathedral the other 364 days of the year Traveling Belgium.

Everyone loves parties and carnivals as they are colorful and get to know the culture in a true sense Belgium holidays. Speaking Belgian festivals – there are several carnivals and festivals in Belgium that will surely attract your attention Traveling Belgium. It is a festival for all tastes and interests in Belgium Traveling Belgium.
Belgium is rich in culture and carnivals are a hard case to lose. Here is a list of festivals and carnivals not to miss Belgium.

The Choco-late case
The famous Choco-Late festival is held in May, Belgium holidays where you can see only lovers of chocolate and chocolate. This festival highlights dark and sweet Belgian chocolate. You can find chocolate in all forms and form the Choco-late festival, held in the old Belfort museum every year. Chocolatiers make sculptures with pure Belgian chocolate Traveling Belgium. In addition, Traveling Belgium you are given to try the variety of chocolates that are available here and there are selling chocolates too Traveling Belgium!

Headphones and electronic guitars Beats
If you are here in Belgium in April then you can not afford to miss the annual Groezrock Music Festival held in Meerhout. The festival started with a small case of pop and rock with few people attending Traveling Belgium. Today it is one of the most popular festivals in the world Belgium holidays. Nowadays, people are struggling to get a ticket! The crowd exceeds 30,000 and more Belgium tourism. The festival has two stages and lasts for two days Traveling Belgium. This festival has attracted much admiration around the world. And if you’re a true music lover – then this is your party Belgium holidays!

Affordable and modern lounge
Been once in a very special festival where there is all this at a very good price, with a modern atmosphere to keep you busy Belgium tourism. Affordable Sports Art Fair 90 galleries that have very fashionable artwork that you can not afford to stop buying immediately Belgium holidays. This festival is held in February Traveling Belgium. You will find some great works of art here that will surely catch your eye Traveling Belgium. The good thing is, as its name implies – it is very affordable. Anyone can walk into this fair fair too! An affordable fair is held every year at the Tour & Taxis, Belgium tourism Avenue Du Port.

Colorful and wonderful!
Carnivals are incomplete without colorful costumes and wonderful music playing! The Carnival of Binche is the best event that we can never know event Belgium holidays. It is held every year on Mondays, Traveling Belgium Tuesdays and Sundays. It is the biggest carnival in Belgium and the events will begin seven weeks before the celebration. The carnival shows street displays, Belgium tourism public exhibitions, Traveling Belgium traditional costumes, dance shows and parades.

The outstanding show they are performing clowns are known as Gilles Traveling Belgium. They wear soft clothes and live shoes that makes them unique and great! These Gilles dance to the beat of drums and carry sticks to ward off evil spirits. If you are in Belgium – you can not miss this carnival. This festival takes place before Ash Wednesday. Carnivals and festivals in Belgium are all about colors, Traveling Belgium fun and rejuvenation Belgium tourism. Visit and experience the true spirit of Belgium through the fantastic carnivals and festivals Traveling Belgium.

Traveling Belgium – The Truth About It!

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