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Few nations are such old histories, Traveling Armenia complex and saturated Armenian tragedy (ՀԱՅԱՍՏԱՆ). And even less have a culture that is so rich and strong. It is a destination where you are intrigued by history, Traveling Armenia impressed by the monuments, visit Armenia marveling at the landscape and delighted by the people of the place feet on the ground visit Armenia.

This is not an easy place to explore – roads are difficult, Traveling Armenia transportation is often difficult to navigate and those who do not speak Armenian or Russian may find communication difficult – but traveling here is as rewarding as revealing Traveling Armenia.

The simply stunning collection of medieval monasteries scattered throughout the country is the first attraction, Traveling Armenia followed closely by a spectacular beautiful landscape perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities visit Armenia. And then there is the unexpected pleasure of Yerevan – one of the most exuberant and endearing cities in Europe Yerevan hotels. Together they offer an attractive and extremely pleasant experience Traveling Armenia.

If you are a tourist and you are wondering where to go to Yerevan, Armenia, then this list is for you. You may need 2-3 days to visit all these places, Traveling Armenia but you will not regret it for a second. Yerevan, Yerevan hotels Armenia has a very rich culture, visit Armenia as it is one of the oldest cities in the world. And I will help you explore the cultural treasures of Yerevan, Yerevan hotels, Armenia!

1. Republic Square and National Gallery and Museum of Armenian History
Here in Armenia, visit Armenia Republic Square is considered one of the 10 most beautiful places in the world. Well, unfortunately, Traveling Armenia I could not find the source, Yerevan hotels but I totally agree with the statement. Republic Square is really exciting Traveling Armenia. It was built between 1924 and 1929. Its architect is a great Armenian architect – A visit Armenia Yerevan hotels.

Tamanyan who also designed Yerevan in general. The square is surrounded by the National Gallery and Museum of History, Traveling Armenia the Ministry of Territorial Administration of Armenia, Yerevan hotels the Government House, visit Armenia the Central Post Office of Armenia Marriott Armenia, Traveling Armenia the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia and the Ministry of Energy and Natural resources of Armenia. At night, Yerevan hotels the place is particularly beautiful due to “dancing” fountains Yerevan hotels. The square is the place beloved couple Yerevan visit Armenia.

2. Matenadarán
Presumably Matenadaran – Museum of Ancient Manuscripts could be a boring place. However, this is only the first and the wrong impression visit Armenia. I am only 22 years old, Traveling Armenia and I can say that Matenadarán was impressive Yerevan hotels. Every book, Traveling Armenia every page of the book covers a very interesting story. I’ll give you an example. The heaviest book Matenadarán was about 34 kg Traveling Armenia.

During the Armenian genocide, Yerevan hotels he was executed in Turkey by two sisters. They cut the book in 2 pieces – 17 kg each and attached to his body Traveling Armenia. One of them died during his flight to Turkey and his work has been lost. The other piece was saved. A few years later, visit Armenia the second part was saved by a Russian soldier Yerevan hotels.
And believe me; Other very surprising stories are covered in the walls of Matenadarán. This was just one of them.
Matenadaran is surrounded by sculptures of the great minds of Armenia and Mesrop Mashtots – the inventor of the Armenian alphabet is standing in the middle with his pupil – Koryun Yerevan hotels.

3. Opera
Opera House is another great building by the brilliant A. Tamanyan. Located in the heart of Yerevan, it is indeed a work of art from the outside and, visit Armenia of course, Traveling Armenia it is beautiful inside. Suffice it to say that this is one of the few opera houses in the world to play Aida by Giuseppe Verdi, but we also know that Opera has performed concerts by artists like Charles Aznavour, visit Armenia John McLaughlin, Emir Kusturitsa and No Smoking Orchestra, Ian Anderson and many others. The opera is surrounded by Freedom Square, where Armenia celebrated its independence in 1991. Now it is the place beloved by the majority of Armenians, couples, tourists and of course the protesters!

4. Tsitsernakaberd Museum and genocide
Tsitsernakaberd is where the Armenians gather to remember the victims of the Armenian genocide. Every April 24, the people of Yerevan, Traveling Armenia other regions of Armenia and even a large number of representatives of the diaspora march to eternal fire and put flowers in memory of the millions of people who died during the tragedy Traveling Armenia.
For more details, photos and other information on the Armenian genocide of people visit the Genocide Museum which is located 30-40 meters from the monument.
However, visit Armenia Tsitsernakaberd is a wonderful park where couples enjoy spending time in Yerevan. This is a large park with many trees. And since it is very good the view is wonderful from there especially at night!

5. Arin Berd or the fortress of Erebuni
This is where modern Yerevan and Armenia begins visit Armenia. Founded in the 8th century BC. BC and surviving to the present, Traveling Armenia is one of the oldest fortresses in the world. And it makes Yerevan one of the oldest cities in the world. Arin Berd in the Armenian translation means Blood Fortress, though it is not so fearsome. In fact, visit Armenia this fortress is of great historical value. So if you are interested in archeology or history, this is the place where you can not miss it!

6. Cascade and Cafesjian Museum
Cascade is my favorite. I go there with my friends to have a cup of coffee with my girlfriend to walk there. Cascade is just a masterpiece in terms of architecture Traveling Armenia. From the top of the waterfall you can see the most beautiful panorama of Yerevan Ararat and if you are lucky because most Ararat is covered with clouds and is not visible. Cafesjian Museum and the Waterfall decorated in a very beautiful way. There are many original statues there.
And, of course, do not miss the museum visit Armenia. This is a very good museum with statues and paintings by local and international artists.

7. Brandy factory Ararat
Ararat is a symbol of Armenia, Traveling Armenia but also Ararat Brandy factory. Every lover of Brandy must know that after France Best Brandy in the world is produced in Armenia, some even prefer the Armenian cognac in French visit Armenia. Ararat Brandy Factory is a manufacturer of high quality old school water spirits – in fact the best in Armenia Traveling Armenia. And it has a very interesting story that is too long to be dealt with in this article. I recommend you take the tour in the factory and do a water spirits tasting.

8. North Avenue
Built in 2007, Traveling Armenia North Avenue became another beloved spot for Yerevan walkers. North Avenue was included in the plan of the city of Tamanyan in Yerevan, visit Armenia but was not able to build it.
It connects the 2 famous squares of Yerevan – Republic Square and Freedom Square (where the opera house is located).

Due to lack of time, it has been modernized and the buildings are too high in relation to projecting Tamanyan. Therefore, Traveling Armenia some say that it is changing the face of the city indicating that it is the “Avenue of the desert” due to the lack of trees. Others say it is very modern and they want to have an apartment. Anyway, all the love to take a walk down the avenue with your loved ones, your friends, visit Armenia your children …

9. Parajyanov Museum

So far, there are many movie libraries that still remember the great Armenian director Parajyanov as he is one of the world-renowned geniuses in this area … Some of the greatest directors like Fellini, Tarkovski, Vigo, Antonioni, Traveling Armenia Godard and many Others knew Parajyanov and respected as the brain of its kind visit Armenia.
The museum is large. And one can find examples, Traveling Armenia, drawings, dolls and scenarios of the artist. After visiting you will have a lot of good memories.

10. Saryan Museum
Well, everyone who explores the world of art, Traveling Armenia the world of drawings must know Saryan Martiros since he is indeed a great painter visit Armenia. It is known worldwide for its ability to show the power of colors. His paintings are very colorful and beautiful … It is too difficult to transfer beauty into words Traveling Armenia.

Armenia has its special and unique image. It can be likened to a lady – a strictly majestic beauty with a touch of gray noble antique hair. The wrinkles of his “face” the consequences of an agonizing past when Armenia had to defend the territory and holy Christian faith. Its wise calm gives the impression of another dimension: you begin to appreciate the true meaning of life and nature Traveling Armenia.
Why? Perhaps, visit Armenia this is where the history of the new humanity has continued? After all, according to biblical legend * Mount Ararat was the fate of the well-known Noah’s ark that saved the lives of people and animals after the flood visit Armenia.

One can compare the trip to Armenia with the trip back to the roots Traveling Armenia. It could become a pilgrimage, the opportunity to touch a relic. Sacred places are everywhere – temples, visit Armenia monasteries, churches – all bear witness to the strength of the Christian faith and the pride of being the first in the world to adopt Christianity as an official religion in 301.

Today the country has everything for tourism development: hotels were under construction, mountain resorts Vanadzor, Tsakhkadzor, Traveling Armenia, Dilizhan Ankavan and are being renovated, resort Arzni, resort in Sevan is being created. Here in Armenia, you can experience mountain skiing, rafting, visit Armenia creek fishing, healing of mineral baths, hunting and mountain biking Traveling Armenia  …

However, Traveling Armenia Armenia is particularly appreciated by people who love cultural tourism. They are attracted by the beauty of nature, Traveling Armenia the natural rest, the exotic atmosphere of the mountain lifestyle, the hospitality of the Armenian people and the ancient culture unique to the Armenians. Visit places where great civilizations thrived, visit Armenia bloody battles raging, Traveling Armenia world historical events were happening – is not it a traveler’s dream?
Armenia is indeed unique Traveling Armenia. Churches and ancient castles, lakes and high mountain rivers, majestic cliffs, deep canyons hide thousands of mystery stories visit Armenia.

There is no place in the world such as mountains, Traveling Armenia ancient history, such a beautiful woman’s eyes, a divine cognac and so thin bread. “The most delicious meat is in the bone, visit Armenia the best land is in the rocks” – say the Armenians in their country Traveling Armenia.

Armenia – the oldest in the country – was located on routes linking Europe and Asia. It is not only the first Christian state but also one of the first states on earth – already in the ninth to the sixth centuries BC the mighty state of Urartu existed in the territory of Armenia Traveling Armenia.

Many times have left their mark on their territory, Traveling Armenia so in terms of the number of historical and cultural monuments of that country can be considered one of the most interesting in the Old World. Armenia is sometimes called “outdoor museum” visit Armenia. You will find traces of almost all the old civilizations of the Old World, Traveling Armenia  and many art and architectural monuments of the country is the tutor of the masterpieces of culture Traveling Armenia.

The ancient architectural monuments, Traveling Armenia traditions and customs of the original, delicious ethnic food, hotels in Yerevan arts and crafts of the unique and exclusive nature of places where the high mountains are replaced by deep ravines, Traveling Armenia forests – for the semi-deserts and drought plains – for you Traveling Armenia.

5 great things to see and do in Armenia:

Yerevan, Armenia

There are only a few modern cities in the world that are as old as Yerevan. In 2018, Traveling Armenia the city will celebrate its 2800th anniversary Traveling Armenia. This ancient city was founded in 782 BC by the Tsar of the past Urartu Argishti I who built the fortress on the hill Arin-Berd and called it Erebuní. This fort has given the name to the city that grew around. The ancient slab found by archaeologists on this hill became the original birth certificate of the city Traveling Armenia. The cuneiform script says: “With the help of the great God Haldi, hotels in Yerevan TASR Argishti, Traveling Armenia son of Menua, Traveling Armenia built this mighty fortress and called it Erebuni.” It was 29 years before the birth of Rome Traveling Armenia.

Ararat, Armenia

The Marz of Ararat (region of Ararat) lies in the western part of Armenia and the borders of Turkey and Nagorno-Karabakh Traveling Armenia. between the Razdan River and the Armenian-Turkish border. Most of the Marz population basically consists of Armenian immigrants from Persia who arrived here in the 1830s.

Armavir, Armenia

The historical region of Armavir is situated between Aragats and Mount Ararat and is part of the Ararat valley, the largest and fertile mountain valleys of 40 Armenians Traveling Armenia. hotels in Yerevan This is the smallest Marz (region) in Armenia, although they are the most densely populated countries. Traditionally, Traveling Armenia the population is engaged in agriculture which most people live in villages.

Gegharqunik, Armenia

Gegharqunik Marz (Gegharkunik province) is situated in the eastern part of Armenia at the foot of the Gegam Mountains. This is one of the largest regions of the country Traveling Armenia. The beautiful Lake Sevan is hidden in the mountains. In ancient times it was called the Geghama sea hotels in Yerevan. Lake Sevan territory equivalent to a quarter of the Marz and its main place of natural interest.

Aragatsotn, Armenia

Marz Aragatsotn is located in the western part of Armenia and is surrounded by mountains on three sides; One of them is Aragats – the highest peak in Armenia (4090 m), Traveling Armenia which gave its name Marz. The Marz territory extends to the border with Turkey Traveling Armenia.

Finally Traveling Armenia it’s so funnay and make you happy and relax, it’s most beautiful country i like it, Yerevan it’s capital of Armenia it’s so so wonderful there a lot of monument historic, your people they are so so nice and kind and generous Yerevan hotels. I have my best friend in Armenia it’s so nice and cute i respect her, lastly i love Traveling Armenia.

Traveling a

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