Traveling Morocco – Now You Should To visit it!

Few countries have as much fascination for dreamy travelers as the beautiful country of Morocco. Fortresses of the desert to leave the sands of the Sahara. Sapphire oceans cherish the white sand beaches morocco tours. The purple peaks of the Atlas Mountains with snow glow Traveling Morocco.

Visit Morocco to see all these places of interest and more. Behind every wall of the city is an adventure in art, architecture and cuisine. The alleys of the Medina give way to the bustling souks, Traveling Morocco  store after the tent full of silks and spices baskets of bright colors. In the steam bath, morocco tours you can enjoy scented massages with aromatic oils and defoliants Traveling Morocco .

Geographically, morocco tours Morocco is made up of four different areas: the Sahara desert, full of villages and Berber oases; The Atlas and RIF mountains, ideal for hikers; Traveling Morocco  Where the plains are home to the imperial cities of Marrakech and Fez; And finally the sand coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, graced by small beach towns and the cities of Rabat and Casablanca morocco tours. Endless possibilities await the adventurous traveler Traveling Morocco.

My Moroccan adventure began as a man in search of love. My friends and family, Traveling Morocco  have difficulty understanding the lengths I will go to here in my quest for the perfect match morocco tours. It all started in May 2006 when I broke up with my ex-wife. Comments This was the second time it had split up in 2 years. But this time it was different and I felt the need to move on, morocco tours so began my search During this weekend separation where more internet Traveling Morocco.

I remember the first phone call and she told me that she was in the car and that she could call later. At that time I could not imagine in the car or what kind of car, morocco tours etc. I was in Meta post-my first trip to Morocco that I could imagine her in the car and what I could remember She clearly examined some of our very special moments together in the car Traveling Morocco.

Ajar I find myself in the summer of 2006 and at that time of my wedding it seemed as if we were left heading for a divorce. I talked quite frequently throughout Ajar That summer and I got to know her very well. I do not remember exactly When I aimed sometime in the fall of 2006 I made arrangements to visit Ajar for the first time proper partner after the Christmas holidays morocco tours. It was at that moment that I decided that I had to file a divorce petition. I already know that Ajar was still married and she was very understanding and still wanted me to come to her and her family Traveling Morocco.

So I went and this is where My Moroccan adventure begins morocco tours. I flew from JFK with a small stop in Amsterdam. The cost of a bus flight from the New York metropolitan area ranges from $ 800.00- $ 1,200.00 depending on the time of year you travel to check the internet for the best prices in your area morocco tours. Our services include an English speaking guide as well as food, Traveling Morocco  lodging and transportation. Prices vary depending on your taste morocco tours.

Now we must continue. I remember landing in the White House and just being overwhelmed by fear Traveling Morocco. My friends and family told me that I was crazy to travel to meet a woman. After all, Traveling Morocco  I have not found a decent woman here in the United States. And if they were right, Traveling Morocco then I began to have doubts. That is, I did not know Ajar and his family and I was about to get off the plane and enter a country I did not know and I could not even speak the language morocco tours. But it was too late for all of this now, so I disembark from the plane and let my adventure begin Traveling Morocco.

Ajar was waiting at the airport with his father. I did not know what our plans were, morocco tours but I’d like to meet soon. Airport Casa Blanca has a train that connects directly with him in the city, morocco tours so we buy our tickets and take the train to our destination. We were on the way to Merit which at this time I was not aware of Traveling Morocco.

Morocco is a Muslim country and I am a Muslim. However, Traveling Morocco  I am an American Muslim and I am not used to the whole country stops for electronic identification morocco tours. Then I discovered that we were in a crazy race to return to Merit was 6 hours away Traveling Morocco.

The train journey from the White House from the airport to the town of Casa Blanca is about 45 minutes Traveling Morocco. From here we take a train to Meknes, morocco tours which is approximately 3 hours away morocco holidays. The train ride was nice and we were both happy to finally meet morocco tours.

When we got off the train in the city of Meknes we left the station which I found to be dark and desolate Traveling Morocco. His father left us alone for what seemed an eternity and at that moment the fear seized me and I realized that if these people had malice in their hearts and a kind of sinister plan in mind then it would be their perfect opportunity morocco tours.

The return of her father, she looked at me and translated those exact words, my father found a car to take us to Merit and he says you look so Moroccan do not speak because if you know that you know you are a foreigner and you want more money morocco tours. The three of us got into the back seat of an old Mercedes Benz diesel sedan and Ajar was in the middle. A little time on the ajar ride slammed his shoulder and gave me a signal to rest my head on his shoulder, Traveling Morocco  which willingly obliged and it was my first trip in the happy car with Ajar morocco tours.

Once we got home to Merit, morocco tours I felt completely safe and was asked if I wanted to take a shower, Traveling Morocco which of course I have done since I had been traveling for over 36 hours. After having changed we sat down for a meal, chicken Taijin, Traveling Morocco oh, how can I try the food while I write these words. In Moroccan culture, it is customary to eat a common dish and for me it was a great experience. Tonight I met his brother Ashrof who speaks perfect English to my surprise. I spent the next 3 days to enjoy the Eid party and even had the opportunity to kill a lamb. My family was very welcoming and I met the Moroccan people to be very hospitable in general. When I left Morocco after that first trip, Traveling Morocco  I wanted to return morocco holidays.

There is no doubt that every nation has its own reasons to celebrate, to express their happiness and their desire to preserve their heritage, Traveling Morocco and the famous Moroccan society also many opportunities to achieve this goal morocco holidays. These celebrations have a symbolic sense in which one can notice a perfect fusion between the Islamic symbols and Amazigh symbols. In this article, Traveling Morocco I will mention some Moroccan celebrations and traditions that are practiced in this country Traveling Morocco.

Moroccan families celebrate the lives of their children from birth to marriage. First, Traveling Morocco there is the Sabee or SBOA, morocco holidays which is celebrated on the 7th day of the birth of a child, when the father cuts the throat of a sheep for a girl and two sheep for a child, then give the name of a child . Parents then invite all their friends and neighbors to share their joy by appointing the new family member morocco holidays. Then the khtana is celebrated when his circumcised son. In the past, Traveling Morocco this operation is carried out by a person called La Hajjam, but now the child is usually taken to the doctor to avoid any danger or complications. After that, the parents organize a great party to celebrate this important event Traveling Morocco.

We also have the Syam El Ouel, which means “the first day of fasting” when parents prepare a special meal for their child, made of honey, Traveling Morocco nuts, cakes, etc. They take their son, considered as a bride or groom, dressed in their traditional clothes, the photographer to take photos as souvenir. All these celebrations are organized on this special day to make the child ready to easily practice this important Islamic pillar Traveling Morocco.

In addition, the famous Moroccan society many other special days, Traveling Morocco such as Aid to Adha or Aid Kbir, which is considered the biggest religious holiday for Muslims, when all people are in the morning to attend the special prayer that is Organize now Then they re-cut the throat of a sheep, after which they prepare the liver boulfaf sheep and all family members eat together. In the afternoon, Traveling Morocco families exchange visits with other family members Traveling Morocco.

Finally, there is Ashura Day, Traveling Morocco which is celebrated a month after the Eid al-Adha, where mothers prepare couscous with vegetables and seven children practice traditions such as Baba Aichor morocco holidays. In addition, parents buy games and toys for their children and women also buy traditional musical instruments (such as the Bandar ta’arija, etc.). On this occasion, Traveling Morocco we can see the cross between the religious and cultural and traditional Traveling Morocco.

Therefore, holidays in Morocco are a perfect opportunity for Moroccans to conciliate and exchange visits in an environment full of love, Traveling Morocco tolerance and solidarity Traveling Morocco. On the other hand, Moroccan festivals give you the opportunity to discover Morocco’s popular culture, morocco holidays which is a great mix of different cultures and reflects the variety and richness of Moroccan cultural heritage in all areas Traveling Morocco.

Come to Morocco and celebrate its cultural diversity and its profuse heritage. You can stay in one of the fantastic riads of Marrakech, Traveling Morocco where you can celebrate or attend some of the main festivals in Morocco, or in a hotel in Marrakech morocco holidays. You can also stay in a beautiful villa in Marrakech, Traveling Morocco closer to the rural areas, where the inhabitants will welcome you to their traditional ceremonies with open arms Traveling Morocco.

The end Traveling Morocco it’s so amazing and happy, morocco holidays it’s make you happy and smart, morocco holidays knowing other culture and other traditional it’s beauty country and Rabat it’s capital of Morocco and every city have different culture and traditional . It’s funny i love it so much,  finally it’s so great i love it Traveling Morocco.

Traveling Morocco – Now You Should To visit it!

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