Traveling Paraguay – 18 Fact About Paraguay You Don’t Know It!

Traveling Paraguay
Traveling Paraguay

Paraguay is the second poorest country after Bolivia in South America. The people are friendly and the pace is slow. The country has about 6.7 million people and 2.3 million of them live in the capital, Traveling Paraguay Asunción.
Here are 18 tips for traveling in Paraguay:

1. Spanish and Guarani are widely spoken in Paraguay.
2. The summer is very hot and can be up to 40 degrees Celsius according to residents. Our visit was in winter Traveling Paraguay. You need a light jacket at night and early in the morning. Trinidad was extremely cold at night and at dawn Paraguay hotels. Winter clothing is needed in this part of Paraguay, bordering Argentina in the northwest Traveling Paraguay.

3. The time zone in Paraguay is the same as in the United States visit Paraguay.
4. The electricity is 220 volts.
5. The official currency is Guarani. During our visit, it was 1 $ 4,400 guaranies.
6. You can withdraw US dollars or local Guarani from major banking machines in Paraguay. We have eliminated ours for HSBC on Calle Palma Traveling Paraguay.

7. Money exchange can be done in the border city of Ciudad del Este, Traveling Paraguay if you travel on a local bus or to visit Foz de Iguazú, Paraguay hotels Brazil.
8. Most stores prefer Paraguay money and do not accept credit cards Traveling Paraguay.
9. If it is necessary to consult a bank official, Paraguay hotels opening hours are included between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday Traveling Paraguay.

10. The tip is 10% in restaurants and bars Traveling Paraguay.
11. You can travel at low cost by bus from Argentina, Uruguay, Traveling Paraguay Chile and Brazil in Paraguay. I have no experience, Paraguay hotels but I have seen the bus ticket counters in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay that sell tickets to Asunción, Paraguay Paraguay hotels. You should be aware of the need to go through immigration and customs on your own Traveling Paraguay.

12. Americans need Paraguayan visas. Its price is $ 160 per person and lasts until the expiration of the passport Traveling Paraguay.
13. There are American fast food restaurants in Asunción such as McDonalds and Burger King.
14. We have been very careful with fruit salad and juice while eating in Paraguay. On our first night in Asunción, Traveling Paraguay we asked for sautéed vegetables instead of salad. Bad choice … we got a fried salad (tomatoes, shredded carrot and lettuce).

15. Service restaurants are slower than expected. Be patient.
16. Get a haircut in Asunción. It is cheap. My son has an Ayala, Traveling Paraguay through the Grand Palace Hotel at USD4.50 for a hairdresser who has 40 years of experience. He paid $ 25 in Florida, United States $ 10 in Mendoza, $ 15 in Montevideo and $ 13 in Sao Paulo Traveling Paraguay.
17. Tap water is drinkable in Paraguay by the Tourism Office of Paraguay. We bought bottled water.
18. The airport fee is 31 USD.

Long-neglected by tourists, Traveling Paraguay low prices and with a wide range of cultural activities rivaling any of its wealthier neighbors began to place Paraguay on the short list of many travelers from places to visit in South America visit Paraguay. Here are ten of the main attractions of Paraguay Traveling Paraguay.

National Heroes Pantheon
National Hall of Heroes, this site not only serves to commemorate those who have contributed significantly to the history of Paraguay, but also serves as a demonstration site for the new milestones reached by the people of Paraguay visit Paraguay. Built in the house where Paraguay’s independence was first announced in Asunción, Traveling Paraguay it is simply unavoidable.

Eco Reserve Mbatoví
Combining tourism with nature conservation, the Reserve should be on the list of all places to visit in Paraguay. Natural caves, abundant flora, pure waterfalls and hundreds of species of birds, mammals, visit Paraguay reptiles and amphibians make a dream ecotourism Traveling Paraguay.

Palace of López
Also known as Government Palace, the colonial palace is the seat of government in Paraguay. Located in Asunción, Traveling Paraguay it is one of the best examples of architecture in the New World visit Paraguay.

Square Rivera
Composed of eight houses in front of the government palace in Asunción Rivera Plaza offers tourists the opportunity to see colonial and neoclassical architecture at its best Traveling Paraguay. On the other hand, the area serves as a cultural center of Asuncion visit Paraguay.

The station of Paraguay
Paraguay’s rail network is the first of its kind in South America. Today, tourists can see the history of Paraguay on the rails of a steam engine over a hundred years. From Asunción you can enjoy magnificent views of the local landscape, historical points of interest and several small towns of the region.

The Gran Chaco
This sparsely populated area largely consists of a large natural reserve, which covers more than 60% of the land mass of Paraguay. The region is the largest dry forest in the world and the second largest forest in the world of any kind (after the Amazon rainforest) and home to countless species of plants and wildlife visit Paraguay.

Jesuit Missions
From the sixteenth century, the Jesuit missionaries worked to convert the native peoples of Paraguay and neighboring countries. Many churches and original missions, built by local Guarani, visit Paraguay still today.

Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden and Zoo of Paraguay is located in Asuncion, and shows flora and fauna of South America for more than 100 years. More than 70 species of animals are exposed, visit Paraguay as well as hundreds of native plant species visit Paraguay.

Traveling Paraguay – 18 Fact About Paraguay You Don’t Know It!

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