Traveling Morocco – The Truth About it!

Trip to Morocco is not cheap but every penny spent here is totally worth it. The country has so much to offer – beautiful scenery, delicious food, Traveling Morocco hospitable people, and the quality and simplicity of life that is rare these days Morocco tours. These are the things that (in the eyes) make Morocco a pleasant travel experience.

1. Sahara desert
The Sahara desert is the main reason why people go to Morocco Morocco tours. A Merzouga, you can see the highest dunes, Morocco is a relatively safe travel destination compared to other countries where the desert is a large part of its territory Traveling Morocco.

2. Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II of Casablanca landmark, Traveling Morocco but also the most beautiful mosque in Morocco. It is a surreal experience to walk around its stunning building surrounded by ocean mist. Try to visit the mosque on Sunday morning, Morocco tours when many people go to prayer and the place is full of life Traveling Morocco.

3. Majorelle Garden
Created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, Morocco tours but later the house of the designer Yves Saint-Laurent, Morocco tours the garden is a beautiful masterpiece combining oriental colors and exotic plants Traveling Morocco.
It is a quiet place in the center of Marrakech, the imperial city of occupied Morocco and also the house of the Berber museum, exhibition of Berber culture, Morocco tours lifestyle, and crafts Morocco tours.

4. incursions
Incursions are the traditional Moroccan houses often converted into small hotels Traveling Morocco. Feeling comfortable behind the thick walls of your guest house after wandering the narrow streets of the Medina will be your time to enjoy all that Morocco has to offer – good food, Morocco tours good service and magical environment Traveling Morocco.

5. Medina
Walking in the Medina can be very difficult for a woman. But the feeling of treasure hunting makes you feel out in front of all these colorful Babush slippers, spices, jewelry, Traveling Morocco leather bags, tasty food and freshly baked bread. There are hundreds of things to choose from, Traveling Morocco many of them handmade Traveling Morocco.

6. Morocco Interiors
Another of the charms of Morocco are comfortable homes and houses in bold. The sofas are large and low, Morocco holidays tables are small, but just enough for tasty food and refreshing tea Traveling Morocco. The lanterns are mysterious shade tiles and the ocher color made the whole atmosphere look warm. Everything in the interior design style of Morocco is rustic but done with a clear attention to detail.

7. Carpet
Having shared my Moroccan interior addiction, Traveling Morocco it is understandable to share my love for Morocco carpets. Like everything in this country, they are strong and warm colors, Morocco holidays with simple designs that can suit any style. Your home can get a light touch with Moroccan carpets Morocco holidays. The only problem can be your weight and volume for home transportation Traveling Morocco.

8. Oasis
Well, we have to leave the famous cities like Marrakech and Casablanca, going through the Atlas Mountains and on your way south, Traveling Morocco we will finally have to take these amazing photos in orange and green. Oasis still exist in Morocco, Morocco holidays as at the time of Lawrence of Arabia Morocco holidays.

The Sahara Desert: This is the main reason why many tourists visit Morocco. Desert camping is the best experience with a warm welcome from the Berbers who lived there for centuries Traveling Morocco. On your way to your camp in the desert, you can ride a camel while enjoying the desert sun. You will not want to miss the nightlife in the desert, Traveling Morocco sitting around a campfire, singing, dancing and singing the desert people. In addition, you can visit the dunes of the Merzouga desert, Morocco holidays you get more deeply into the desert and enjoy the best of nature Traveling Morocco.

Moroccan mint tea and pastries: During the visit to Morocco, Traveling Morocco one should try the mint tea and local cakes. In Morocco, mint tea is considered a sign of hospitality and can also symbolize friendship. Drinking mint tea with a good view with a good company will make it more palatable. Peppermint tea is served everywhere and has the same flavor, but for cakes, Morocco holidays which vary from place to place Traveling Morocco.

Souks of Marrakech souks are like a gigantic market where you can literally buy anything you want. The advantage of these markets is that one-time purchases and can be negotiated; Traders do not care when you suggest a lower price for an item. In Morocco, Traveling Morocco negotiation is seen as a way of life and is an exciting experience Morocco holidays. The souks are part of the Moroccan culture Traveling Morocco.

A walk in the streets of Chefchaouen is a small town with its walls and streets painted in blue. They are painted blue to protect people against mosquitoes during the summer Traveling Morocco. Unlike the chaos in the main cities of Marrakech and Fez, Traveling Morocco the city has a relaxed character and quiet life here. The doors are open, and life is evaluated at a relaxing pace Morocco holidays.

The riads: A riad is a traditional Moroccan house, Traveling Morocco whether simple or double story, often converted into hotels. The outside entrance can be old and boring, but as they say, Morocco holidays do not judge a book by its cover. The interior is comfortable and quiet, making it a magical setting. They offer excellent cuisine and outstanding service that make them riads warm Traveling Morocco.

Fes Medina: Have you heard about the inaccurate maps of the old Medina of Fez? When visiting Morocco, you should make an effort to go there, Traveling Morocco get lost and find your way. We are forced to lose their form at least once but there is no need to be bothered, you just have to follow the lanes and let them take you to where they lead Morocco holidays. Cars are not allowed in the Medina so the lifestyle has remained the same for centuries Traveling Morocco.

Morocco Tanneries: The oldest tanneries in the world are found in Morocco. Tannery Chouara, located in the ancient city of Fez, Traveling Morocco almost a thousand years. Tanneries continue to use ancient methods to make leather without applying any modern technique. Many tourists go there to test if the tanneries smell bad, according to other tourists who visited and guides. We can see this ancient practice through the leather shops around the tanneries, because for you to enter, Morocco holidays you must pay a small sum of money Traveling Morocco.

Ait Ben Haddou: The site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a city of mud in the Atlas mountains. This is a location site for many films like Gladiator and Game of Thrones. In the vicinity you also take your way to the city of Ouarzazate, Traveling Morocco there are movie studios, where they played very famous films.

Atlas Mountains: If you are a lover of hiking and mountaineering, visiting the Atlas Mountains is the best experience for you Traveling Morocco. All you need is a guide and a good company to walk all the way to the top. On the way you can meet people who are very friendly and open their homes to visitors at any time. This is one of the best ways to discover the circuits in Morocco Traveling Morocco.

Traditional Hammam: Visiting a traditional hammam is the best way to interact with local people. Almost every city in Morocco has a public hammam, Morocco holidays so all you have to do is ask for directions. They have specific moments attributed to each sex. You will surely have a good time while in the Hamman Morocco holidays.

Enjoy with Traveling Morocco it is amazing, Morocco it is most beautiful country in Africa , it is there a lot of great place, Morocco holidays all city have traditional and they’re people so generous and nice. it is have a lot of the sea and mountains. Thank you for reading i wish enjoy Morocco holidays.

Traveling Morocco – The Truth About it!

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