Traveling Albania – What Your Opinion Now ?

Albania is a beautiful country in the south-east of the Adriatic with an extensive coastline. When traveling in Albania, Traveling Albania you can discover and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. Albania is a great place to visit with its beautiful scenery and coastline. Albanian native following the eclectic religion and have a great historically colorful culture to explore.

Even though Albania is a poor country, Traveling Albania it is quickly preparing to collect more and more tourists for economic benefits. Albania has a great coastline with the Adriatic Sea and is surrounded by many beautiful beaches like Velopja and Ashen Gjni in northern Albania.

The largest and most beautiful beach in Albania is the beach of Duress and Golem. Albania is becoming a popular destination for leisure travelers due to the quality of the sandy beaches in it Albania tours.
There is a wide range of lagoons on the coast of Albania. Karvasta is one of the most famous lakes in the world. Karvasta Laguna is also a national park declared.

Loanian the coast of Albania is also very popular among the great picturesque scenes and the tranquility it offers to tourists. The beaches of the Ionian coast of Albania are very famous for water sports and diving activities such as scuba diving, Traveling Albania deep sea fishing, Albania tours surfing and paragliding. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the free style of swimming, sailing and walking in the waters of the sea. Volleyball beach is another game that can be enjoyed on the beaches of Albania in a very attractive way. Adventurers can also engage in deep snorkeling activities Traveling Albania.

Albania is also preferred as the best tourist place to enjoy your holiday for the pleasant atmosphere and excellent tourism and weather. During the summer days, Traveling Albania the temperature you feel during the day is like the freshness you feel at night Traveling Albania.

Located in southeastern Europe, Albania tours Albania is a country out of the rut of travel. Of course, this makes Albania a great place to visit Traveling Albania.

Albania – History
Albania is a Mediterranean country that sits on the Adriatic and Ionian coast. The country borders Serbia and Montenegro, Traveling Albania Greece to the south and Macedonia to the east Albania tours. Involved in the massive struggle that arose in the former Yugoslavia, the country was once a Soviet bloc. Today, Albania is a democracy struggling to find its economic feet Albania tours.


Tirana is the capital of Albania and has a population of just over 300,000. The city is an eclectic mix of traditional European structures, Soviet-style five-story buildings and architecture under the influence of the Middle East. Relatively small, Traveling Albania Tirana is a city with a small town feel.

Korca – Carpets, Carpets, Carpets
Korca is a city located in the east of Albania near the border of Greece. Built on top of a plateau, Korca is a must if you want Turkish-style carpets and rugs. The whole city seems to be dedicated to the manufacture and sale of all sizes, colors and types of carpet Albania tours. If you stay overnight, Traveling Albania the Iliria Hotel is your best option.

Castle Petrel
Dating back to 500 AD, Castillo Petrel is an old structure, which is relatively good considering the history attributed to it. At one time or another, Traveling Albania Petrel was the main defense of the city of Duress. It has been sustained, Albania tours used and conquered by the Romans, Traveling Albania Greeks, Turks and others. Seriously out of the ordinary, Albania tours getting to Petrel requires a sturdy Jeep or Land cruiser Traveling Albania. It is a very rough road, but the view is more than worth it Albania tours.

Vlora is a coastal city on the Adriatic coast of Albania. It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean region and in recent years it has become an important tourist center Albania tours. With beautiful sandy beaches, Traveling Albania summer time is a good time to visit Vlora. You can swim in the sea from May and the water is still warm enough in October to enjoy a nice walk to the beach Traveling Albania.

In addition to the beach, Vlora has a rich cultural history dating back to the 6th century BC. A stone wall was built around the town in the 4th century BC. And was the main port of Iliria (the ancient name of Albania). During that time, Traveling Albania Vlora was known for its production of olives, Albania tours wine and salt.

In the medieval period Vlora was under the administration of several different leaders. The Norman conquered the area in 1081, Traveling Albania and later came to the rule of Venice before being handed over to the Germans. In 1272 it became part of the Kingdom of Arbria and in the 1400s a feudal Albanian family dominated the city. Finally, Albania tours in 1417 Vlora was the first port to fall before the Ottoman Turks. The Ottomans built mosques and fortresses and other monuments during their 500-year rule Traveling Albania.

In the modern era, Albania gained independence in 1912 and Vlora was the place where independence was declared. Strictly speaking, Traveling Albania it is not a museum dedicated to the independence movement in Vlora and should be near the top of your list if you visit Vlora for cultural purposes Traveling Albania.

Another important place to visit in Vlora is the Muradie Mosque. It was built in 1542 and designed by the architect Sinani. It was commissioned by Sultan Sulejman was in Vlora and preparation of a naval attack in Italy.

Castle khanina is another must for any cultural trip to Vlora. This castle dominated all the medieval period of Vlora and is located in the present town of Kanina near the city. If you like old castles, then you can visit the castles of Porto Palermo, Traveling Albania Himarë Ilias which are all in the area around Vlora.

There are a number of religious sites that are points of tourist interest and these include the Monastery of Santa Maria in the village of Zvernec, the church of San Mitri in the village of Qepara, Albania tours, Mesodhia church in the town of Vuno and the church of San Sotiri In the village of Vuno Traveling Albania.

In addition to the Museum of Independence mentioned earlier, Traveling Albania the city also has an ethnographic museum and a history museum Traveling Albania.
If you have any questions about accommodation and other facilities, Traveling Albania the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this city make it a magnet for tourists; Albania vacation Tourism infrastructure is well developed rapidly in recent years Albania tours. So you should be able to find what you need for a comfortable stay Traveling Albania.

If you want to enjoy the pleasures of a sandy beach in the Adriatic sea sun or take a first-hand look at the cultural assets dating from the 6th century BC, Traveling Albania Vlora is the place for you Albania vacation.

After 50 years of isolation near the world, Albania is the ideal destination for those looking for a varied landscape, a tradition, a history and a no-crowd. Albania is adorned with beautiful lakes, rivers, Albania vacation natural ponds hopeful, high peaks, Albania tours a stunning coastline and beaches of fine sand and gravel Albania vacation. All this and more is combined with the genuine hospitality of Albania, Traveling Albania so what better place to enjoy a hiking holiday?

Hiking in Albania should not be long, a short course of five days is enough to see some of the highlights of the country, however, Albania tours the best walks give time to explore more of this diverse country and its fascinating attractions Albania vacation.

In addition, Traveling Albania the best hiking holidays in Albania are a combination of hiking in spectacular mountain scenery and interesting cultural visits to local attractions Traveling Albania.

During these holidays, you can admire the Adriatic coast, Albania tours the Ionian coast, Albania vacation the Llogara pass and the historic cities of Butrint, Traveling Albania Gjirokastra and Berat and several archaeological sites.

The best hiking holidays in Albania can also offer a wide range of accommodation, Albania vacation from a variety of local traditional Albanian village houses, Albania vacation and are not going to break the bank, which is an important factor to consider when planning a holiday In the current economic climate Albania tours. Albania walks also vary in difficulty, which is almost guaranteed to find a match of your personal preferences, Traveling Albania your budget and your physical condition Traveling Albania.

In conclusion, the best hiking holidays in Albania offer an itinerary that includes both hiking and culture, a selection of accommodation options, and a holiday choice for everyone, Albania vacation moderate walks to the more difficult climbs.

Lastly Traveling Albania it’s so awesome i love it so much, it’s so wonderful country and so kind and nice people they are so generous and peaceful, it’s have beautiful sea it’s in center Europe, Albania vacation thank you for reading my article and i wish you enjoy see you in other article Traveling Albania it’s amazing. 

Traveling Albania – What Your Opinion Now ?

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