Traveling Ukraine – The Best Soulation For Your Travel!

Ukraine is a fascinating country to visit. Led, modern cities, Traveling Ukraine picturesque villages, beautiful fields and a rich history. Most visitors travel to Ukraine for the first time travel to Kiev, the capital of the country, and the city whose name is more familiar to people outside Eastern Europe. But soon you discover that there is much to see beyond the city limits, Traveling Ukraine and fantastic excursions can be arranged from your hotel in Kiev Ukraine tours.

Before booking your accommodation in Kiev, Traveling Ukraine there are some facts that you should know about travel, Ukraine tours and Ukraine. All foreign visitors must have a valid passport to enter Ukraine. Citizens of Canada, Ukraine tours the United States and countries of the European Union do not need visas for visits up to 90 days, Ukraine tours but citizens of Australia and New Zealand need a visa and a letter of invitation Traveling Ukraine.

It is recommended that travelers from Ukraine are aware of diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis A and B, measles, Ukraine tours, mumps, rubella, Traveling Ukraine poliomyelitis and typhoid fever; And the rage if you will be in a rural area for a long period of time Traveling Ukraine.

Foreigners wishing to work in Ukraine must obtain a work permit. An international driver’s license is required from anyone who operates a motor vehicle Traveling Ukraine.
Visitors can travel to Kiev, Lviv and Odessa by plane. However, Ukraine tours many experienced travelers find it more economical to enter Ukraine by train Ukraine tours.

Trains pass frequently to Ukraine, Traveling Ukraine and are considered the best way to travel. You have your choice of first, second or third class, Ukraine tours depending on the amount you want to pay and the amount of privacy you want. If possible, Ukraine tours avoid trains crossing Moldova Traveling Ukraine.

Border guards are known to confiscate property and the passenger demand bribery. Bus schedules are similar to those of trains, but buses are generally less comfortable.Apart from Kiev, Ukraine tours it can be difficult to find someone who speaks English Traveling Ukraine.

In general, people in western Ukraine speak Ukrainian, Traveling Ukraine but in the eastern part of the country and Crimea, Russia is widespread. It would certainly be an advantage to know some useful phrases in Russian or Ukrainian. The only tourist office is in Lviv, and can be very useful. The remains of the former Soviet system Intourist has offices in hotels in Kiev, Ukraine tours and in other cities Traveling Ukraine.

Ukraine is a large country with a climatic diversity. Kiev has a moderate climate, Traveling Ukraine but in summer the climate of Odessa and Crimea is almost subtropical. In the mountains, it is cool, even in summer. Unless you are interested in skiing holidays, spring and summer are the best times to visit Ukraine. Book early if you plan to be in the country for the May 1 holidays Traveling Ukraine.

For visitors on a tight budget, it is interesting to know that you do not necessarily have to stay in the most luxurious hotels in Kiev Ukraine tours. Through the agencies, Traveling Ukraine you can rent affordable and comfortable Kiev apartments Ukraine tours.
Most people in the United States and Western Europe know very little about the countries of Eastern Europe. And you miss a lot. There are many interesting things to see Traveling Ukraine.

One of the best places to travel can be Ukraine, especially for those who like to visit historical sites, ancient castles and traditional national holidays. And you can see that if you go to the western part of the country you can find many tourist centers, national parks, Traveling Ukraine fields and ancient castles, Ukraine tours, annual festivals Ukraine tours.

Traveling in Ukraine has both advantages and disadvantages. The variety of cities to experience, rich history and ancient architecture are the advantages of visiting the cities of Ukraine. The negative is only one – tourism services are being developed Traveling Ukraine .

One of the largest western Ukrainian cities of Lviv, it was founded in the 13th century by one of the leaders of the Principality of Galicia-Volhyniaand who bear the name of his son. Since then, the city has never changed its name and was the center of a great kingdom.

During the 20th century, Traveling Ukraine it belonged to different countries and empires. Many nationalities live there, except for Ukrainians such as Poles, Russians, Germans and even Jews. All these ethnic groups have their own churches, cultural centers and libraries, several Polish and Russian schools are present in the city Traveling Ukraine.

The most interesting attractions, which are located in the city are the Rynok square, the Opera, the Church and Monastery Bernardino, Pototskiy Palace etc. Also, Traveling Ukraine walking in the city center is just a tourist delight, you will definitely enjoy the architecture of the city and the friendly people. If you wish, you can hire a guide or take a city tour Traveling Ukraine.

The Lviv region is also famous for its spa hotels, Traveling Ukraine mineral and specialty waters, especially near the Carpathians. Those who like to spend their free time closer to nature in the fresh air and away from modern life, Traveling Ukraine can go to one of these recreational camps. Most of them are reasonably priced and of good quality. And if you like a full recreation active extreme thrills, you can test your skills in climbing mountains. Goverla is the highest mountain in the Carpathians with a height of 2061 meters Traveling Ukraine.

If hotel prices seem high, Traveling Ukraine then you can always find an inn or a private apartment for rent by the local population. There are many specialized websites and services that will help make your stay in Lviv memorable and cheap Traveling Ukraine.

What to do in Ukraine

As with any large city, Traveling Ukraine there is always plenty to keep visitors occupied. In the case of Odessa, Ukraine, near the port and the Black Sea beaches is an added advantage, it offers a lot of visitors that can be done in Odessa especially during the summer months when the beaches can be very crowded. Apart from the beaches, however, there are a number of other activities to keep you occupied Traveling Ukraine.

Food shops in Odessa
If you are the type of person who likes to shop then Odessa, Traveling Ukraine Ukraine has everything you need to meet your expectations of your travel experiences to Odessa. In fact, to make the most of your shopping experience, be sure to rent an apartment in the city of Odessa. Deribasovskaya Street is the absolute heart of “all things shopping” Traveling Ukraine !

At least when loaded with bags, Traveling Ukraine you can be back to your apartment in minutes. In fact, you will have time to unload your bags, Traveling Ukraine  have a recovery cup and be back in stores in time. Outside the Deribasovskaya street there are also large modern shopping malls such as Athena and the Grecheskaya Ploshchad shopping center Traveling Ukraine.

Then, of course, it is established in the market that is located in a rich tapestry of customers and merchants, the market Privoz Ukraine tourism. Many people enjoy this special atmosphere just experienced a market. If this is your case, then you can not spend time in Odessa, Traveling Ukraine Ukraine does not offer a day trip all over this vast market: surely you will not regret it, Ukraine tourism but remember your shopping should be limited to your luggage traveling home Traveling Ukraine!

open spaces
Odessa, Ukraine has the kind of climate that lends itself to wanting to be outside. This is especially true in the summer when the gentle breeze provides relief from the sun’s heat Ukraine tourism. The air enjoyed by those in Odessa Ukraine was recognized as a positive factor in health due to the cleanliness of the air quality in addition to being particularly dry Ukraine tourism. If you are in the center of the city, Traveling Ukraine it is certainly worth visiting the garden city to hang out and soak up the sun Traveling Ukraine.

It is easily accessible even for those who are stuck in the shopping slaves as the main entrance to the Garden City is close to the Deribasovskaya street. Many benches were scattered among the trees and a gazebo in the middle and many minor routes meandering along Traveling Ukraine.

What is the specialty of Ukrainian food?

In Odessa people are passionate about food – a fact illustrated by the number and variety of restaurants that multiply everywhere, throughout the city of Odessa Ukraine tourism. Menus are a matter of pride for the restaurant owners here and they go out of their way to make sure that their leader is able to beat the food produced by the nearest rival restaurant Traveling Ukraine.

The obsession for good food extends to the customers they receive when they visit one of the many restaurants that remain open until the last customer is ready to go. Guests of the city of Odessa are well catered for in terms of culinary delights, Traveling Ukraine with a wide range of international cuisine from Lebanese restaurants to traditional bars serving traditional Ukrainian dishes such as diruny, Traveling Ukraine a kind of potato pancakes, Ukraine tourism or varenyky, which is Dumplings, Ukraine tourism often served with cottage cheese.

Traditional Varenyky is usually filled with potato or sauerkraut, Ukraine tourism cottage cheese or cheddar cheese, blueberries or cherries. To obtain the correct consistency these meatballs are cooked in water in a similar way to Italian ravioli Traveling Ukraine.

Then, of course, there are rolls of cabbage, Traveling Ukraine or holubtsi with a stuffing of rice and minced meat, after which they are placed in a pot and covered with a sauce and then baked – and, Traveling Ukraine of course, Ukraine tourism beet soup Which is a soup made from beets and especially delicious Traveling Ukraine.

A favorite restaurant in particular among tourists is Kymanets where the service is first class and the atmosphere is particularly friendly. Here it is served with huge bowls of beet soup, Traveling Ukraine varenyky and diruny a wide range of chicken dishes Ukraine tourism.

If you feel like eating theme, Ukraine tourism you can visit Kumanets which opens at 11am and stays open until midnight. Here you can taste the delicacies of sausages, Traveling Ukraine fresh vegetables and varenyky. Then there is Khutorok Restaurant which serves a variety of grilled meats or Ukrayinska Lasunka restaurant that caters to the customer who is delighted with everything that is Disney! Apart from the decor, however, Traveling Ukraine the food is excellent and authentic with bartenders in national costume offering customers samogon [vodka which was made at home] at the beginning of every meal. Another favorite is Ellisar, Ukraine tourism the Lebanese restaurant, which is on two levels with an outside balcony Traveling Ukraine.

There are so many things to do in Odessa and if you decide to visit, you would be very welcome. Of course, if you decide to stay in Odessa for any length of time you will need a place to stay Ukraine tourism. If you value your comfort but prefer to keep your money to eat at some of the best restaurants in Odessa, Ukraine tourism what better place to stay in our own Odessa Apartments Traveling Ukraine. You can rent apartments in Odessa, near Deribasovskaya Street, where numerous restaurants and cafes loaded with personality can be found Ukraine tourism.

The decision to rent an apartment in Odessa as opposed to staying in a hotel gives you the possibility to enter and leave whenever you want, Ukraine tourism stay in accommodation of the highest quality. Rent an apartment in Odessa and you can enjoy many luxurious facilities: high-speed Internet, air conditioning, satellite TV with more than 600 channels in several languages, Traveling Ukraine and to relieve your wounds on the feet of the body after all that tourism, Pure luxury of a hot tub Traveling Ukraine.

In addition, if you continue to rent an apartment in Odessa for more than 7 days, you are entitled to a free use of the telephone facilities. Our Odessa apartments are located in the center of Odessa, Traveling Ukraine among all activities Ukraine tourism.

Here you can rent an apartment in Odessa with the option of 1, Traveling Ukraine,  Ukraine tourism 2 or 3 bedrooms and because all our apartments are completely maintained – and when you rent an apartment in Odessa you will come to find the fully equipped kitchen with everything you need – You will feel like you never left your home Ukraine tourism. When you rent an apartment in Odessa, we make sure that we take care of all your needs and would like to think that we would like to return again and again Traveling Ukraine.

During the summer of 2007,Ukraine tourism citizens of Ukraine were invited to participate in a single selection process. They had the opportunity to vote for their seven favorite historical and cultural sites in the country. The council officials made an initial list of thousand candidates, then dropped to 21. Of these 21 voters would choose seven sites that would be the seven official marvels of Ukraine Ukraine tourism.

Seven wonders of Ukraine are scattered throughout the country. Most Western visitors who want to see first will travel to Kiev, Traveling Ukraine the capital of the country and the largest destination of Ukraine for most Western airlines. Your accommodation in Kiev can be easily traveled throughout the country Ukraine tourism.

The first wonder of Ukraine is Sofiyvsky Park in Uman. This masterpiece of the garden was founded in 1796 by a Polish nobleman who had created in honor of his beloved Greek wife, Sophie. With waterfalls, ponds,
Fountains and gardens, Traveling Ukraine the park combines Italian baroque and English styles, Ukraine tourism leaving some areas in their natural state. Many legends are attached to this park Traveling Ukraine.

Then the Kiev Pecheresk Lavra, an 11th century monastery, which incorporates a number of caves in the complex. Includes the underground church of the Nativity of the Virgin. Among the museums on site are the traditional decorative art museum, Traveling Ukraine and the Museum of Historic Treasures Traveling Ukraine.

The third is surprising, the historical complex Kamyanets-Podilsky, Traveling Ukraine is a walled city of the eleventh century built on a rock in the river Smotrych Ukraine tourism. It is protected by a magnificent 16th century castle. The complex includes an ethnographic museum, Traveling Ukraine two churches and a triumphal arch from the 18th century.

Number four is the great Khortytsia island in the Dnieper Ukraine tourism. This island has been inhabited for at least 5000 years. It was once a major link in the trade route between Kiev and Constantinople. In the 16th century Khortytsia became a Cossack military stronghold. The island is a national park, and the Zaporozhian Cossacks Museum Ukraine tourism.

Then Chersonesus are the ruins of an ancient Greek colony on the Crimean peninsula. This site offers views of the Black Sea and was one of the many Greek colonies in the region. Visitors can see the remains of an amphitheater, a wall temple, Ukraine tourism towers and other buildings.

Number six miss is the cathedral of Hagia Sophia in Kiev. This Greek Orthodox church dates back to the 14th century and took twenty years to build Ukraine tourism. It is considered one of the wonders of baroque architecture of Ukraine. The church is named after the Hagia Sophia church of Constantinople.

Finally, there is the legendary fortress of Khotyn of Prince Vladimir the Great, one of the most revered heroes of Ukraine. Dating from the 10th century, Ukraine tourism this classic example of a medieval castle is the center of many legends Ukraine tourism.
You can find more information about these sites at your Kiev hotel. Remember that you do not have to stay in expensive Kiev hotels Ukraine tourism.

Finally Traveling Ukraine  it was so amazing i like it so much, especially when Ukraine and Poland organize Euro 2012, that’s make so amazing and culture when meeting with new people new traditional and new mind, Kiev it’s capital of Ukraine it’s so wonderful and modern capital in the world, Ukraine tourism thank you for reading i hope to enjoy Traveling Ukraine.   

Traveling Ukraine – The Best Soulation For Your Travel!

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