Traveling Shanghai – What Your Opinion Now ?

The capital of Shanghai-China, in full economic development, Traveling Shanghai the international metropolis, and the new New York. Its futuristic skyline, Traveling Shanghai lively streets and delicious delicacies allow you to hit all the senses impressive shanghai trip.
With a population of over 24 million, Shanghai is China’s largest and most developed city on the continent Traveling Shanghai.

It began its first international fame in the 20th century, and remains one of the most important and powerful cities in the world ever since. The city is located at the mouth of the famous Yang River and is the most influential economic, Traveling Shanghai financial, shanghai trip international trade, culture, science and technology in eastern China Traveling Shanghai.

If you are in Shanghai for business or pleasure, Traveling Shanghai the guide + T L’s Shanghai will help you choose the best things to do, where to sleep, shanghai trip shop, eat and drink shanghai trip. For an introduction to the city, hop on a side-car motorcycle insider travel experience, which can be tailored to your interests. Beyond the famous Yu Yuan Garden, visit the Jing Sculpture Park, Shanghai art and propaganda center posters and power plant, shanghai trip which is the first contemporary art museum in China Traveling Shanghai.

Shanghai’s architecture also deserves to be seen: the city has undergone massive urban renewal over the past few decades and has the second tallest skyscraper in the world. Shanghai trip is known for its shopping – it is the city’s favorite pastime Traveling Shanghai.

Visit Naming Road, the longest shopping district in the world, Traveling Shanghai nearly three and a half miles long. It attracts more than a million visitors a day Traveling Shanghai. Please note that there are two weeks of national holiday “Golden Week” in China each year, Chinese New Year, which depends on the lunar calendar, Traveling Shanghai and the other beginning October 1 – which are good times to visit, but expect crowds. Although many people in Shanghai speak English, shanghai tourism it is always best to bring a hotel business card or apartment in case shanghai trip.

Once a humble fishing village, Traveling Shanghai, Shanghai has grown in size and power over the past 15 years, becoming the largest trading and finance center in mainland China, while with a spectacular skyline and famous party scene. Now recognized as the world’s largest cargo port, Shanghai boasts a rich and diverse culture, which has gone from its cosmopolitan history, and influenced the city’s architecture and religions Traveling Shanghai.

Old Shanghai The Bundy is one of the most recognizable monuments of the ancient city of Shanghai, it is composed of 24 buildings of 17 different architectural styles including Gothic, Traveling Shanghai Renaissance and Art Deco, this part of old Shanghai has little changed since the 1940. One of the best ways to see Traveling Shanghai.

The Bundy is an excursion on a tourist boat at night. Many tour companies offer these trips at any time of the day, but see the Federation in the evening is highly recommended by locals and tourists alike. Guyana Garden is also a great place to visit, Traveling Shanghai which is located very close to the Bundy, this garden was established in 1559 and finished in 1577 by a government official of the Ming Dynasty called Pan Yunduan, the surrounding region has since become The business center in Shanghai. New Shanghai, having in popularity due to its financial reputation, Traveling Shanghai it is not surprising that the city is considered one of the best shopping destinations in the world Traveling Shanghai.

Often called “East Paris” its shopping areas are divided into four blocks “and four cities” through Shanghai, including Naming Road, No. China. 1 shopping street. Shanghai Xintiandi is a popular pedestrian street linking Old and New Shanghai, Traveling Shanghai the use of the old buildings of the houses shops, cafes and galleries.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which measures 1,535 feet high, Traveling Shanghai is one of the highest in Asia and offers spectacular views of the city. Promising opportunities to take unique photographs and a vision cafe, this is an impressive and famous landmark. There are many other sites to see in and around Shanghai, and this article is just a sample of the eclectic monuments and monuments located throughout the city
Shanghai is the largest city in China. Its name means “sea”. Located on the east coast of the country, the city is located on the two banks of the Huang River, near the Yang (Chang) which flows into the East China Sea. This is an important international port and commercial, financial and manufacturing center in China Traveling Shanghai.

Shanghai is a municipality. This means that it is administered directly by the central government of China in Beijing. The municipality is made up of the city itself and several surrounding counties. It has a population of approximately 17 million dollars Traveling Shanghai. The region is one of the richest in the country. Average annual income per person is highest in China. The weather is warm. Temperatures in winter rarely reach frostbite. Summer temperatures are around 80 ° F (27 ° C).

Contemporary city
Like Beijing (Beijing) and Thiamin (Tensing), Shanghai is managed directly by the central government. The city expanded considerably in 1958 to promote national self-sufficiency in food production. About 70% of Shanghai’s industry and 50% of its inhabitants are concentrated in only 2% of the metropolitan area Traveling Shanghai.

Downtown Shanghai is one of the busiest urban areas in the world. The district formerly known as the International colony follows Western in appearance; It is a reminder of a time when Shanghai was a permanent population of 60,000 foreigners Traveling Shanghai.

One approach to the new extended construction is Pudong. Pudong is located on the east bank of the Huang River, Traveling Shanghai opposite the Bundy, the historic city center. Its Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone includes an impressive range of facilities such as the 471-m (1,544 ft) Oriental Pearl TV Tower, opened in 1995; The Jin Mao building, 421 m (1,380 ft), 88 floors, built in 1998; And the 942-meter (1614-foot) World Financial Center, shanghai tourism 94 floors, completed in 2008 Traveling Shanghai.

This is one of the tallest buildings in the world. In 2003, the longest bridge in the world steel arch, Traveling Shanghai Lupus Bridge over the Huang River, shanghai tourism with an arc of 553 m (1814 feet), shanghai tourism open to traffic. The first Maglev commercial bridge (magnetic levitation) connects Pudong to the newly opened international airport in the city; It was inaugurated in January 2004.

The 2010 World Expo, the first event to be held in a developing country, shanghai tourism opened in Shanghai on May 1, 2010; 192 countries and many companies will have exhibitions. Unfortunately, Traveling Shanghai the construction boom has had unintended consequences shanghai tourism.

The weight of thousands of new skyscrapers has spilled parts of Shanghai; In 2003, the government blocked permits for the construction of many new skyscrapers. After the end of the World Expo, it announced a ten-year plan to transform the region’s use of renewable energy and recycled building materials shanghai tourism. This would become a development of pedestrian parks, shanghai tourism convention centers and business Traveling Shanghai.

Although economic growth has slowed Shanghai for some time after 1979, shanghai tourism while other parts of China were open to foreign investment, which boasts the widest range of commercial and manufacturing activities of any Chinese city shanghai tourism. In 2007, Traveling Shanghai Shanghai’s economy is growing faster than China’s economy as a whole shanghai tourism.

The city receives approximately 25% of all foreign investment in the country and the production of about 20% of manufacturing production in the country. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the Shanghai region, Traveling Shanghai which includes two neighboring provinces, shanghai tourism accounting for about half of the entire GDP of India shanghai tourism.

The goods produced are iron and steel, shanghai tourism machinery, shanghai tourism transport equipment and paper product vessels, pharmaceuticals, precision instruments, textiles and a variety of consumer goods Traveling Shanghai. The city is also one of the major printing and publishing centers in China Traveling Shanghai.

Shanghai has long been a center of culture and learning. Many higher education institutions in the city are important research centers. Places and institutions of historical and cultural interest such as Shanghai Library, Hula Long Temple, Shanghai Industrial Exhibition, shanghai tourism Research Institute on Arts and Crafts, Shanghai Museum of Folk Art Museum Traveling Shanghai.

The end Traveling Shanghai it’s so amazing and happy, shanghai tourism it’s make you happy and smart, shanghai tourism knowing other culture and other traditional it’s beauty country and  i think Shanghai it’s second capital of China, shanghai trip Shanghai it’s city of culture. It’s funny i love it so much,  finally it’s so great i love it Traveling Shanghai.

Traveling Shanghai – What Your Opinion Now ?

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