Traveling Slovenia – That’s Why I love Slovenia?

Bled is a beautiful ski resort, situated in Slovenia. He has a successful 130-year tradition to attract tourists from all over Europe with its majestic mountainous regions, Traveling Slovenia and its popularity has not declined over the centuries Traveling Slovenia.

The birth of tourism
A man named Arnold Rikli, Traveling Slovenia recognized the immense possibilities that this city carried out in the name of tourism, Slovenia holidays and began organizing swimming, sunbathing and other types of fresh air activities way back in 1855 Slovenia holidays. It was not long before this small tourist town gained enough fame as a curative treatment center, Slovenia tours and also as an access point of natural beauty. The combination of great weather, Traveling Slovenia healing waters, Slovenia holidays and the panoramic environment has ensured a constant influx of tourists throughout the year Traveling Slovenia.

Some of the outstanding guests that Bled has hosted over the ages are the likes of Agatha Christie and Arthur Miller Slovenia holidays. Today, Traveling Slovenia this city is the most vibrant symbol of tourism in Slovenia.

Places of interest
Lake Bled is not only one of the main tourist attractions of Bled, Traveling Slovenia but also of Slovenia. This measure glacial lake 2,120 long and 1380 wide. Set amidst woods and mountains, Traveling Slovenia the lake looks like a fairy tale. In summer, Slovenia holidays the lake is a popular sports destination, as it becomes a destination for rowing
The Church of Good Luck is another great attraction of this city, Traveling Slovenia and is located in the center of Lake Bled on an island that dates back to prehistoric times Slovenia holidays. Ringing the bell of this church is supposed to bring good luck Traveling Slovenia.

The surroundings
Bled’s beautiful scenic surroundings and squares are some of the main reasons why tourists visit this endearing resort. Four miles northwest of the island of Bled lies the Vintgar Gorge, Traveling Slovenia which meanders through the rocks, waterfalls, Slovenia holidays pools and rapids Traveling Slovenia.

The Pokljuka Gorge is one of the largest fossil gorges in Slovenia, and known for its great beauty. Located at a distance from the resort, Traveling Slovenia it is quiet and peaceful and a must see on every tourist itinerary.
Other natural attractions around Bled include the Triglavski National Park and the Pokljuka Plateau. These two places are similar to those of paradise on earth, Traveling Slovenia and leave an indelible impression on the mind Slovenia holidays.

Little known facts
The picturesque Alpine village of Bled has a distinct charm of its own. When visiting this attraction, Slovenia holidays do not forget to enjoy the “rezina kremna” or in English, Traveling Slovenia the vanilla cream. It is a specialty of this city, as are the 99 steps that form part of the island of Bled. It is customary for the groom to take his new bride on these stairs and meanwhile, the bride should remain completely silent Traveling Slovenia.

Overall, this is a place not to be missed, Traveling Slovenia and it really is a gem of a tourist destination. He has an innate sense of mystery, adventure and beauty associated with it, which envelops visitors as soon as they enter this alpine resort Traveling Slovenia. This is one of the main attractions of Slovenia, Slovenia holidays and it is sure to captivate you with its brilliant beauty.

This beautiful Italian city located between the Italian border with Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea deserves the attention of all travelers Traveling Slovenia. With its venerable and diverse history Trieste is popular as a city with legendary origin, Slovenia holidays rich cultural heritage and tolerance among the different peoples living in its territory. Italians dine in Slovenia, Traveling Slovenia Croatians spend their weekends on the clean beaches of Trieste and the Austrians do not want to go out once and visit the Piazza Unit d’Italia Slovenia holidays. In every corner of the city of Trieste travelers can see different “countries” hidden among the mountains of the Adriatic Sea Traveling Slovenia.

According to locals, Trieste is a place that many fictional and royal heroes have visited – Jason and the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece, Traveling Slovenia many veteran Trojan soldiers and Archduke Maksimilyan, Sigmund Freud, James Joyce, Slovenia holidays Stendhal and more Traveling Slovenia.
The city of more than two hundred thousand inhabitants is growing in recent years with its “favorable situation,”  Slovenia holidays as the geographers say.

historical facts
* During the second century Trieste adopted Christianity as an official religion.
* Trieste passes successively through several rulers: Goths, Longbardi, Traveling Slovenia, Byzantines, Franks
*In 1392, Slovenia holidays the Republic of Venice tried to force Trieste to join their territories but Trieste asks King Leopold III of Austria for help and is avoided.
*The period of greatest success for Trieste is from 1857 to 1918 being part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was the largest and most active in the port of Central Europe Traveling Slovenia.

This charming port city was a crossroads convenient for different cultures, Slovenia holidays languages ​​and religions. Trieste was under the dominion of France, Austria and Italy. After the armistice of 1943, Traveling Slovenia it even became a part of Germany. Italy was finally annexed to its Trieste territory in October 1954.
Despite the years spent under different rulers Trieste was able to build and maintain its identity and continue to develop as an autonomous city with unique charm and atmosphere Slovenia tours.

The residents of Trieste can boast not only the cultural and historical heritage of the city, as evidenced by the two castles: Castello Di San Gusto and Castillo Di Mira mare, Traveling Slovenia but also with beautiful gardens, many Protestant, Slovenia holidays, Orthodox and Catholic churches, Slovenia tours museums and ancient Roman theaters.

For regular summer tourists – Trieste could be like a windy little town with winding and cute streets. But if your goal is to recharge your batteries by having a real holiday and if you prefer peaceful destinations, Slovenia tours Trieste is just for you. And last but not least – keep in mind that in Trieste you can drink some of the best coffees in the world!

Like a beautiful valley, Bohinj is one of the hidden gems of Slovenia. Beside magnificent mountains, it is most recognizable by Lake Bohinj, Traveling Slovenia the largest permanent lake in the country. Four regions make up the Bohinj valley: the Dolina Spodnja valley, Slovenia tours, Zgornja Dolina (upper valley) Ukanska kotlina (Ukanc basin) and Nomenjska kotlina (Nomenj basin). The largest settlement in the Bohinj region is called Bohinjska Bistrica.

The city is an important knot of the entire Bohinj region. Other important alpine villages of the area are Ribcev laz, Stara Fuzina, Srednja vas and others. You can easily find Bohinj if you spend your holiday in your famous cousin, Bled. When comparing the two, Traveling Slovenia Bohinj is much less crowded with tourists, Slovenia tours but it does not lack the many natural advantages of Bled Traveling Slovenia.

Accommodation bohinj today is an important starting point for hiking, mountaineering and climbing. The biggest attraction of the valley is, of course, the well-known natural beauty. Many tourists also come to the valley to enjoy winter sports. Plenty of Bohinj accommodation options are taken by skiers, Traveling Slovenia Snowboarders and skaters in winter Slovenia tours. The best known ski resorts are the glorious Vogel and Kobla. Kobla is the only ski resort in Slovenia that can be accessed directly by rail Traveling Slovenia.

The station is a few hundred meters from the ski slopes. The altitude of 1535 meters above Vogel and can be accessed with a cable that was renovated in 2001. This relatively high altitude also offers the opportunity to ski from December to early May. In addition to the hotel rooms, you can also get Bohinj accommodation in the form of an alpine village here Slovenia tours.

Lastly Traveling Slovenia it’s so wonderful and awesome i love it so much Slovenia it’s amazing country i love your mountains and sea, it’s snowing and winter country, Traveling Slovenia  it’s have a lot of culture and traditional it’s peaceful country, Slovenia tours thank you for reading my article i wish you enjoy Traveling Slovenia. 

Traveling Slovenia – That’s Why I love Slovenia?

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