Traveling Czech Republic – Are You Agree With Me Now ?

Did you know that the Czech Republic is one of the fastest growing destinations in Central Europe? More and more people are discovering the charm and natural beauty of this historic and pleasant country Traveling Czech Republic. Here are the top five tours to help you discover the Czech Republic .

Czech discovery
The shortest of the five circuits, Czech Republic holidays this is a perfect introduction to the Czech Republic. The focus is on Prague, Czech Republic holidays with three days in the capital exploring various shops, markets and historical places. A lot of free time is integrated to taste Czech cuisine or to browse the galleries and craft markets. For day trips to other notable towns are also part of the route, Traveling Czech Republic including the famous Budvar brewery in Ceske Budejovice and the Ceske Krumlov castles Traveling Czech Republic.

The Parade of Kings tour is centered on genealogy and offers participants the possibility to search and explore their family tree. Prague is covered in depth, with guided tours of both bus and foot Traveling Czech Republic. The culmination of the itinerary is two days at the Paseo de los Reyes Festival Vlcnov, Traveling Czech Republic a Czech cultural festival with music, Czech Republic holidays dance and gastronomy Czech Republic holidays.

Guided tour of Prague
Prague is becoming known throughout Europe and the world for its many shops, especially before Christmas, when markets and vendors celebrate the season. In addition to Prague, Czech Republic holidays time is also spent in Bohemia, Traveling Czech Republic where you will visit glass factories and jewelry manufacturers in Bohemia.

Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria
The longest tour of this group, Czech Republic holidays this route twelve days through three countries and includes a visit to Vienna, the Austrian capital. We like this tour the best as it combines three different cultures and time dedicated yet enough for everyone Traveling Czech Republic. If you want to change your visits or simply want to cover the most cultural land in Central Europe, Czech Republic holidays this tour is perfect for you.

Czech Tour Festival
Almost a tour of food and wine, this tour of eight days two Czech festivals and visit the wine country of the region Traveling Czech Republic. There is also a visit to some famous Czech breweries. Another special destination of this tour is Straznice, with a visit to one of the most popular popular festivals in Central Europe Traveling Czech Republic.

Whatever your interest, Czech Republic holidays there is a visit to the Czech Republic to meet your needs Traveling Czech Republic. Each of these tours offers an introduction to the country, Traveling Czech Republic and an in-depth exploration of a particular cultural theme Czech Republic holidays. Ideal for visitors to visitors for the first time and repetition, these visits offer a privileged perspective and access sufficient free time to explore Traveling Czech Republic.

Formerly part of the Austrian Empire in the nineteenth and twentieth century Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic holidays the Czech Republic is a country full of beautiful historic cities and rich bohemian culture Traveling Czech Republic. Why not visit the Czech Republic today?

1. Prague – The Golden City
Prague is one of the main reasons to visit the Czech Republic in itself. In addition to being the capital, Czech Republic holidays it is also known as the Golden City and the city of a hundred towers, Traveling Czech Republic and is counted among the most popular cities in Europe and the most romantic cities in the world Czech Republic holidays. You will find outstanding works of medieval and modernist architecture, Traveling Czech Republic such as Prague Castle, the largest castle in the world, and unique structure for dancing and impressive places such as the old town place and its astronomical clock Czech Republic holidays. You can also simply stroll in the light of the gas lanterns in the historic center or take a carriage ride through the cobbled streets Traveling Czech Republic.

2. Medieval Architecture
Apart from Prague, you will find beautiful works of medieval architecture in other cities, especially those included in the list of World Heritage sites. The city of Trebic, for example, Traveling Czech Republic is well known for its basilica of St. Procopius, Traveling Czech Republic while the St. Wenceslas Cathedral in Olomouc is a historic landmark. Kutná Hora, Traveling Czech Republic Telc Holsavice and are quaint houses with large 13th century, while Cesky Krumlov, Kromeriz and Litomysl are well known for their enchanting castles Traveling Czech Republic.

The most popular castle in the Czech Republic is, however, Traveling Czech Republic Karlstejn Castle, with its chapel of the Holy Cross, where the crown jewels and crucifixion relics were housed instead. And do not forget to visit the romantic castles of Lednice, Czech Republic tourism Hluboka nad Vltavou and Sychrov Traveling Czech Republic.

3. Spa Towns
Karlovy Vary, Traveling Czech Republic or Carlsbad in Western Bohemia is another popular city in the Czech Republic, famous for its pastel colored buildings nestled among green hills and especially for its hot springs. In fact, people, even famous people, Traveling Czech Republic from all over the world to enjoy this picturesque destination of well-being. Other spa towns in the area are Marianske Lazne, with a hundred mineral springs, and Frantiskovy Lazne, Czech Republic tourism which offers the largest spa company in the country and the first peat pulp bath in the world Traveling Czech Republic.

4. beer
The Czech Republic has the highest per capital consumption of beer in the world, Traveling Czech Republic which is not surprising since there are many breweries and excellent types of beer in the country. The most popular breweries are in the region of Bohemia, Traveling Czech Republic particularly the Pilsener in Plzen – the largest brewery in the country – and in the town of Ceske Budejovice, also known as Budweis, Czech Republic tourism once the brewery Royal St. Roman Empire is now famous for its Budweiser Budvar Traveling Czech Republic.

Other popular drinks include Czech Slivovitz or plum water spirits and herbal spirits like Fernet Stock, Czech Republic tourism made with 14 herbs and Becherovka’s most popular, Traveling Czech Republic a special drink flavored with Karlovy Vary over 30 secret herbs. Do not stop them when you visit the Czech Republic.

5. Puppets
For a truly unique experience, Traveling Czech Republic see a puppet show when you visit the Czech Republic. There are several puppet theaters in the country, Traveling Czech Republic especially in Prague, which also houses the largest puppet festival, Czech Republic tourism as well as puppet museums, such as Chrudim and Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic tourism which give you insight into this art of dying. You can even take home your own puppet or well-made puppet from specialized stores in Prague and across the country Traveling Czech Republic.

The great cities of Europe that they had the opportunity to visit; One that I recommend is Prague, Traveling Czech Republic the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It has hot and cold summers, but winters are not very cold, and in 2011 was the sixth most visited city in Europe Traveling Czech Republic. The Vltava River is the focal point of the city, Czech Republic tourism and the main places of interest are its history and culture, Czech Republic tourism with ten major museums, Czech Republic tourism theaters and historical exhibitions Traveling Czech Republic.

Fortunately, most of the ancient architecture survived the destruction of Europe during the last century.
Being a major city in Eastern Europe, it was at the center of history in this region for 1,000 years. At that time, Traveling Czech Republic it became a trading center for Europe, Czech Republic tourism and with the wealth that trade makes it became a center of power than would be the Kingdom of Bohemia. A large Jewish community was established, and the Old-New Synagogue, Czech Republic tourism built in 1270 is still standing Traveling Czech Republic.

Over the centuries, Prague has had its ups and downs. The city flourished in the Czech King Charles IV, who reigned from 1346 to 1378 Czech Republic tourism. Much of the architecture seen in the city comes from the time, such as Charles University (the oldest university in Central Europe), Traveling Czech Republic Charles Bridge (The main route linking the area on the right bank of the castle area), Czech Republic tourism the Gothic street. St. Vitus Cathedral, and the new town (which is a nice area adjacent to the old town) Czech Republic tourism. During this time Prague was the third largest city in Europe, Czech Republic tourism with the only larger Rome and Constantinople Traveling Czech Republic.

After Charles’s death, the city experienced 200 years of agitation, mainly caused by differences caused by religious beliefs and religious persecution. Things settled in the Holy Roman emperor Rudolf II, Traveling Czech Republic who was elected King of Bohemia in 1576 and settled in Prague Castle. Rudolf was a forward thinker and art lover, Czech Republic tourism and Prague became the cultural capital of Europe Traveling Czech Republic.

The 1618s marked the beginning of another turbulent time in Prague, Traveling Czech Republic while the devastating Thirty Years’ War was fought particularly during the first seven years in Bohemia Czech Republic tourism. Plague and famine caused by the war have plunged the population of Prague Traveling Czech Republic.

Prague was to recover later in the 17th and the mid-1800s, Traveling Czech Republic factories driven by the industrial revolution would give another period of recovery Czech Republic tourism. Both World Wars I and II was deeply affected by the city, as was communism in the latter half of the 10th century Traveling Czech Republic.

As we can see, Prague has had a volatile history, and spent most of this piece from its past. This is because much of what you see here has a historical background, and really enjoying this great city is to get an idea of ​​what Prague has experienced in the last 700 years Traveling Czech Republic. When visiting for me it was a great dining experience eating local food and drink local beer Czech Republic tourism. Both are truly exceptional.

There are literally hundreds of bars and pubs, Traveling Czech Republic and the local food we thought was more Slovak with some German features. As with most tourist cities, go to places off the beaten track (people pointing in the right direction) and stay away from tourist sites Traveling Czech Republic.

There are so many things to do in Prague it is easy to fill your time in this beautiful city. Even if the weather is bad your list of options may include visits, Czech Republic tourism museums, Traveling Czech Republic monuments and cafes to name a few. But what about alternative things to see and do in this medieval city?

One of the favorite uses of free time is to visit one of the many tower towers finished in Prague Traveling Czech Republic. After all, Czech Republic tourism Prague is considered as the city of a hundred towers and these impressive turns form one of the most memorable European horizons Traveling Czech Republic.

There are many reasons to visit at least one of these remarkable towers. Of course, Traveling Czech Republic their views are reason enough to visit, but they are also quite inexpensive with tickets that cost a few dollars and many trips offer discounts for seniors, Traveling Czech Republic students and children. You can also save money by buying family tickets if you have two adults and one or two children Czech Republic tourism. In addition, most trips offer visitors a historic exhibition inside that gives each added value reference Traveling Czech Republic.

The best and most complete sights of Prague is the 360 ​​degree tower of the old city. Located on the corner of Old Town Square, Traveling Czech Republic this gothic tower has a wraparound walkway at the top and each side offers a splendid view Czech Republic tourism. This view of Prague will only deepen your idea of ​​the archaic layout of the city and the narrow tangle of historical buildings nearby Traveling Czech Republic. From there, visitors can enjoy a view of the old town square as the crowd of tourists then is likely to miss. Fortunately, Czech Republic tourism this tower is one of the few that has an elevator that makes it accessible to all ages Traveling Czech Republic.

The two towers that support Charles Bridge are also worth a visit. Both towers offer an amazing view of the bridge from the 14th century, Traveling Czech Republic the city and the shores of the old town. Inside, you will find that the towers themselves have changed very little from their early days. You can engrave its interesting stone roofs interiors and splendid view of the terrace at the top of each Czech Republic tourism. If the views were not enough, each of these tours include historical exhibits so a visit is worth the small entrance fee Traveling Czech Republic. Unfortunately, none of these towers have elevators.

Another tower is worth the trouble climbing is the baroque bell tower of the church of St. Nicholas in the small town. Built in 1755, Traveling Czech Republic it is located next to the green dome church Czech Republic tourism. The tower also has the distinctive feature of being once a small hideout for the state’s secret police.

The police used the tower to spy people down and now there is a small exhibition that recreates the interior of the spy cave that was once here Czech Republic tourism. Of course, Traveling Czech Republic at the top of the tower, you will find beautiful views of the Small Town, Petrin, Strahov Monastery, Czech Republic tourism and many other attractions.

Finally, one of the most notable towers of Prague is the bell tower of St Czech Republic tourism. Vitus Cathedral in the heart of Prague Castle. The entrance to the 14th century beauty is included in the general entrance castle and well worth climbing to the tight top. From the summit, Czech Republic tourism visitors can enjoy visual processing with expansive views of the city and scenes that exceed the city limits. Of course, there is no elevator here and the narrow staircase may not be for everyone, but most visitors find the majestic views above a rise value too.

Lastly enjoy with Traveling Czech Republic it is amazing country i like it so much, i am sure you will find majestic views, Czech Republic holidays people of Czech Republic they are so nice. Thank you for reading i hope to enjoy.

Traveling Czech Republic – Are You Agree With Me Now ?

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