Traveling South Korea – The Best One !

When I landed in Korea, I immediately fell in love because there was free WiFi almost anywhere. In addition to talking about the Internet Traveling South Korea. The transport connections are excellent. English is spoken in most major destinations. But there is one thing I could not do, and that is culture Traveling South Korea.

At first I knew nothing of Korean culture Traveling South Korea. One of my friends had always said that if you do not know someone who lives in Korea, Seoul Korea or have done extensive research (sources of trust, of course) in Korean culture, you have no chance what to do next Traveling South Korea.

And now that I’m physically away from Korea, it’s time to be completely honest about the experience of living in Korea. Consider this as a box of soap, Traveling South Korea  but very blunt. Most people just talk about good experiences in South Korea, Seoul Korea but before you get there, make sure you know the bad experiences too, because these are things that are often not talked about. First, the good Traveling South Korea.

Charge your phone anywhere
To be honest, it’s the second best thing I like about Korea (after free WiFi) Traveling South Korea. You can literally deliver the phone to someone at a convenience store, Seoul Korea and they will charge for you.
When my friend gave me, Traveling South Korea I asked if they literally steal and run away or not Seoul Korea.

But when the opposite happened, Traveling South Korea it made me feel that Korea is way ahead of any country in the world when it comes to trusting others Seoul Korea. This kind of technology direction simply surprised me because I’ve never seen anything like this before Traveling South Korea. You just need to activate the phone to a person in the store, Traveling South Korea and they will make sure that your phone is charged and you are ready to go Seoul Korea.

But that’s all in his walk
For everything, I mean literally that. When this level of technological guidance contributes to the development of Korea, Traveling South Korea  there are those individuals on the other side who simply place their faces to the other side while walking Seoul Korea. I literally saw an expensive guy being glass in a glass wall as he was so engrossed in his phone. And then the laughter of his friends waited, Seoul Korea and mine also arrived Traveling South Korea.

This is something that is almost not found anywhere in the world Seoul Korea. I mean no doubt there are people who occasionally walk into something, but in Korea, Traveling South Korea you realize that almost everyone has this problem Seoul Korea.
It will be very difficult for you to find the style of Gangnam
Throughout my trip, if I remember correctly, Traveling South Korea I heard “Gangnam Style” once, and it was also a ring Seoul Korea. It was quite shocking to me because it was one of the best hit songs in the world a year ago, Traveling South Korea  and it is totally absent here in her homeland Traveling South Korea.

But the next thing was a shock Seoul Korea. PSY is the one who approves almost everything there is. Be it socks or your cell phone covers. Almost anything can be found endorsed by PSY South Korea tour. Maybe it’s because people love it as a person and not their songs, Seoul Korea maybe just Traveling South Korea.

Koreans have many questions. personal questions
This came as a culture shock for me because I used to smile at everyone and greet the occasional Hello Seoul Korea. I did the same thing in Korea, Traveling South Korea but soon I was in a situation where people wanted to know a lot of personal things about me. I managed to overcome this embarrassing situation, Seoul Korea but here is what I found later in the evening Traveling South Korea.

When greeting a Korean and smiling at them, they consider whether you are interested in them. And that’s why we start asking you personal questions, Seoul Korea such as your age, Traveling South Korea whether you have a religion, or if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend Seoul Korea. And this is a common thing. They ask these questions to become better acquainted and become a friend Traveling South Korea.

Especially Koreans are concerned about their age. It is in their culture to maintain a healthy relationship between the old and the young. So if you find that you are older than them, you will be treated with the utmost respect. And that’s why “How old are you?” It is the first question they tend to ask Traveling South Korea.

Same dress
Falling in love is a big deal there (well, I’m not in love, Traveling South Korea except with the country). Koreans believe that if you have been dating for 100 consecutive days, Traveling South Korea then this is an important step. And is that when couples start to wear matching uniforms. But not only wearing polo shirts and jeans. Hats up shoes (if possible), which are all identical Traveling South Korea.

One day, he missed a pair like wearing a uniform in a cafe, Traveling South Korea  but it was lucky for me that I did before I did something about it Traveling South Korea. Koreans eat the same dish. Strange as it may seem, South Korea tour but it’s the truth. All the countries I have traveled in my life, Traveling South Korea I have never seen anything like this in any culture, Traveling South Korea except in some Muslim cultures Traveling South Korea.

Koreans do not eat individual dishes. They believe that by doing this they do not just share a meal together, they also share their minds. Although it is a bit strange, Traveling South Korea but it makes us feel good about their culture. But if you really think you can not eat the same dish with others, Traveling South Korea you can only order another dish South Korea tour. They will be happy to serve you Traveling South Korea.

In addition, the Western-style diet has spread rapidly in Korean culture Traveling South Korea. So they can understand that eating the same dish can give some people a negative impression just like other Koreans Traveling South Korea. So if you are stuck in such a situation, Traveling South Korea just ask a separate dish Traveling South Korea.

But if you do not mind eating together, Traveling South Korea I urge you to do that, South Korea tour as this will allow you to discover Korean culture from the inside, South Korea tour not just to web pages or books you read Traveling South Korea.
They use toilet paper for everyone
If true.

You will find toilet paper everywhere, Traveling South Korea on the tables in the living room, the dining table. This came as a shock when one of my new Korean friends offered to clean my hands with toilet paper after a meal South Korea tour. I have used this time to ensure that no uncomfortable situation occurs Traveling South Korea.

Remember that you should not decide what is dirty and what is not. This is because all cultures in the world have different ideas about what is clean or dirty and what is not. Just make sure that you have an open mind during the trip because you will no doubt find more huge cultural differences Traveling South Korea.

You’re a stranger. And you are odd
The Korean people are one of the best people in the world when it comes to making friends. But the first reception you get from them is quite rare. And unless you decide to live in a neighborhood like Seoul, Traveling South Korea it’s going to be a kind of novelty for most people South Korea tour. This function will guide you towards and monitored. People even whisper in your ears that you are a stranger, Traveling South Korea and some might point right up to you and yell “strange” Traveling South Korea.

And if you shop at a mall, the vendors discuss among themselves who should help you, as it might force them to speak English to understand South Korea tour. In addition, Traveling South Korea sellers will not allow you to try on clothing because they worry that your large foreign body might stretch. While traveling on a train or a bus, Traveling South Korea people are not going to sit next to you because you are different. While eating at restaurants, South Korea tour you will be automatically served to a fork instead of chopsticks Traveling South Korea.

But one thing you should always remember is that Korea is a country that has been isolated for most of its existence. Korea has many tourists compared to Asia or Europe. So seeing a stranger, South Korea tour however, Traveling South Korea is not a common thing for Korean means living in a small town. You will surely find many things that seem racist to you, or perhaps extremely rude at times. Just make sure that you stay polite, and decide to follow Korean social customs to make your trip memorable in a good way Traveling South Korea.

Social norms are completely different from those of the West
First of all, I would say that sexism is alive and well in Korea. But if you are a woman, Traveling South Korea you will be regularly disrespectful. And this also for no particular reason, South Korea tour simply for being a woman. I met a principal telling one of his teachers that it was really beautiful Traveling South Korea. While this is a great thing, I can guarantee that she definitely did not feel comfortable in this situation. If she was in the US, she could simply inform the human resources Traveling South Korea.

The dress code for women in Korea is completely different. It is not appropriate for them to show cleavage, bare back and shoulders. However, Traveling South Korea miniskirts and shorts are considered suitable even for teachers. I found that most elementary school teachers took minis to work, Traveling South Korea which is completely contrary to what we see in the United States Traveling South Korea.

Men, on the other hand, have a dress code. Almost all men in Korea wear a game on a regular basis. Even the schoolteachers to wear, Traveling South Korea which did not seem possible to me because I found their suites were stained with chalk Traveling South Korea.

But, in general, Traveling South Korea I would say that life in Korea is quite easy. Although it may be surprising to you, but it is true. And being a teacher is a great advantage because everything here pays rent, food is cheap, Traveling South Korea public transportation is cheap and excessive consumption of alcohol is common among teachers South Korea tour. These things reduce almost 90% of their responsibilities Traveling South Korea.

I came across a lot of people saying that because these responsibilities are taken from our shoulders, it feels like they are returning to their college match culture South Korea tour. And if you like the party (which does not), Traveling South Korea it is very likely to be sucked in.

A visit to the third largest city in South Korea, South Korea tour which is Daegu, offers an experience that would reflect the colorful history of Daegu, which involves dynasties and the tale of the three kingdoms.
According to history, Traveling South Korea the pioneer in the Daegu tribe was called the Dalgubeol and it prospered in the mountainous terrain of the city Traveling South Korea.

It is also the name with which the Daegu was known in antiquity. First occupied the lower hills and defend any invasion by other neighboring tribes, Traveling South Korea it was decided to build walls made of mounds around their area of ​​residence Traveling South Korea.

It was said that in ancient times, South Korea tour people came to Daegu because of their abundant natural resources. The place is surrounded by two rivers called the river and the river Geumhogang Sincheon which is a branch of the first, South Korea tour which has trained very wide fields along with the fertile soil. Several old pots and stone knives were discovered in Daegu, Traveling South Korea which indicate the existence of ancient sites throughout the prehistoric period Traveling South Korea.

Three kingdoms, namely the Hubakje Goryeo and Silla were known to exist in Daegu. It is in this region where the famous battle called “Dongsudaejeon” was staged by these kingdoms as the place was an important strategic point for the two South Korea tour. During the war, Traveling South Korea a so-called Sun-Shin general of the Silla Kingdom became famous for saving the life of “Wang-Geon” king of Goryeo fighter attacks of the Hubakje army when the kingdom of Goryeo is arrived with the Kingdom of Chair Traveling South Korea.

The tragic event occurred when Wang-Geon was about to die on the battlefield and General Dongsu Shin came to the rescue claiming to be King in the form of wearing the King’s helmet by fleeing to attract Hubakje’s chasing soldiers leaving him the real king outside Of danger and was able to return to his safe kingdom with the use of a soldier’s uniform Traveling South Korea. After a while, Wang Geon-was able to achieve its goal by unifying the three kingdoms leading to a new era of Korean history, South Korea tour the establishment of the Goryeo dynasty Traveling South Korea.

Joseon continued in 1392 after the kingdom of Goryeo succeeded. During this period, the population of Daegu has continued to grow and the region has become an agricultural city in Gyeongsang province. It was also during this period that Daegu has improved its educational policies by introducing Chinese Confucianism South Korea tour.

Today Daegu has achieved a reputation as a textile production center in the country of Korea, as well as a center for metal and machinery industries. Although the city is considered highly urbanized, Traveling South Korea it still has the feel of the campaign, South Korea tour and it is able to maintain the structures and sites that commemorate the histories of antiquity South Korea tour.

Busan Fish Market Cooperative
The beautiful blue waters of the largest port city in Korea, Busan! The Fish Market Cooperative Busan, located near the Jagalchi Market, the day begins at dawn as traders gather to sell the fish auction. Here we discover a very different scene from the typical city South Korea tour. Morning was beautiful in Busan.

Gwangbok-dong and PIFF Plaza
The coastal city of Busan is experiencing international growth. The first place we visited was the busy Gwangbok-dong and PIFF Plaza. There were many movie posters and handprints of popular stars at PIFF Plaza. If you believe the movies, you think Busan. And if you think of Busan, you think movies. When I visited PIFF Square, I had printed it in hand shape everywhere South Korea tour.

It is true. Each fall, Busan opens an international film festival with the assistance of all the best national and international stars, making it a fun night of entertainment. This film festival continues to grow year after year to present the best place for spectators. Every street that stretched from the square was full of places to eat South Korea tour.

I would also like a Odari control favor. In this way, fried sepia are prepared on the spot, and all the shops here offer exquisitely prepared dishes that will thrill your palate. Sensational. This looks great. You see it? First, let me say sorry, but I’m going to dive and take a bite South Korea tour. Ah! delicious. Everyone can come and visit the Plaza PIFF to enjoy the amazing chewable Odari. But Busan is still another world for most. If you are worried about traveling to Busan, South Korea tour the Busan subway connects to all of the most popular attractions, including PIFF Plaza South Korea tour.

Haeundae beach
This is the first place that comes to the minds of most when it comes to Busan. Escape to the sweltering summer heat and pay a visit to see the cool blue ocean waters! It is Haeundae beach. Haeundae Beach is the most popular place in Busan’s summer, South Korea tour and it seems that tourists waves have already begun to appear. The ocean waters are blowing the summer heat and the smiles on vacationers’ faces seem exceptionally bright than ever, South Korea tour while playing in cool, refreshing waters. This also applies to foreign tourists.

Leisure experiences
Let’s go ~! Would not you like to not experience what it’s like to take a ride on a speedboat and accelerate your way into the oceanic Haeundae waters? Not only that, South Korea tour but you can also cut through the cool ocean winds in the Yunnan oceans while sailing, or take a cruise on a luxury yacht trip with several other fun experiences that are prepared for you South Korea tour.

Of all the places that are available here, I decided to take a ride on the ferry to take a closer look at the jade waters of the ocean while touring the Taejongdae regions.
Here the vast ocean waters meet the beautiful cliffs of Taejongdae, South Korea tour where the Yeongdo lighthouse is now a prominent place, to paint a beautiful picture South Korea tour.

This particular tourist attraction, was named Taejongdae Busan, as the stories tell King Muyeol (Taejong) of the Silla dynasty, South Korea tour once trained here in the martial arts South Korea tour.

Jagalchi market
A great place to satisfy your hunger after working the holiday appetite! We are in Jagalchi market! Fresh seafood is offered here as a multitude of customers fill the elaborate market streets. Jagalchi Market is also known to be very popular with foreign tourists visiting Busan. The scales are alive! Fish scales are so alive! Wow ~ looks so cool! Just take a look at the fish and you will be able to see how they are very cool South Korea tour.

You can feel the heat as traders graciously welcome you, but the majority is that all fish exposed for sale are ready to eat right in front of you. This is a unique market Jagalchi special treatment. These days, it is the sea urchin season. In the interior, Traveling South Korea sea urchins are abundant with yellow eggs. Sea urchin eggs are extremely soft and their taste is delicious! Eat raw fish as an appetizer to go with an injection of soju while gazing at the beautiful sea Traveling South Korea!

Enjoy my friend South Korea tour it’s so amazing and i am sure it is will make you so happy, especially when meet with they’re people they are so nice and generous, Thank you for reading i wish you enjoy South Korea tour.

Traveling South Korea – The Best One !

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