Traveling Beijing – The Truth About it!

Beijing, the capital and political center of China, Traveling Beijing is undoubtedly one of the perfect city to visit by domestic and foreign tourists. In order to have fun, Traveling Beijing you have to prepare well for the trip. Before you begin, look for your potential Internet destinations from places like China. Based on the author’s personal experiences and several classic travel tips, Traveling Beijing here are some tips to help you have a good time in Beijing.

There are many delicious Beijing food to find in the Douching district,  Traveling Beijing around Qianmen Street and Wangfujing Street.
Kinsmen Street and Dazhalan business area has many famous and old shops such as the famous Duck Lacquered Quaalude Restaurant, Traveling Beijing Jiulongzhai, Beijing Tongrentang Pharmacy, Goblin stuffed steamed buns and so on. You can find plenty of authentic Beijing snack in this area, Traveling Beijing including rolling donkey, a kind of rice cake, with a filling of red dots. Buy these tasty and cheap snacks in Beijing, in front of the restaurant Quangada roasted duck. The dried apricots in the supermarket on Dazhalan street is also highly recommended Traveling Beijing.

Organizing your tour itineraries in advance is essential for a pleasant and relaxing journey Traveling Beijing. It is best to visit the most popular tourist areas before the holidays, Traveling Beijing as there will be many less tourists, which can make your trip more comfortable and interesting. Also, try to choose more physically demanding destinations like the Great Wall first so that you can travel safely later on in your travels beijing tours. In this way,  beijing tours you can be more energetic and better enjoy the trip Traveling Beijing.

It is a good idea for everyday destinations to be in a similar location, or on a transport route on your convenient subway lines. The right time to visit should also be considered. For example, Traveling Beijing try to visit the Tea Room and Shichahai Bar Street in the evening, when business is open Traveling Beijing.

If you arrive in Beijing at noon, Traveling Beijing you still have time to visit the Kinsmen area, where there are sites such as Zhengyangmen, Deshengmen archery tower, beijing tours Kinsmen Street, Commercial Street and Snack Street Dazhalan Xianyukou beijing tours.

Kinsmen Street is similar to the pedestrian street of Naming Road in Shanghai, Traveling Beijing and you can explore its many shops and historic buildings Traveling Beijing. A branch of Qianmen Quanjude roasted duck, you can enjoy this famous Beijing historical specialty second floor with large palace lamps as decoration. However it is best to reserve a seat online or by phone in order to avoid long queues. After leaving the restaurant, beijing tours walk for 10 minutes to Tiananmen Square to enjoy the night scenery of this iconic Beijing attraction. You can then retire to your hotel to prepare for the next day’s activities beijing tours.

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China has a great historical and cultural history to represent. For more than 800 years, Beijing was declared the capital of China. In 2008, Traveling Beijing when Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympic Games, it began to invite tourists and travelers from different countries. Beijing travels became internationally famous beijing tours.

If you came to the tour of Beijing remember to visit the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is easy to visit, even if you arrive in Beijing for a day trip. You can travel on a tourist bus, bus or rent another vehicle to get to see the Great Wall. The Badaling section is the most popular place where the departure of the group of Chinese tourists. It is the closest to Beijing, so it is better Traveling Beijing.
Traveling to Beijing can start from Tiananmen Square, where the great Mao declared the founding of the country. This area is large enough to accommodate 1 million people. This is where the heart of the urban city of Beijing lies Traveling Beijing.

To explore the ancient architect of the city, explore the forbidden city. It was a Chinese imperial palace that served as the home of the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties beijing tourist attractions.
Beijing has four stations. This makes it easier for people to visit Beijing at any time of the year. The spring season begins in April and May and is hot. The temperature during the day and at night is different beijing tourist attractions. Summer begins in mid-June. This is the hottest time of the year Traveling Beijing.

Rainfall is also common during the summer. Then comes the fall that starts from mid-September and goes until October. This is the best time to come and explore Beijing. Many visitors can be found during this time of year Traveling Beijing.

The temperature is soft and pleasant. Winter is the last season of the year, Traveling Beijing of course, which starts from November and lasts until March beijing tourist attractions. Visitors love to come during the winter to enjoy winter games in Beijing beijing tours.

There is so much to discover and explore Beijing. There are about 7,309 sites of cultural heritage at a time 200 points of interest of the city. After exploring the city, beijing tours it is easy to find a bus and travel to the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall, as we all know, beijing tours was built to protect the Chinese empire. Initially it was made of clay, but later, when the dynasties changed and it was gone, time made changes in the material beijing tours. There are many myths about the Great Wall of China and it is a reason why people are curious to see it beijing tours.

Finally Traveling Beijing it’s so amazing and funny Beijing it’s famous capital and world,  beijing tourist attractions 2008 Beijing it’s organize Game Olympic it was so great and wonderful especially when you meet with new people and new culture , beijing tourist attractions Chines Food it’s second delicious food in the world, Traveling Beijing it’s make you change your mind and your thinking beijing tourist attractions.

Traveling Beijing – The Truth About it!

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