Traveling Indonesia – Top 5 Beautiful Place In The World!

Traveling Indonesia
Traveling Indonesia

Traveling Indonesia
Traveling Indonesia

Traveling Indonesia
Traveling Indonesia

Traveling Indonesia
Traveling Indonesia

Traveling Indonesia
Traveling Indonesia

Indonesia, a country of thousands of beautiful and exotic islands, which awaken your imagination with thoughts of sandy beaches, Traveling Indonesia large temple complexes, the giant leap and giant dragons Komodo. The islands of Indonesia are spread over a vast expanse of ocean and technically speaking it is divided by two continents Traveling Indonesia.

Parts of the country are also different from each other that black is white Traveling Indonesia. The agitation of the modern capital Jakarta is like another planet compared to the traditional Papua tribes of the Baliem valley. Jakarta – Not only is the largest city in the country, Traveling Indonesia Jakarta is also the heartbeat. Indonesians in the archipelago come to the city to try to find their fortune or simply to survive. The face of the city is constantly changing due to the construction of new skyscrapers, shopping malls and hotels Traveling Indonesia.

Jakarta is mainly a business and political city, Traveling Indonesia and is not really a tourist destination, but the old colonial part of the city are very interesting museums and many fascinating exhibitions. Jakarta, as you would expect, is the most expensive place in Indonesia as well as the most polluted and most congested. It can be very difficult to deal with all the hustle, dirt, delinquency and cost, but if you can find an exciting city with so much to offer Traveling Indonesia.

Kota – This is the ancient city of Batavia, Traveling Indonesia which was the capital of the Dutch East Indies and the best example of the colonial era in Indonesia. Although much of the old city was destroyed or demolished over the years, some of the old colonial buildings are still in active use, Indonesia trip and the area has a definite Dutch feel to it Traveling Indonesia.

The center of the old city is the stone stone known as Taman Fatahillah square and is the key to being able to steer it around the sites of the old city. Kali Besar Canal is a block west of the square and runs along the Ciliwung River Traveling Indonesia. It was a very prosperous area and on the west bank are some of the upper class houses dating from the eighteenth century Indonesia trip. Bridge chickens market is the last drawbridge in the Dutch era, Indonesia trip which is at the northern end of the Kali Besar. Buses always come on their routes and the city train also has a stop here Traveling Indonesia.

Jakarta Historical Museum – This museum is located in the old town hall of Batavia, Traveling Indonesia which is located on the south side of Taman Fatahillah Indonesia tour. It is a well built building, Indonesia trip which was originally built in 1627 and was added in the early 1700s. It is from here that the Dutch governed their colony, and the courts of the cities were also exists and their main prison Traveling Indonesia.

I love to travel, Indonesia tour and I want to say that I really like it. But convincing my family to try something a little different can be a bit like teasing! (Or at least what I imagine what teeth pull would be like Indonesia trip!

These places are good, Indonesia tour and they go to these types of places from time to time, but I want something a bit out of the ordinary! I want to go to a place that we will remember for the rest of our lives Traveling Indonesia. A place where we know you’ve gone before!
If you are like me, then you have come to the right place today because I have a travel idea for you to drop your socks off Indonesia tour. Ready?

Komodo National Park!
If you have never heard of Komodo National Park, Indonesia trip you are not alone Indonesia tour. It is located right in the archipelago of Indonesia. Most people do not even know where Indonesia is!
This is just another national park. It was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is also a biosphere reserve (yes, biospheres are real and exactly what they think they are!) Indonesia trip.

The park is known to have the largest Komodo dragon in the world Traveling Indonesia. If you have trouble imagining one of those guys, Indonesia trip rather a large lizard with four legs and a snake like language with a kind of crocodile like skin Traveling Indonesia.
The best time of year to visit the park is usually somewhere between April and October, Traveling Indonesia which gives you a range of travel dates to fit almost any program.

Seeing these amazing dragons is not the only thing to do there either Traveling Indonesia. There is also plenty of sea activity. Anything to explore coral reefs, Indonesia trip mangroves to check … if you can do it in the ocean, you can probably find it here Traveling Indonesia.

There may be many reasons to visit this region, Traveling Indonesia but the main one is to check the dragons Indonesia trip. There really are not a lot of sites in the world today that listen back to prehistoric times, but think you have entered the Jurassic Park the moment you place the first dragon.

Traveling Indonesia – Top 5 Beautiful Place In The World!

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