Traveling Kazakhstan – What Do You Think Now ?

The ninth largest country in the world is the most economically advanced stanch, Traveling Kazakhstan  thanks to its abundant oil reserves and most other precious minerals. This generally means better accommodation, catering and transportation than anywhere else in Central Asia Traveling Kazakhstan.

The largest city, Traveling Kazakhstan, Almaty, visit Kazakhstan almost reminds Europe with its lush avenues, elegant cafes, bright shopping centers and its hedonistic nightlife visit Kazakhstan. Astana the capital, in the wind sweep north of the steppe, became a masterpiece of the 21st century with a profusion of bold futuristic architecture Traveling Kazakhstan.

But this is beyond the cities you will find the greatest travel adventures, Traveling Kazakhstan whether hiking in the high mountains and green valleys of Tin Shan, Traveling Kazakhstan looking for wildlife in the steppe dotted with lake, visit Kazakhstan enjoying hospitality house in the houses From the village, through the deserts of the west to remote underground mosques Traveling Kazakhstan.

Undiscovered by many, Kazakhstan is a small country known for curious vast plains, mountain walks and a beautiful culture. It borders on Russia in Central Asia, is very solid – that is, Traveling Kazakhstan after all, ranked as the ninth largest country in the world visit Kazakhstan. It is also the most economic success of the countries that surround it, Traveling Kazakhstan affectionately known as the “stains.” This is largely thanks to oil reserves and other natural resources Traveling Kazakhstan.

The result? You can expect for hotels, Traveling Kazakhstan, restaurants and modern travel options and better compared to some of the poorest neighboring countries.
South Kazakhstan is a center of Central Asian history, visit Kazakhstan with many famous landmarks. It is a diverse scenic region, where snow-capped peaks, lakes and glaciers in the Tin Shan chain give way to the steppe and desert visit Kazakhstan. The desert is home to the Barkhan Canto – a sand dune 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) long, which, collapsing, produces a unique sound Traveling Kazakhstan.

Almaty was until recently the ancient capital of Kazakhstan and enjoys a beautiful location between the mountains and the plains Traveling Kazakhstan. Being the largest city, visit Kazakhstan it is a center of modern architecture, cool fountains, parks and spectacular views of the mountains. You can also expect irreverent nightclubs, Traveling Kazakhstan trendy cafes and commercial palaces. The current Astana capital following in the footsteps of its predecessor as a modern metropolis, visit Kazakhstan with its space buildings clinging to the northern plain visit Kazakhstan.

The truth is, however, Traveling Kazakhstan that travelers are more likely to be attracted to the natural wonders of Kazakhstan. It is a beautiful country in its haunting way, where intrepid travelers will enjoy hiking through the high mountains and valleys of Tin Shan. Its rarity may seem bewildering, Traveling Kazakhstan but there are plenty of wildlife if you are looking, Kazakhstan holidays especially at the stepped seedling lake.

It is also interesting for mosques and underground villages that are scattered on the ground searching. In general, Kazakhstan holidays Kazakhstan is a special and unique country that is worthy of being discovered even if it is low on the radar of most tourists Traveling Kazakhstan.

It’s time to visit Kazakhstan! The capital will surprise you. Called by CNN as the strangest world capital, Astana seems to be a playground of modern architecture Traveling Kazakhstan. From the eye of a bird, the profusion of unique design of buildings in different shapes, Kazakhstan holidays sizes and colors is itself worth the visit. From the land, Traveling Kazakhstan marvel at every point of interest, Kazakhstan holidays you are very different from each other architectural Traveling Kazakhstan.

Perhaps the most emblematic building in Astana is the Bayterek monument. Nicknamed the tree of life, the Bayterek is an inspired book based on the legend of Kazakhstan, Traveling Kazakhstan where a tree of life grows on the edge of the world and at its top is a nest of Smirk, Kazakhstan holidays a sacred bird of happiness. In this nest, the bird flies to lay a golden egg. The Bayterek is located in the center of the city at 97 meters high Traveling Kazakhstan.

For its creators, it is a tree with a large golden egg in a nest in its crown represented by a glowing golden giant globe in power of several wooden structures petals. However, Traveling Kazakhstan for the locals, it is simply giant Chutzpah CH ups or because it looks like one Traveling Kazakhstan.

Inside the tower are several leisure facilities, such as aquariums, Traveling Kazakhstan a gallery and a cafe perfect for a quick gourmet getaway. Do your best to get to the 86th floor as it offers the best 360 degree view of the city Kazakhstan holidays. A walk around the tower is as delicious as you walk around the garden geometrically arranged with patches of bright flowers in bright colors Traveling Kazakhstan.

Another surprisingly different and ultra-contemporary structure of the city is the entertainment center Satyr Khan. It resembles a tent on a monumental scale, Traveling Kazakhstan the base is larger than 10 football stadiums. Therefore, it is often considered the largest tent in the world. It is transparent and this effect was obtained not by the use of plastic, Kazakhstan holidays but the cloth stretched and suspended by a series of cables Traveling Kazakhstan.

The transparent have a perfect containment of multicolored lights that make a dramatic effect on the structure when seen at night. The interior houses a park, Traveling Kazakhstan shopping center, squares, cobbled streets, a river boat, Kazakhstan holidays mini-golf beach and indoor complex Traveling Kazakhstan.

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, also known as the Pyramid of Peace and Concord, Traveling Kazakhstan  is essential for its resemblance to the Louvre in Paris, due to its structure and design, Kazakhstan holidays as well as the idea and belief that This represents. It is a glass pyramid of 5 plants on each side of the triangle is approximately 12 meters Kazakhstan holidays. The upper two floors are interesting due to the design of the pigeon flight engraved on them. When light passes through these pigeons, Traveling Kazakhstan reflections are truly magical. This unique structure and ideologies is based on what is admired and praised Traveling Kazakhstan.

Every three years, the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions are held here Traveling Kazakhstan. For Kazakhstan, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation represents and reinforces their belief that all religions, Kazakhstan holidays cultures and traditions can prosper side by side in peace. In addition to the congress held in the Oval Hall, the palace also houses an opera with a capacity of 1,500 seats, Traveling Kazakhstan a museum of national culture, a library and a research center dedicated to the ethnic and geographical groups of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan holidays.

Enjoy the melodies of Kurmangazy: You can read many books in the great steppes of Kazakhstan stretched out, but to understand the soul of the nation and this world , Kazakhstan holidays it is necessary to listen to the magic sounds created by a great popular composer of the 19th century, Traveling Kazakhstan  “kuyshi- dombrist” Kurmangazy.

Rebels disobedient and proud were sent several times in prisons in Uralsk, Oren burg and Irkutsk for not obeying the authorities, Kazakhstan holidays fled and kept their wives and children from captivity. The strong and Protestant soul of Kurmangazy buzzing in his instrumental pieces (kyuy): the first kyuy “Kishkentay”, “Buktim, buktim” the summit of his work – kyuy “Sary-Arka”, Kazakhstan holidays “Kyuy” kyuy “kyuy” kyuy ” Kyuy “kyuy” kyuy “kyuy” Aksak Kiki (Saiga Lame) “and the last kyuy -” KOBIK-shashkan “. Their melodies offer a touch to the Great Steppe.

Enjoy the view of Astana “Bayterek”: One of the youngest capitals in the world Astana is a “must see” of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan holidays. The city of the third millennium Astana was built by the best architects in the world. You will see a large pyramid of 62 meters of Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, Traveling Kazakhstan the Oceania entertainment center “Duman” with a water capacity of 3 million liters, Khan Satyr Entertainment Center with 150 meters high and 127 000 meters Surface squares Traveling Kazakhstan.

You can enjoy a walk along the boulevard Nurjol Traveling Kazakhstan. You will get a panoramic view of the impressive city view of Bayterek monument which is a symbol not only of Astana but throughout the country. The ‘Bayterek’ tower measure 97 m in height and 105 m in total, Traveling Kazakhstan with glass sphere. The lift inside the tower that leads up to 86 m high in the panoramic room Traveling Kazakhstan.

Ascent Medeu and Shymbulak: The “Medeu” high-mountain winter sports complex was built at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level and the ice sheet serves amateur and professional track for eight months a year. Here, the Medeu dam was built to protect Almaty landslides. Breathtaking views of the mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau (Alatau Zaiilsky) opens the dam Traveling Kazakhstan Kazakhstan holidays.

I measured to make a trip to a mountain station Shymbulak the height of 2510M. At the Shymbulak Nov-Dev snow exits on Mars April and the slopes are able to please all tastes. The most advanced professionals take the elevators to reach Talgar Pass (3163m altitude). But even if you are not a fan of skiing or skating, the scenery of the place, hotel, restaurant, Kazakhstan holidays bowling alley and a sauna to visit Medeo and Shymbulak.

Feel a cosmonaut: You can take a trip to Baikonur, where the first space satellite was launched and the first person, Yuri Gagarin, flew to the moon. During the last half century, there were more than 1,500 spacecraft launched from the cosmodrome Kazakhstan holidays. It still serves as window space Traveling Kazakhstan.

Baikonur is interesting at all: the flag of Yuriy Gagarin, the spaceport museum with unique items (Gagarin personal objects model of the first satellite of the earth), the memorial houses of Sergei Korolev, general builder and Gagarin Kazakhstan holidays. You will see a lot of technology related to the maintenance and launching of spacecraft and you will have the opportunity to sit in the shade of a tree planted next to the first cosmonaut on Earth.

Take a trip to the Great Almaty Hiking: If you are in the capital of South Kazakhstan, then you should take this trip to the Great Almaty ravine where flows the river Almatinka Grande, Traveling Kazakhstan where there is a large lake Almaty with a large peak Almaty up seen from the city.

And it is only an hour drive from Almaty. The lake located high above 2511m above sea level feeds from the melting of mountain glaciers and is beautiful at any time of the year. In winter, when you freeze, but still covered with snow, you can practice some ice skating. In length the lake is up to 1.6 km wide by almost one kilometer, and the deepest point is reduced to 40 m. You will spend an unforgettable time enjoying the pure beauty of glaciers, hard peaks and pine forests Kazakhstan holidays.

Lastly Traveling Kazakhstan it’s amazing and it’s make you happy and shocked it’s most beautiful country in the world i think it’s heart of Asia  because it’s there in middle, Kazakhstan holidays it’s peaceful country especially when you meeting with them it’s so generous and nice, i love it so much.  

Traveling Kazakhstan – What Do You Think Now ?

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