Traveling Tanzania – That’s Why I love Tanzania

Tanzania is the quintessence of Africa and ultimate of its dreams. And who does not want to visit a place where names of legendary travel language destinations roll like a mantra: Zanzibar, Traveling Tanzania, Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, Rift Valley, tanzania safari, Ngorongoro Crater and Olduvai Gorge , “The cradle of humanity”.

Tanzania is endowed with natural beauty and extraordinary wildlife Traveling Tanzania. It is the largest country in East Africa, Traveling Tanzania almost one million square kilometers (386,109 square miles). Agriculture dominates the economy with the vast majority of its exports of crops such as coffee, tea, cotton, cashew nuts, sisal, tanzania safari, cloves and parathyroid. While farmers cash-flow thwart unreliable, government intervention has a significant and positive impact on the economy Traveling Tanzania.

In 1986, Traveling Tanzania to help improve the country’s economy, tanzania safari the Tanzanian government has introduced new policies, including reducing its budget deficit, Traveling Tanzania facilitating trade policies and reducing restrictions on food crops. In addition, Tanzania has enjoyed a 16% increase in foreign direct investment in 2007, thanks to the significant contribution of the United States and many international groups in mining, agriculture, tanzania safari, oil and gas, insurance and tourism Traveling Tanzania.

Tanzania has experienced growth of around 4% per year and is now a fully integrated democratic society that is developing in one of Africa’s most dynamic economies. Dodoma is the capital and seat of the country’s government and parliamentary offices Traveling Tanzania.

It is 440 kilometers (273 miles) west of DAR es Salaam, the commercial capital. Dar es Salaam is a city that has more than five centuries of antiquity. It is a mixture of African, Traveling Tanzania, tanzania safari, Arab, Asian and European cultures. The Tanzanians are extremely friendly and will stop to help strangers in every possible way.

For someone arriving first in DAR es Salaam through the air, Traveling Tanzania you will see a wide area with tall palm trees and mud houses as far as the eye can see. Once on land, the buildings are built without order or concert and not very clean. On the contrary, tanzania safari the international hotels are of good quality and well placed to enjoy the seascape Traveling Tanzania.

The city is divided into four distinct areas: the “center” is a mixture of office buildings, hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, Traveling Tanzania, parks and sports facilities. The “Peninsula” is the place where most of the diplomats and expatriates tanzania safari.

It offers spectacular sea views, Traveling Tanzania, houses restaurants, shops, hotels and has a sailing club. Then there are the coastal houses and resorts that stretch 20-30 kilometers (12-19 miles) north and south of Dar es Salaam. The rest of the city, unfortunately, tanzania safari is characterized by low-cost housing, with a large population of three to four million people living near the poverty line Traveling Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam has radically changed from socialism to a capitalist government in the last 15 years. The influx of diplomats, Traveling Tanzania, companies and donations of foreign aid helped gradually improve the living conditions of the local population tanzania safari. Public infrastructure and utilities are also improving every year – frequent outages of the past are becoming less frequent. Problems related to water and wastewater remain priorities of the government’s priority list Traveling Tanzania.

Swahili is the official language of Tanzania, tanzania safari but for business communications, English is almost always used. A person can easily operate in the city without knowing Swahili, Traveling Tanzania, but learning facilitates assimilation, buying and bartering in local communities.

Being polite and greeting the Tanzanians is the most important thing you can remember and preferably if done in Swahili. Visitors should try not to raise their voices, tanzania safari even if they test their patience. Dar es Salaam is a Muslim setting and one needs to be very understanding of Muslim customs Traveling Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam is extremely hot most of the year and unless you have an office or a house equipped with fans or a good air conditioning system, Traveling Tanzania, tanzania safari you will feel drained by the high temperatures that are usually 30 degrees C (86 degrees F) And in summer, closer to 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) with very close to 100% humidity tanzania safari. Torrential rains came and went without much warning. One can escape the heat of the weekend by going to one of the many beaches Traveling Tanzania.

Foreigners wishing to enter Tanzania must have a valid passport. The passport must be presented to an immigration officer at any port of entry, Traveling Tanzania, tanzania safari border station, airport or port. It must be presented with a visa, a residence permit or a pass, which is for those who are in transit on the way to another destination Traveling Tanzania.
There are five types of visas: “Ordinary Visa” is issued for any Tanzania mission abroad. However, if you get checkpoint without a visa, you can get an entry point for $ 50 tanzania safari.

The “business visa” that is called a CTA is issued to investors or potential business people trying to establish contacts professionals. It has a validity of two months. Its price is US $ 100, Traveling Tanzania, plus the cost of the entry visa. If the business person leaving the country, they must obtain the entry visa and the CTA visa back to the entrance tanzania safari. “Multiple entry visas” are issued to foreigners who, due to business commitments, are required to make multiple entries. The validity can be from one month to one year. The “referral visa” requires special permission from the Immigration Director or the principal immigration officer in Zanzibar Traveling Tanzania.

This is usually for people in Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia, refugees, tanzania safari, stateless persons and other countries specified by the authorities. Requests made to all Tanzania missions abroad and can not be obtained at points of entry. Finally, Traveling Tanzania, the “transit visa” is issued for those wishing to cross the Tanzania and validity is two weeks. This is for those who have tickets to come Traveling Tanzania.

Many of the tourists who vacation in Tanzania would like to know a few things about the culture of the country. As an East African country, Traveling Tanzania, tanzania safari culture is very different from many countries in the region. The literature of Tanzania, for example, has given the world a number of distinctive writers. We remember Shana Robert, tanzania safari the famous poet and writer. This renowned poet was responsible for the development of the prose of Swahili, the main language of Tanzania Traveling Tanzania.

Another famous Tanzanian writer Said Mohamed Abdullah. From Zanzibar, Abdullah is known for his detective novels as the cemetery of the ancestors and is also considered the founder of Swahili literature. With a large collection of creations, Traveling Tanzania, Abdullah is also popular with tourists visiting Tanzania as some of his works have been translated into many languages tanzania safari.

The most recognized authors of contemporary literature are Tanzanian Gurnah Abdullah, Traveling Tanzania, born in Zanzibar in 1946. His works include Paradise, tanzania safari which took place in East Africa after World War II. This novel was nominated to win the British Booker Prize in 1994. Another novelist who is famous among tourists who go on vacation in Tanzania tanzania safari.

Another important aspect of the culture enjoyed by the different travelers who enjoy their holidays in Tanzania is the traditional music and dances of the country tanzania safari. The most famous traditional Tanzania dance, Ngoma, comes with a subtle rhythm and soft melodies. This dance, tanzania safari, among many others, as expressions of thanks and praise Traveling Tanzania.

The Marimbas, this metal percussion instrument, Traveling Tanzania is one of the most famous instruments of Tanzania. It is also popular to find Marimbas that accompanies many traditional dances escorted by drums, which is a vital element in the dances and music that amaze travelers visiting Tanzania tanzania safari.

The Masai tribe has wonderful dance and music made by tourists traveling to Tanzania feel as if they have left the world behind their backs and harmonize the wonderful music and dance Traveling Tanzania.
Another famous member of Tanzanian culture is sculpture and carving in wood. With Mozambique, tanzania safari Tanzania is famous throughout the East African region for its wonderful sculptures of various types and in particular type wooden tanzania holidays. Many tourists traveling to Tanzania like to buy wood carved items to the country as valuable souvenirs to take home Traveling Tanzania.

The center of wood carving products in Tanzania today is this section of DAR es Salaam, the capital of the country, which is called mankind Traveling Tanzania. The large blocks of black African wood are transformed into beautiful luxury carved products to be sold to the tourists who like each one who visits Tanzania. The reasons for these commonly carved wooden products include various simple faces, tanzania holidays images and natural scenes tanzania safari.

Painting is second in the types of famous arts in Tanzania. The most famous traditional painting style is the rude Tingeing which is actually derived from the famous painter, Traveling Tanzania Edward Said Tingeing who began his work in the 1960’s popular among holiday makers in Tanzania, is Tingeing represented by its square shape, Traveling Tanzania, tanzania holidays Bright colors, their dominant animal motifs and their unique color background Traveling Tanzania.

Although there are many places around Tanzania Tingeing paintings to buy, one of the best places to get them is the Tingeing Center, tanzania holidays which is located near the famous shops of Morogoro in the heart of DAR es Salaam. Many interesting paintings are also sold in various cultural centers in DAR es Salaam. Travelers traveling to Tanzania are strongly advised to buy paintings and carved wood creations Traveling Tanzania.

The best things to see in Tanzania:

Idyllic beaches

It’s not just the wildlife you love. The coast of the Indian Ocean in Tanzania is also magical, with quiet islands and coastal villages sleeping impregnated centuries of Swahili culture. Travel back in time to when the East African coast was the seat of the sultans and a pivot in a vast trading network extending to Persia, Traveling Tanzania India and beyond tanzania holidays. Relax on the powdery beaches. Take sunrises in pastel tones, soak in languid and coastal rhythms, tanzania holidays and sit under the undulating sail on a wooden dhow Traveling Tanzania.

Why I Love Tanzania
By Mary Fitzpatrick writer
I like Tanzania because of the light, Traveling Tanzania the color and the life in almost all the scenes. Especially at dawn: the rising sun floods the fresh golden meadows, schoolchildren walk along the edges of the road and sellers display their wares. And when the nature around you, there is exuberance everywhere: the largest animal is mixed with the slightest; Birds of all sizes and colors stand up and sing; Trees and plants bloomed; The landscape is colorful and diverse. Primarily, tanzania holidays however, it is because of the equanimity, charm, dignity and hospitality offered by many Tanzanians Traveling Tanzania.

A wonderful nature
More than any other destination, Tanzania is the country of safaris. The wave of wily across the plains. Hippos compete for space in water courses with mud Traveling Tanzania. Elephants wander along seasonal migratory routes and chimpanzees swing through the treetops. Across the country, Traveling Tanzania there are unprecedented opportunities to experience this natural wealth. Doing a boat safari along the Reiji River spent snoozing crocodiles in Sellouts Game Reserve. Look at silhouetted giraffes silhouetted against old baobab trees in Rah National Park tanzania holidays. Sit as motionless as the waterfowl pecking in the shallow waters around the island of Ruben. Hold your breath as a lion passes your vehicle in the Ngorongoro Crater Traveling Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro
In the hinterland, Mount Kilimanjaro beckons, its elegant wooded hillsides and reaching an imposing snowy peak. It is the highest peak in Africa and one of the highest mountains in the world independent. Thousands of climbers venture here to challenge their muddy slopes, Traveling Tanzania rocky trails and slippery boulders. Awards: the thrill of standing on top of Africa; Magnificent views of the Kilimanjaro ice fields; And witnessing the rising of the sun illuminating the plains far below Traveling Tanzania.

Fascinating cultures
Wherever you go, tanzania holidays opportunities to learn about the people and cultures of Tanzania abound. Meet the maasai warriors covered in red. Spend time with the semi-nomadic barbing near Mount Hanang. Discover the hospitality of local or traditional dance rhythms of meals. Wood carvers Makondes bring to life. Chatting and bartering at local markets in the Usambara Mountains tanzania holidays. More than anything else, it is the Tanzanians themselves – with their warmth and education, tanzania holidays and the dignity and beauty of their cultures – that make a visit memorable Traveling Tanzania. Chances are you’ll want to come back for more, which most Tanzanians say “Kari Tena” (welcome) Traveling Tanzania.

Lastly Traveling Tanzania it’s amazing and wonderful because you will see other culture and traditional and capital of Tanzania it’s name DAR es salaam it’s beautiful capital, It’s have awesome wildlife and most beautiful beaches, tanzania holidays finally Tanzania it’s beautiful country especially who is like beaches and sea and wild life. 

Traveling Tanzania – That’s Why I love Tanzania

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