Traveling Bulgaria – What Do You Think About This Reason ?

Sofia, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Bulgaria, is one of the oldest European capitals. Its history goes back to the 8th century, traveling Bulgaria when the Thracians arrived and established a settlement in the city. It is located in the western region of the country and has a population of 1,270,450; So it is the 14th largest city in the European Union. It is also administrative, economic, holidays Bulgaria, educational and cultural development traveling Bulgaria.

The city has its name from the church of Saint Sophia, holidays Bulgaria which was built by the Byzantine emperor Justin in the middle of the sixth century. The official language is Bulgarian Sofia.

Located in the west of Bulgaria, at the foot of the north of Vitosha mountain, Sofia is surrounded on all sides by mountains. Covering an area of ​​457.9 square miles (1186 square kilometers), the Sofia Valley is the largest in the country traveling Bulgaria. It has an average altitude of 1804 feet (550 meters) and is crossed by three mountain passes that link the Aegean and the Black Sea with Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea holidays Bulgaria.

The city of Sofia is about 55 km from Catalonia on the border of Serbia; 114 miles from Kulata on the border between Greece and 113 kilometers from Gruyesevo, traveling Bulgaria on the border with the Republic of Macedonia.
Several low rivers cross the sea, including Perlovska and Vladavska traveling Bulgaria. The headwaters of the Iskar River flows near the east of Sofia holidays Bulgaria. The city has long been known for its numerous thermal springs and natural minerals. Artificial lakes / reservoirs were built in the last century traveling Bulgaria.

Sofia has a moderate continental climate, traveling Bulgaria with annual average temperatures of about 0.5 C (F). August is the hottest month, holidays Bulgaria but it is still cooler than other parts of Bulgaria because of the high altitude valley, Sofia is the coldest in January traveling Bulgaria.

This ancient city combines its past and present in a special architectural style. Some of the major historical monuments include Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, traveling Bulgaria which is one of the largest Orthodox churches; Boyana Church of the 10th century, holidays Bulgaria which is located on sites protected by UNESCO World Heritage and the first Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia traveling Bulgaria.

Sofia is a seat of a Roman Catholic diocese and an Eastern Orthodox Dice. Some of the most modern architecture includes the Rakovski St theater district, traveling Bulgaria the Bulgarian Opera and National Ballet; The DK, traveling Bulgaria the largest congress and cultural center in Southeastern Europe and the Slaveykov Square book market traveling Bulgaria.

Nightlife in Sofia
Sofia has a lively nightlife and the nightlife in this city is a stimulating experience with many jazz and rock clubs; Concerts, operas, pubs, concert halls, holidays Bulgaria piano bars, traveling Bulgaria restaurants and taverns, MEHANI traditional Bulgarian. Various performances take place throughout the night in the classic nightclubs and the casinos are open until dawn. For lovers of disco music, traveling Bulgaria Sofia offers much to look forward to holidays Bulgaria.

Holiday rentals in Bulgaria are the perfect way to transform your trip to a resort in Bulgaria into something truly spectacular. As Bulgaria’s reputation as the premier tourist destination in Eastern Europe continues to grow, holidays Bulgaria the Balkan region has become very popular for exciting travel or vacation trips! Unlike Bulgaria for years, traveling Bulgaria the country is very modern and very suitable to accommodate even difficult tourists traveling Bulgaria.

Holidays in Bulgaria are really delicious with so many fun things to do both on the way to indoor activities and outdoor activities traveling Bulgaria. At any time of the year – whether traveling in summer or winter – the country offers a variety of options for all types of travelers.

The need to please the children in your group? Bulgaria is very familiar with the entertainment and educational activities available in almost every city holidays Bulgaria. Do teenagers and young tourists have their group? Nightclubs, holidays Bulgaria clubs and bars are a big hit for the city’s nightlife throughout Bulgaria. Even the easy passage of travelers can relax in the mineral spas and serene nature all over the country traveling Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Eco-tourism is also very popular for international travelers. Because the land is full of parks and nature reserves, traveling Bulgaria green traveler can enjoy eco travel Bulgarian style! holidays Bulgaria. Wildlife viewing opportunities in abundance of beautiful views, this is really one of the most visually attractive countries in this part of the world!

To make matters worse, traveling Bulgaria nothing could make your perfect trip a comfortable vacation rental or a private apartment in Bulgaria. As it is available in every resort city and city you are going to have trouble finding a good fit for the solo traveler or a large group traveling Bulgaria. Also, Bulgaria holiday rentals are very affordable! This is a great way to keep your costs down while taking your travel experience to the next level traveling Bulgaria.
If you are in Bulgaria for the first time, or you are planning a trip back to this beautiful little country, consider adding a rental for the best possible experience holidays Bulgaria. You will be very happy to have done it!

The best food in Bulgaria:

Shopska salad
The universal fame of serving tomatoes, cucumbers, traveling Bulgaria onions and peppers mixed with Bulgarian white Bulgarian cheese with parsley on top is a simple but powerful combination. Whether the exceptionally ethnographic age dinner encounter Shopi (as the name suggests) or the 1950 innovation of the Bulgarian Bulgarian Balkan tourist operator of the Bulgarian state, Shopska mixed vegetable dish is the perfect companion of guests a dose of rakia at the beginning of a banquet of Bulgaria. Inquisitivement, the most notable color Shopska salads are white (cheddar), holidays Bulgaria green (cucumber) and red (tomatoes and peppers), which coordinate perfectly with the nuances of the Bulgarian national flag holidays Bulgaria. An indication is not really insignificant as Shopska salata plays an essential role in Bulgarian cuisine traveling Bulgaria.

This dish is very popular in many varieties throughout the Balkan district traveling Bulgaria. Bulgarian way, traveling Bulgaria potatoes, eggs and minced pork and is a well-known Bulgarian most beloved men, among which is a famous joke that can not marry a woman who can not cook musaka ideal holidays Bulgaria. While the assortment of Greek musaka could be based on eggplant, traveling Bulgaria the Bulgarian dish depends entirely on potatoes acting as layers of meat. All this is usually ensured with thick Bulgarian yogurt to seal the deal traveling Bulgaria.

Tarator is light, traveling Bulgaria fresh and stimulating. A yogurt soup with cucumber, garlic, dill and rarely nuts (ice shapes and solids!) Tarator is an absolute must in those days was surprising when, for example, the sun was forced into the cool shade of a small restaurant in the Coast of the Black Sea. In addition, in the possibility that you need to try it out in the comfort of your home, holidays Bulgaria it is very easy to do holidays Bulgaria!

Tarator is also an impressive prologue of eminent Bulgarian yogurt, well known worldwide for its medical benefits Bulgaria tourism. You can also get a kick out of luck by trying Snezhanka (Snow White), traveling Bulgaria serving mixed vegetables tarator adaptations using elongated yogurt rather than thinning out and is very similar to Greek tzatziki holidays Bulgaria.

Top 3 Relaxing Destinations in Bulgaria:

Golden sands
Golden Sands Resort is located 19 km from Verna, traveling Bulgaria a coastal town in Bulgaria that I mentioned earlier. Converge with Santos Constantine and Elena Resort and the Riviera resort. Golden Sands is the largest complex on the north side of the Black Sea holidays Bulgaria. The resort is very popular for its golden sand and pure coastline. The complex is rich in vegetation and luxury trees and several shrubs that resembles a real park traveling Bulgaria.

Golden Sands is distinguished as a blue flag station, traveling Bulgaria IE the Golden Sands coasts and oceans are constantly cleaned and are free of pollution. There are many hostels of different kinds and costs in the locality, holidays Bulgaria the great majority are arranged in the middle of the neighboring forests. The resort has a water park and plenty of opportunities for water sports and games on and around the beach traveling Bulgaria.

The hotels are mainly upper class that offers volleyball nets and water polo goals for sports lovers. If you do not, the beach is always equipped with nets and lenses to play in the early morning or at dusk Bulgaria tourism.

The name translates as “garden” and is a “motor home” means the lack of hotels and villas to camp, traveling Bulgaria but this is a campsite where people sleep in tents and sleeping bags, holidays Bulgaria so caravans and campers And the night drinking and partying on the beach. This is a very carefree environment operated primarily by young people and hippies, traveling Bulgaria but many people vacation there over the summer by experience Bulgaria tourism. They have two bars in total Gradina, holidays Bulgaria Kite Bash Bar and Bar which are very popular destinations such as the famous party there all the time and events are organized almost every week during the summer with some big names from the list of Bulgaria like Krisko 100 Kilo welcome nights and performing on stage. This is a very cool environment, Bulgaria tourism a good place for backpackers and hikers to spend time and party until sunrise traveling Bulgaria.

The city is surrounded by lakes and Burgas, traveling Bulgaria in the extreme western Black Sea, the great bay of Burgas Bulgaria tourism. The city has many parks, holidays Bulgaria beautiful atmosphere, lots of attractions such as sand sculptures tournaments held every year in Burgas and the spirit of Burgas, holidays Bulgaria a major event that has famous around the world such as Prodigy Wu Tang Moby Clan, holidays Bulgaria Busta Rhymes and many others Bulgaria tourism. The city itself has an excellent infrastructure and is recognized as one of the best cities to live in in 2015 traveling Bulgaria.

Five reasons to visit Bulgaria

Many people will admit – Bulgaria is probably not at the top of their list of countries that instantly attract them as a holiday destination traveling Bulgaria. With a lot of great low cost, all inclusive holidays to hot spots like Tenerife, holidays Bulgaria, Bulgaria tourism Mallorca and Greece, traveling Bulgaria why opt to go to a place that does not know anything?

The truth is, however, that Bulgaria is a country that is rich in culture, history, interesting activities to enjoy and a fantastic climate. With this in mind, traveling Bulgaria here are the five reasons why this destination in Eastern Europe should definitely be a strong contender for your next vacation, Bulgaria tourism travel with family, holidays Bulgaria friends or even alone holidays Bulgaria.
The first reason why Bulgaria is worth visiting is that it has a beautiful Black Sea coast which has all the comforts and facilities of a Mediterranean resort but without the associated costs or huge hordes of Western European tourists it attracts traveling Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a destination choice holiday for many Eastern Europeans, but its coastal towns and beaches have yet to be captured by the vast majority of Western tourists. What this means is that there is still a chance to enjoy some of the truly pristine beaches and avoid crowds that can be a hassle when visiting Spain, traveling Bulgaria Greece and the Canary Islands traveling Bulgaria.

This leads to the second main reason why you should consider traveling here – it is much cheaper than other major stations. Despite not having a state of European access point, Bulgaria tourism there are several companies that offer cheap all-inclusive vacations in Bulgaria, traveling Bulgaria which means that it is possible to get a real bargain in addition to enjoying the peace and the white sands that you will Offer Bulgaria tourism.

The cost of living is low also in this case, traveling Bulgaria which means you can afford to fill up with delicious local dishes and local beers and Kamenitza Astika at very low cost. Accommodation at the hotel, entrance to attractions and prices at local supermarkets are also low compared to those in Western Europe, which means your holiday budget will extend far beyond here traveling Bulgaria.

The third reason you should consider the possibility of Bulgaria to your next holiday destination is that it offers fantastic natural wonders. Although the beaches are sublime, traveling Bulgaria most people like to do at least a bit of exploring on their vacation, Bulgaria tourism and you do not have to go far from the coast to discover unforgettable places traveling Bulgaria.

There are two beautiful nature reserves near the Black Sea, which means that anyone on an all inclusive holiday in this region can enjoy an excellent variety in their rest. The nearby Ropotamo and Kamchia parks have dense forests, traveling Bulgaria abundant wildlife, traveling Bulgaria unique rock formations and organized boat trips to discover virtually untouched regions traveling Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is also rich in history and culture, and is a favorite for tourists for its impressive monasteries, among them the great monastery of Rila, traveling Bulgaria the monastery monastery Bachkovo and 700 years of Aladzha. These fantastic feats of architecture are good examples of the religious history of the country and are mainly practical Bulgarian folk complexes traveling Bulgaria.

Our last reason why this beautiful country should be the next on your list of places to visit is because of its mineral waters and curative spas Bulgaria tourism. Whether travelers are inexpensive all-inclusive vacations or expensive custom tours, everyone likes to participate in a serious relaxation of their break, and with its 200 springs mineral water, Bulgaria tourism Bulgaria is the place for that traveling Bulgaria.

With the whole country – even in key areas like Sofia, traveling Bulgaria, Bulgaria tourism, Velingrad, Sandanski and Varshets – every holiday is sure to find a spa near them so they can experience a slice of the Bulgarian tradition and also the soothing effects of water vapor Hot springs that attract people all year round traveling Bulgaria.

The end traveling Bulgaria it’s wonderful i love it so much, 2016 it’s play in Euro 2016 it was so amazing especially when you meeting with new people, Bulgaria tourism Sofia it’s capital of Bulgaria, people of Bulgaria they are so generous and funny, thank you for reading and i hope to enjoy traveling Bulgaria. 

Traveling Bulgaria – What Do You Think About This Reason ?

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