Traveling Vienna – That’s Why I love Vienna

One of the great European capitals, Traveling Vienna Vienna was for centuries for the base camp the leaders of the Habsburg Empire Austro-Hungarian. The empire is gone, but reminders were carefully preserved by the Viennese who love tradition. Artistic glories of the past live, Traveling Vienna thanks to the cultural heritage of many artistic geniuses fed here – including Mozart, Beethoven, vienna day trips Schubert, Traveling Vienna Strauss and Gustav Klimt. Today visitors are discovering a city with a special grace and a coherent architectural character that puts it so memorably apart from its main rivals – London, Traveling Vienna, Paris and Rome Traveling Vienna.

Everyone knows that when a perfectly rational human being on vacation, Traveling Vienna they lose all common sense and end up buying trinkets and ornaments at souvenir shops at astronomical prices. Probably also visited a tourist Mecca and heard everything about must-sees and places – just to pay a bundle of money and leave seriously disappointed. Vienna is no different Traveling Vienna. However, Traveling Vienna I am here to help you avoid disappointing holidays and find highlights of Vienna Traveling Vienna.

Tourist Trap # 1: The Lipizzaner Programs
The Spanish Riding School was founded in 1572, making it the oldest and most prestigious in the world vienna day trips. With beautiful baroque architecture situated in the Hofburg palace, Traveling Vienna the architecture alone is worth the trip – not to mention the majestic Ibiza horses. However, before paying up to 173 Euros for performance (do not bother with a cheap ticket or standing – all you see are the head of the people and some white spots on pirouettes) why not look at their training? the morning? You will see the horses up close and personal (12 Euros) or add a tour of the stables with a combined ticket (26 Euros).

Tourist Trap # 2: Grin zing – or any bus restaurant in the parking lot
You want to try authentic Viennese cuisine during your visit to Vienna, vienna day trips and there is no better place than a traditional Heurige (tavern / restaurant). One of the main attractions is Viennese Grin zing, Traveling Vienna a collection of Heurige in the vineyards overlooking Vienna. Instead of hustling former hordes of Japanese tourists, they will be much happier venturing out to Vienna’s Heurigefrequented by locals. There are many wine taverns in the Weinviertel (wine district) of Austria and Stammers Hagenbrunn or in the picturesque town of Perchtoldsdorf south vienna day trips. All these villages are easily accessible from Vienna Traveling Vienna.

Tourist Trap # 3: Hotel Searcher
While in Vienna, try the Searcher pie, vienna day trips known worldwide. This world-famous dessert consists of two layers of chocolate cake separated by apricot jam in the middle layer and covered with a frosting of dark chocolate. Now, the Hotel Searcher has the right to “Original Searcher”, Traveling Vienna making it the most expensive, but certainly not the best. While Cafe Searcher, located directly opposite the Opera House, offers a luxurious ambience, if it is a very good Searcher Pie you are looking for then I personally recommend L. Hinder, Vienna day trips located in Wollzeile 9 or in the Tirolerhof city center Traveling Vienna.

Tourist Trap # 4: Café Central
Café Central was one of the most venerable cafes in Vienna vienna day trips. Intellectuals and writers such as Peter Altenberg, Theodor Herzl, Ego Rendell, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Traveling Vienna Anton Kuhn, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Adolf Loos will meet here to talk about politics, philosophy, economics and others vienna day trips. With this type of famous clients, a long history and a great atmosphere, it is not surprising that each tour guide recommends Traveling Vienna.

However, this is little misleading. The real Café Central is located in another part of the building, the Festal Palace, and is closed at the end of World War II. Even though you see these radiant old celebrities having informative signs of all the coffee, vienna hotels they actually never sit at your table. Also, vienna day trips there is really nothing special about this cafe vienna hotels. The architecture is beautiful, Traveling Vienna but the food and drinks are mediocre and in my opinion not worth the inflated prices vienna hotels. If you want to visit a Viennese coffee house, try Cafe Howell Cafe Prückel where Buchteln, fresh sweet yeast dumplings filled with jam. In any case, you must choose one from Starbuck and thereby let pass the opportunity to experience the unique personality of every Viennese cafe vienna day trips.

Tourist Trap # 5: Any souvenir shop in the 1st district of Vienna – the center of the city
I know, I know – you are in Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Have traveled, Traveling Vienna seen the sights, had a fantastic time and want a memory to remember your stay here vienna hotels. However, vienna day trips before deciding to buy Klimt’s poster for 50 Euros (there are some big poster / print shops in Vienna), why not reflect on whether you really need it and b) if you lose badly earned money on a real piece of the Austrian culture, vienna hotels probably made cheaply in China vienna hotels. My advice: do not bother entering a souvenir shop in the center of town – there is nothing you need there and not worth the price. So before you take this snowball to the cash register, vienna hotels try some of the following places for some unique Viennese souvenirs Traveling Vienna.

Istoria music city on the Danube, Traveling Vienna Vienna is full of the heritage of Mozart, Beethoven, vienna day trips Haydn, Schubert, Traveling Vienna Strauss and Mahler. Of course, music is an important part of the Austrian soul.
Among the imperial palaces of the Habsburg dynasty, vienna hotels cathedrals, museums and galleries are preparing for an extraordinary architectural feast Traveling Vienna.

However, the modern mix of Vienna with its history creating a wonderful European cultural festival city awaits the LGBT traveler vienna hotels.
Known for its culture and cafes imperial nostalgia, Traveling Vienna Vienna has a great gay and lesbian scene. With a cafe on every corner serving Viennese coffee specialties and much more, many of these coffees were claimed by our community Traveling Vienna. On the other hand, many cocktail bars, nightclubs, restaurants, shops and spas are ready to welcome gay tourists and make them feel at home Traveling Vienna.

But even beyond the meeting of gay and lesbian obvious places, Vienna has a very strange history. For centuries, homosexuals have left their distinctive marks in Austrian art, Traveling Vienna culture and politics, sometimes subtle, vienna hotels but still perceptible. Often, Traveling Vienna the gay visitor faces the truth about a historical figure when they discover that he or she was “familiar.”

A couple of Vienna tours combine the gay history of the city with a fascinating walking tour of the old town. These can be found in the Vienna Queer Guide published  Vienna Tourism Board vienna hotels.

A visit begins at the Belvedere Palace, the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736), the other begins in the famous Vienna State Opera which was built by architects who were both business and life partners Traveling Vienna. Each visit will give you a fascinating retrospective of Vienna’s homosexual past while discovering the modern city of the homosexual community Traveling Vienna. Even Franz Schubert wins his place on the tour with several other well-known names from the Austrian monarchy.

There are many reasons to fall in love with Vienna: the majestic architecture; The imperial presence in the streets of the Innere Stadt (first district); Music, vienna hotels literature and art. Best of all, the city has a long tradition of allowing music, Traveling Vienna opera and the Philharmonic to remain available to everyone from students to royalty. Tickets cost three euros per room up to hundreds of Euros just before. In recent years, the new dispersion of energy in the city, invigorating food, vienna hotels art and even the hotel industry Traveling Vienna.

Vienna is one of the most practicable European cities, vienna hotels and each district has its own distinct atmosphere. The former first traces of the district lead to the Danube canal, the branch of the Danube that crosses the city. Take a tram down the Ringstrasse, Traveling Vienna which flows through the city center to see the breadth of architecture or stop at an iconic cafe for coffee and strudel vienna hotels. On the other side of the river is the newly animated Leopoldstadt.

Once protected by a Jewish population and immigrants, Traveling Vienna the last decade has become a haven for artists and bohemians who opened new restaurants, revitalized the Karmelitermarkt and rediscovered the Prater amusement park. In the fifth, the big category of three is a week-long draw of gourmets and cooks. At Gumpendorfer Strasse, fans are going to fall in love with mid-century modern furniture. In the seventh, vienna hotels Neubau, vienna hotels small street is home to some of the strangest shops in the city. And in the middle of the city is the area of ​​the ancient museums glorious stables of the Habsburgs in a Mecca of art. Read on for our guide to planning a trip to Vienna Traveling Vienna.

Masterpieces of the museum
One of the most stunning palaces Rinsgstrasse Habsburg, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, vienna hotels houses the imperial art collection. It is packed with valuable works of old masters, and treasures, including a collection of richer coins in the world. Behind the Hofburg, the former imperial stables have been transformed into the innovative Museum Quarter with a diverse set of museums featuring Austrian art from the 19th and 20th centuries at the Leopold Museum and the works of the avant-garden often striking in the MUMOK contemporary. Meteorites, vienna hotels fossils and prehistoric finds fill the Naturhistorisches, while the exquisite furnishings in the Museum of Applied Arts are also among the artistic festivals in the store Traveling Vienna.

That’s why I love Vienna
By Catherine Le Nevez, writer
With its sordid palace, winding cobbled streets, elegant Kaffeehäuser (cafés) and beautiful wooden Benison panels, Vienna is steeped in history. However, vienna hotels it is also at the forefront of design, architecture, Traveling Vienna contemporary art and new directions in drinking and eating. What I like most about the city is that it is not only because of its traditions, vienna hotels that it integrates everything from Dirndls (traditional clothing) to pop-art motifs or conical posts of punk fritters sachertorte hand and inspired by neo-retro Cafes Vienna’s past is alive in the present and, by extension, vienna hotels its future Traveling Vienna.

Imperial architecture
The imperial grandeur of Vienna is the legacy of the powerful Habsburg monarchy. The Hofburg Palace, home for over six centuries Burgkapelle, where the Children’s Choir of Vienna sings the Sunday Mass and the famous Spanish Riding School, where the Lipizzaner stallions perform an elegant equestrian ballet, Traveling Vienna museums, including the Kaiserappartements chandelier Imperial apartments) vienna hotels. Other huge palaces such as the Baroque Belvedere castle and the summer residence of the Habsburg 1441 rooms, Traveling Vienna Schönbrunn Palace, while the splendor of the nineteenth century as neo-Gothic Rathaus, vienna hotels bordering the magnificent Ringstrasse that surrounds Innerve Stat Traveling Vienna.

Popular drinks and restaurants
The Viennese appreciation of the good things in life extends its opulent “salons” – a café that serves spectacular cakes; Your beloved pub like Beisln will over bountiful portions of Wiener Schnitzel, Traveling Vienna Tafelspitz and gulash (first boiled beef); Stylish restaurants; And its wonderful Austrian wines serve in the Vinothek (wine bar) vaulted basements, Traveling Vienna and the rustic vineyards covered with Heurigen vineyards (taverns) in the vineyards throughout the city Traveling Vienna. Local and international specialties fill the category three positions, Traveling Vienna and creative chefs are experimenting with local ingredients and new combinations of flavors in innovative and often repopulated places Traveling Vienna.

Lovely country Traveling Vienna.

It moves the soul of music
With a musical heritage that composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Josef Haydn, Traveling Vienna Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss (father and son), Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler, among others, Vienna is known as the City of Music. The acoustically recognized Musikverein, Traveling Vienna used by the Vienna Philharmonic, the gold and the main glass of the opera, vienna hotels the Staatsoper and the Konzerthaus in various stages, Traveling Vienna  and the remains dedicated to the Vienna Children’s Choir, Traveling Vienna Muth. The music comes to life through interactive exhibits captivating Casa de la Musica museum Traveling Vienna.

Finally Traveling Vienna it’s make you happy and lovely, Traveling Vienna because you development your culture and knowing new friends Traveling Vienna. It’s capital of Austria it’s clean country in the world and in 2028 it’s will organize Olympic Game, and that’s it’s will make Vienna famous capital i am sure it’s famous, Traveling Vienna but when all world meeting in Vienna and other city it’s become amazing, Vienna it’s capital of music especially Opera, vienna hotels the end i love Vienna so much it’s deserve visited vienna hotels.

Traveling Vienna – That’s Why I love Vienna

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