Traveling Denmark – What Do You Think Now;

The oldest city in Denmark is an active green community. From alternative energy sources to organic foods, you can make the wonderfully green holiday in Ribe, Traveling Denmark, Denmark.
The oldest city in Denmark has not been stuck in the past. Ribe, Denmark, visit Denmark may have the characteristics of the eighth century, but the attention paid to the environment brings the past into the future Traveling Denmark.

Restaurants from housing to activities, Traveling Denmark you will find Ribe is more than just an old town. This Viking city is full of educational attractions, visit Denmark and has green housing and food that help take the blame for travel Traveling Denmark.
When you are ready to go out to eat or dine, take your ecological rules with you visit Denmark.

One great thing about Denmark in general is that the restaurants use local produce and meats on their menus Traveling Denmark. Whether biological or not, this may vary depending on the restaurant, Traveling Denmark but you can find that much of Ribe and its surroundings offer sustainable food that you like.

Some restaurants you may want to consider are Klammerslusen, Backhaus Restaurant, visit Denmark Weis Stu and PostGarden. Indulge yourself with different food options available in and around Ribe which are remplissants, Traveling Denmark sustainable and delicious, which gives you the energy for all the activities you wish to participate visit Denmark.

What should you do in Ribe? There is more than enough to keep you busy and happy during your visit. The most obvious activity is to visit the historical sites of the old city, Traveling Denmark but there is much more to do. The market area of ​​Ribe is a great activity for the whole family Traveling Denmark.

Celebrated every Wednesday from May to September, Traveling Denmark you’ll find unique specialties you find anywhere else in the world, such as local arts and crafts visit Denmark.
If you have children, let them visit the children’s play area where children buy and sell toys and books. Many outdoor activities are available, such as biking, visit Denmark boating, fishing and swimming, allowing you to find the perfect activity Traveling Denmark.

Viking’s oldest city in Denmark has not been stuck in the past. It is full of fun and exciting activities that can be enjoyed outside by seeing old buildings, Traveling Denmark, churches and monasteries. It also offers ecology, visit Denmark making it an ideal destination for those of us who appreciate green initiatives when we travel.
Whether you travel around the world or want to visit Denmark and everything it offers, Traveling Denmark you will find that Ribe is a great place to visit Traveling Denmark.

The “Whiskey Belt” Denmark is the Danish Gold Coast. A world of beaches, visit Denmark luxury villas, Traveling Denmark green green forests and high places of life visit Denmark. In an egalitarian nation that loves its beer (Carlsberg and Tuborg think) it is said that residents of the richer regions prefer a glass of whiskey – hence the name Denmark holidays. Stretching over 40 miles off the north coast of Copenhagen, Traveling Denmark the area is a refreshing alternative and easy access to the city’s sightseeing. Here are some important points Traveling Denmark.

1. Path of daisies
The Strandvejen 40 km (beach road) from Copenhagen to Helsingor runs through the entire length of the whiskey belt. It is also known as the Daisy Road. This is because this is the road signed with “Daisy” Margarita II (popularly known as Queen Margarita) area of ​​great natural beauty that indicates visit Denmark. The road runs parallel to the narrow Oresund strait separating Denmark from Sweden Denmark holidays.
Although cars are readily available, Traveling Denmark it is just as easy to explore the route by train (the “coast”) and cycling. Bikes can be rented at low cost locally and can be taken on trains Traveling Denmark.

2. Bellevue Beach
This is perhaps the most glamorous beach in Scandinavia, Bellevue is the place for the “beautiful people” of Denmark to see and be seen every summer. Elegance and charm extend the elegant architecture of the resort visit Denmark. Much of this was created in the mid-20th century by the modern Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobson Denmark holidays. Even the blue and white lifeguard towers and white striped beach side kiosks are your job. In “every Jacobson restaurant about construction, Traveling Denmark interior design, Traveling Denmark furniture and cutlery bears its mark visit Denmark.
3. Deer Park

Relax in the fresh and dark forest, a tale of majestic oaks. In fact, Denmark holidays even Bambi himself would feel at home. Dyrehaven (deer park) was formally the actual hunting ground. It was closed for the first time by the King of Denmark in 1669. Today it houses about 2,000 deer and a favorite place of walkers and hikers visit Denmark. And do not forget to try traditional Danish cuisine in the Peter LIEPS Hus restaurant, Traveling Denmark an old manor house Traveling Denmark.

4. Amusement Park Bakken
Located in the depths of Deer Park, Traveling Denmark the world’s oldest carnival park is a fire of light and sound. This is where Copenhagen relax and have fun in a burlesque atmosphere. The park has more than 100 games and attractions, food stands, dance, Traveling Denmark ice cream, visit Denmark cabaret, Denmark holidays open
Restaurants and bars. You can not lose!

5. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
With its lovely gardens overlooking the sea to Sweden, Traveling Denmark the Louisiana Museum is home to one of the largest and most beautiful collections of modern art (20th century) in the world. Much of the charm of the museum lies in its unique location visit Denmark. Spacious environment and relaxed outside gardens make this destination a popular family Denmark holidays. The Louisiana name of three successive wives of the previous owner, Traveling Denmark each of whom is called Louise!

6. Karen Blixen Museum
Located in a park of 40 hectares with many plants is the manor house Rungstedland. This is the old house of Karen Blixen, Traveling Denmark the famous romantic author of “Memories of Africa” ​​and other family works. Since his death in 1962, the property serves as a museum and bird sanctuary visit Denmark.
The house is a reminder of the privileged elegance of a bygone era Denmark holidays. The gardens remain as is, Traveling Denmark a tribute to the horticultural talents Blixen and his vision of beauty Traveling Denmark.

7. Hamlet Castle
After the whiskey belt, where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea meet, Denmark holidays is the beautiful Renaissance castle of Kronborg in Helsingor. This is actually better known as Elsinore Castle ‘by William Shakespeare Hamlet – Prince of Denmark’. Hamlet himself is probably based on the Danish legend Amleth details in the writings of medieval Danish historian Saxo Grammarian Traveling Denmark.
The best time to plan a visit to the Whiskey Strip is mid-June to late August, Traveling Denmark when the weather (and beach life) is better and the landscape in it is the greenest. Out of season, visit Denmark it is always a pleasure to visit – with the advantage of avoiding the crowds Traveling Denmark.

When traveling to new countries, the trend is to buy souvenirs for friends, family and, Denmark holidays of course, yourself. The problem is knowing what kind of souvenirs to bring home. Well, visit Denmark when you come to Denmark or if you just want some good Danish memories, Traveling Denmark I have some suggestions that were winners for many of my friends and family. Here is a list of my favorite Danish memories.

Memories are not popular only if the person giving them was in Denmark or cares about the place. Many souvenirs like commemorative plaques, ashtrays, etc., Traveling Denmark will be put on the shelf with your family and does not mean “nothing” to them. They mean nothing to you, because you have visited Denmark. I always suggest to take home interesting food products that are not available at home visit Denmark. Here are some fun and tasty to carry out:

1. Flødeboller: Chocolate balls are marshmallow cream on a cookie base. They are very popular on top of the ice cream, Denmark holidays but you can eat them by themselves Traveling Denmark. You can get them at just about any grocery store for around 15 -20 kroner for a box of 12 and I still have to find someone who does not like it Traveling Denmark.

2. “pålægschokolade”: This comes in a box with 30 pieces in each box. Again, you can find it at all grocery stores. These are thin chocolate wafers and are usually served on freshly baked bread is hot. If the bread is hot, melt the chocolate in the bread visit Denmark. If the bread is not freshly baked, you can toast the bread and place it on a toast when it is finished Traveling Denmark.

You can even gently heat the bread and chocolate in an oven (no microwave … ruin the taste). Chocolate should not be heated; It can be consumed at room temperature and it continues to taste fantastic. Come on, where are the people eating chocolate snacks? Always send boxes of these to visiting friends. They buy here and they write and they ask me to send a few boxes every two months Traveling Denmark.

3. Caramel: Licorice is, of course, the natural choice if your friends / family like licorice. If not, get another great sweets. You really should go look for Nørregade in Copenhagen “Belcher”, which is the Danish word for sweets, Traveling Denmark the best Belcher factory / shop in Denmark. It is called Belcher Nørregade and is located in Nørregade (right next to the Nørreport station … February 1 minute walk). There you can not only see the sweets, but you can choose your own combination of different types of business that Bolcher. Does this place make it useful? Showing reviews 1 – 1 of 1 Travelers Who Viewed This Restaurant Also Viewed I love the smell and the atmosphere. Delicious!

4. Kitchen accessories: Look in places like Illums. It is quite expensive, but there are some interesting things. Accessories can also be found in places like Kop og Kande and inspiration for a little less. Just funky designs that make any home or kitchen see DANESA! Denmark is known for its unique appliances and stylish kitchen, Traveling Denmark which are designed to last.

Avoid all plaques Remember, unless your family / friends pick up things. Also keep in mind that the Stroeget is a great place to shop, but its prices are much higher than in the suburbs. A 10 minute walk to Vesterbrogade Nørrebrogade or you can put in the neighborhood where the same shops but with better prices. Remember to spend wisely, Traveling Denmark because it is not cheap.

Finally Traveling Denmark it was so funny and amazing i love it, people in Denmark they are so nice and cool, thank you for reading i hope to enjoy Traveling Denmark.

Traveling Denmark – What Do You Think Now;

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