Traveling Thailand – Some Fact You Don’t Know About Thailand!

Traveling Thailand
Traveling Thailand

Traveling Thailand
Traveling Thailand

Traveling Thailand
Traveling Thailand


Traveling Thailand
Traveling Thailand

South of Thailand is one of the most beautiful places in the world Traveling Thailand. If you are traveling through Thailand, you will probably fly to Bangkok and from there go to a beach or famous station Thailand holidays. Phuket is an island in the south and is very popular with tourists, especially Patong Beach, Traveling Thailand but there are other sites in the South. Here are 5 things to do in southern Thailand.

1. Taking a boat tour around Krabi and the surrounding islands

Krabi province is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Thailand Thailand holidays. The main town is really very common and nothing exciting happening here is like a normal Thai city, Traveling Thailand not really for tourists Thailand holidays. As you head towards the beaches, you will find a variety of spas, restaurants, Thailand holidays bars and beaches. One of the most popular beaches in Krabi Ao Nang. It is a dynamic complex but also where boats usually pick up and drop off on the way to the many islands. There are a number of islands to visit, including Phi Phi, Thailand holidays Chicken Island and James Bond Island Traveling Thailand.

2. Floating through the “Hongs”

The caves are open Hongs around Krabi, Phuket and Phang Nga. There are many ways to experience these natural beauty spots, Traveling Thailand you can take a hike, Thailand holidays, kayak through it or take a boat ride through the romantic evening. There are so many tourist companies offering ways to see hongs Traveling Thailand.

3. Breathing tube

If you visit southern Thailand, Traveling Thailand you can not miss without visiting at least one island or a beach that offers incredible diving conditions Thailand holidays. Tour companies are taken on trips to half a day or a day to find the best sites you can dive directly into the boat or white sandy beaches around the southern islands Traveling Thailand.

4. Bake and eat

Southern Thailand has a wide variety of local food. The Indian and Malay influence becomes evident when walking in the streets Traveling Thailand. Indian food is everywhere and there are many restaurants with the proximity of Halal Malaysia Thailand holidays. Many places offer cooking classes, either as individual or regular courses Thailand holidays. Some luxury hotels are now part of your offer so you can learn how to cook authentic Thai food while on vacation Traveling Thailand.

5. Part

Phuket is by far one of the most developed and commercialized areas of Thailand if your idea of ​​a holiday is to party all night and sleep all day, Traveling Thailand then Patong Beach in Phuket is the place to go. There are many beer bars, clubs and go-go bars along a large stretch of road, Thailand holidays but it is expanding all the time. Prices in the rather expensive area of ​​Patong, Thailand holidays even more than Bangkok, Thailand holidays but it is the only place in the south of which everyone goes to the party Traveling Thailand.

Bangkok, the great Mango
Bangkok is the ideal starting point for Thailand holidays and countless monstrous shopping centers and hundreds of clubs will keep you occupied forever. Tourist attractions around the Grand Palace will be on a weekend and if the purchase is not your thing out of Bangkok, Traveling Thailand in all directions for very cheap prices by plane, bus or train. It is also home to Khosan Road, the mysterious street that is the starting point for anyone who wants to be called a true backpacker Asia. You will feel right at home with backpackers like Star Bucks and D Mac who moved there a few years ago Traveling Thailand.

Pattaya black pearls on the east coast of Thailand
Pattaya, Traveling Thailand discovered by Americans during the wars in Southeast Asia, built by hungry men in the United Kingdom during the 1980s, invaded by the Vikings in the 1990s and waited until 2000, Russia to become Charge in 2006. People come to Pattaya to live, play golf, visit many girls’ bars, Traveling Thailand but do not come to swim in the sea. Pattaya is not an ideal destination for family vacations, but the Thai family continues to flow during the long weekends to sit under large umbrellas with their clothes while playing cards and eating seafood Thailand trip.

Nissan, Forgotten States
Not many tourists travel further north, Traveling Thailand then Ayutthaya, but further north is forgotten is the tourist destination if Issan (Essan) Traveling Thailand. Nissan is what many call the real Thailand and the Northeastern people are working horses behind all the plants and rice crops in Thailand. On holidays, you can see Bangkok bus stations and closed overhead of people trying to return to forgotten states Thailand trip. For people who want to travel where there are not many tourists they have traveled before this is the perfect place to start your exploration of Thailand.

Most backpackers skipped northeastern Thailand and headed straight north, Traveling Thailand making it a hidden gem. You will not see many other white people next to the older colonists and their youngest native wife Thailand trip. Do not be surprised if some peoples have never seen a white person and you will see genuine Thai smiles and hospitality Traveling Thailand. You can travel by bus, Traveling Thailand but the best way to travel is by car or bicycle if possible Traveling Thailand.

Kingdom of Krabi
Who can forget the old James Bond movie “Golden Finger” and the hidden island near Krabi in southern Thailand? If you want beaches, Thailand trip snorkeling and the quiet nightlife, then Krabi is the place to go Traveling Thailand. This is also the place where people go for climbing Thailand trip. Krabi has many spectacular five star hotels on the beach really belongs to you and does not bother many tourists to travel here Traveling Thailand.

Chiang Mai the Northern Kingdom

No matter how you spell Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Traveling Thailand, Cheng Cheang May or May, Thailand trip it remains the capital of northern Thailand. Many artists and cultural figures from Thailand abroad have built houses here and create a unique atmosphere in this part of northern Thailand. If you want to travel further north and visit the hill tribes of Thailand Chiang Mai your starting point Thailand trip. The city has lost some of its charm to congestion and forest burning, but in the cold Thai travel season so you can try the incandescent winter clothes and bought them in Bangkok. If you want to buy cheap Thai style furniture imported from Burma, Traveling Thailand this is the game to do so Traveling Thailand.

Traveling Thailand – Some Fact You Don’t Know About Thailand!

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