Traveling Seoul – I Think It’s The Best

Seoul, Traveling Seoul or the special city of Seoul is the capital and largest city of South Korea. It is located on the Han River. Seoul was previously named World Design Capital for the year 2010 by the International Council of Industrial Design Companies seoul korea. The city has a humid continental climate; Summers are generally hot and humid, Traveling Seoul  while winters are often relatively cold Traveling Seoul.

Things to do in Seoul
Visit of the palace
Traveling Seoul.
Luncheon Palace – used as an exhibition area for performances of traditional art, seoul korea modern and creative dance. The reconstruction of the marriage and Queen Goon King Myongsong is one of the main attractions of the palace. This occurs twice a year Traveling Seoul.

Changyeong Palace – known as the most tranquil and serene among all the palaces of the city.
Changdeok Palace and Biwon Garden – Changdeok Palace represents a more friendly environment seoul korea. In this palace, Traveling Seoul you can imagine a king having fun at the top of the tree. Biwon Garden, known as the Secret Garden is a typical back palace where the royal family are relaxing Traveling Seoul.

Deoksugung Palace – the most accessible palace because of its location in the center of Seoul seoul korea.
Jongmyo – dedicated to the spirits of Korean royal ancestors
Traveling Seoul. They still follow the original procedures for obtaining food and drink sacrifice gifts in the original ritual utensils Traveling Seoul. The royal descendants and participants are dressed by rank and ritual dance ensembles and music.
Gyeongbok Palace – located on the main avenue of Seoul, seoul korea Sejongro. A palace near the presidential palace, seoul korea the Blue House.

Explore the museums.
National Museum of the Palace of Korea – exposes the legacy of the Joseon dynasty and the imperial family seoul korea.
National Museum of Korea – Audio or visual guide is recommended when visiting this very large museum as it has so many relics. It has 6 galleries Traveling Seoul.
War Museum – which has 6 movie theaters that show a history of nearly 5,000 years of foreign invasions. The park that surrounds the museum exhibits of airplanes, Traveling Seoul tanks and other combat machines of the Korean War to the present day Traveling Seoul.

Seoul Art Museum – the road from the Museum has no walls to allow visitors to enjoy the sculptures and the landscape outside Traveling Seoul. A hundred year old tree has been preserved with sculptures and installed artworks that tell the past and present forms of Seoul seoul korea.

The story of King Sejong – dedicated to showing the achievements of King Sejong.
The agricultural museum, Traveling Seoul embroidery museum, seoul korea Heojun Museum, the great King Seton Memorial, seoul korea the heritage of the National Police Museum of Korea, Traveling Seoul  Ileum, the Samsung Art Museum, the National Museum of Popular Arts, the Museum of Seodaemun natural history, history museum of Seoul and Seoul Railway Museum Traveling Seoul.

Enjoy the parks.
Seoul has many parks as well. Enjoy these parks around the city: Cheonggye stream, Myeloid Park, Doan Park, Yang stream, Traveling Seoul dream forest, seoul korea Yang citizen forest, Han river park, seoul korea Hungering Arbiter World Cup park, Seoul Forest, Namsan Park, Seonyudo Park, Paris Park and Seokchon Lake Park seoul korea.
Check out the nightlife of Seoul Traveling Seoul.

Visit these places and see how much fun it is in Seoul at night: Yeongdeungpo (Night Life), Bangbae-dong Caf and eacute; Street, Sinchon-dong (night), COE commercial, Traveling Seoul Lott World, Dhahran-no, Jong-no, seoul korea Dong daemon, Jamsil, Gangnam, Itaewon-dong, Honda Hong University area).

Go shopping.
There are many shopping centers in Seoul. Buy to the point of exhaustion!
Seoul Korea is the center of education, Traveling Seoul business and modern culture. There are many activities in the city for everyone, such as visits to museums and palaces, seoul korea parks and mountains, and amusement parks and nightclubs seoul korea. So there is so much to learn and lots of great things to do in Seoul, South Korea!
Seoul’s largest metropolis, Seoul is known as the “Han miracle” for a reason. Lush green urban parks with tall skyscrapers and royal shrines, the ancient capital of 600 years that can leave a pleasant surprise Traveling Seoul.

The best time to visit this city is between September and November when it is on fire with a good fall. Whether you are looking for complete skiing holidays, Traveling Seoul skating or snowboarding, between the months of December and February are ideal seoul korea. Even if it is very cold, Seoul is alive at that time. Avoid the visit from the end of June until the end of July as the rains usually leave the climate hot and humid Traveling Seoul.

There are about 75 flights to Seoul (many of them offer cheap tickets) arriving at Inchon International Airport, one of the best airports in the world. Korean Airlines offers flights to Seoul. Etihad Airways, Traveling Seoul Lufthansa and Qatar Airways also offer cheap tickets to Seoul. March is typically the best months to plan your trip you can easily get the cheap airline tickets seoul korea.

Tourists have marked this city at the top of their lists, Traveling Seoul due to their cultural events and dynamic festivals. The Lotus Lantern Festival is such an attraction that you have to declare. This famous event celebrates Buddha’s birthday and begins with different people from different cultures who illuminate lotto-shaped lanterns as a promise to do good deeds. Other events include famous Season Festival in Seoul. These festivals are the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival and the Festival of Prehistoric Culture. All these holidays are a real delight Traveling Seoul.

Once a real city, there are many enticing places in the city that you will not want to miss. One of the most impressive is the Myanongdong MANTA scene. Not far behind is the -gung Gyeongbok, an interesting place where TV series are filmed seoul tour. Changdeokgung Palace and Samcheong-dong Bukchon are historical places to visit. Seoul Metro and Korean Express Train (KTX) are the modes of transportation in the city seoul tour.

When it comes to shopping, Traveling Seoul Seoul is second to none. Namdaemun Market, Adamants’ name Gate, is the largest and oldest outdoor market. Here you can get a lot of clothing, electronics and food. Paintings, Traveling Seoul sculptures and calligraphy are in Insadong, seoul tour a cultural and traditional market. If you are looking for a fun place for the younger ones, Cinchonas’ shopping is for you. Janganpyeong antique market is for those looking for fabulous antiques Traveling Seoul.

Hot in Seoul
1. Tea Ina-Dong
Ina-dong is one of the busiest areas of Seoul – the narrow streets are filled with visitors and antique shops. Take a walk and window shop (or pick up a souvenir to take home), Traveling Seoul and then rest your feet at a traditional tea shop Traveling Seoul. There are dozens of tea shops to choose from – and once inside, seoul tour even more varieties of tea to read!

2. An immersion in a Jimjilbang
Jimjilbangs are Korean saunas – a very popular place for groups of friends on weekends, especially after the hike, which is another favorite pastime Traveling Seoul. There is only one thing to remember: men and women bathe separately and are expected to only wear their birthday costume …
The W hotel has one of the best in the country (which is also available to non-guests) and has an amazing array of whirlpool baths, scented lavender baths and vortex massages. Most impressive, however, are the outdoor Jacuzzis – enjoy the contrast between fresh air and the lock to the water, Traveling Seoul with the advantage of great views of the city seoul tour.

3. Cheonggyeon River
This area of ​​Jongno-Sam-Ga was once part summary of the city center – with the recent regeneration, is now a focal point for modern urban life. Take a stroll along the shores of the day or night, Traveling Seoul and enjoy the local talk and soft light shows to escape the bustling streets above seoul tour.

4. A barbecue flavor
The most famous restaurants in Korea are a very curious style – customers receive the raw meat to cook in a small barbecue at their table. This is a must and pleasant experience for visitors to Seoul! Choose from pork, beef or spicy eel – tables at the front of the establishments will help you develop what is sold inside each – and enjoy an excellent and very sociable culinary tradition Traveling Seoul.

5. The great palaces
At the top of the power of the Joseon Dynasty, Traveling Seoul five magnificent palaces were built in Seoul. Today they are located between modern streets and Jingo-GU and Jong-gu skyscrapers, but they are still as impressive great as in their best times seoul tour. The highlight is Changdeokgung, which was named a World Heritage Site in 1997 as an outstanding example of Oriental architecture and landscape design Traveling Seoul.
Tom Ingram is a travel writer who specializes in the upper end of the market, Traveling Seoul with an eye for the best travel experiences around the world Traveling Seoul.

The end Traveling Seoul it’s so amazing and happy, seoul tour it’s make you happy and smart, knowing other culture and other traditional it’s beauty country and Seoul it’s capital of Korea and every city have different culture and traditional .  seoul tour It’s funny i love it so much,  finally it’s so great i love it Traveling Seoul.

Traveling Seoul – I Think It’s The Best

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